Coloured Contacts have become more and more popular due to their diverse range of styles and their high attention to safety and comfort. Once upon a time, coloured contact lenses meant an array of block styles suited for only Halloween and costume looks; we now have new vibrant colours and styles for a natural eye, as well as fancy dress.

If you’ve looked on Coloured Contacts before, we’re sure you’ve seen our vast range of exotic natural lenses and the variety of designs available to enhance your everyday look. Over the past few months, we’ve been gradually increasing our range. To celebrate our new range of products, we sent them to popular beauty blogger and Instagram makeup artist Enisa Ahmatović.

Beauty With En Natural Coloured Contacts Review

Enisa, has been an affiliate with us for some time now, with her work being showcased across our social channels and our Coloured Contacts Gallery. As well as posting amazing makeup looks on her Instagram account @En_Angie; Enisa dedicates her time to review some of the biggest and best makeup brands around. Her blog features a dose of many other topics such as fashion, jewellery and makeup inspiration! You can visit the ‘Beauty With En’ Blog here.

After reviewing Enisa’s work we decided to send her a range of our natural lenses to fit with the beauty theme of her work! In order to give her a true representation of our products, we offered her variations of daily, 90 day and our 10 pack style of natural contact lenses.



A post shared by Enisa Ahmatović (@en_angie)

Dark Grey Natural Contact Lenses

The first style that Enisa tried was our Dark Grey Natural Contacts in 90 day. Along with some highlighter and a gorgeous pink hair colour; she incorporated the subtle colour of these lenses to enhance her eyes. These dark grey lenses feature a two tone design to offer added colour and definition to her look by utilising a darkened limbal ring. We love how creative this look is and how she has created such an eye catching post.


A post shared by Enisa Ahmatović (@en_angie)

The Dark Grey Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses can be used for up to 90 days once opened. Read through our care guide on How To Store Contact Lenses here.

Brown Natural Contact Lenses

For this next post, we wanted to show off one of the first of our products that Enisa tried, Brown One Tone. Like some of our other contact lenses from the one tone range, this style is fantastic for adding subtle colour pigments to your natural iris.  See her wearing the Brown One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses below, or visit her blog here.


A post shared by Enisa Ahmatović (@en_angie)

Can you see yourself with a new eye colour? Why not visit our section on natural contact lenses here. See our range of styles that offer different levels of enhancements depending on your eye colour; or find shades of brown, hazel and honey contacts.

Blue Dusk Contact Lenses

If you’re someone who has been longing for blue eyes, Enisa’s next showcase is one that you should stick around for. One of the newest coloured contact lenses in blue is our Blue Dusk Coloured Contact Lenses which are available in a 90 day duration for both prescription and non-prescription cosmetic styles. This style offers almost complete coverage of the iris with a tri tone colour finish. This is a fantastic choice for everyday looks or for anyone in need of coloured contacts for dark eyes.


A post shared by Enisa Ahmatović (@en_angie)

Enisa had the following to say about the lenses:

Colour: 10/10
Coverage: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10

I absolutely love this lenses. Colour is amazing, so pretty blue shade. It will suit with every skin tones and eye colours. I personally really love how this lenses looks on my green eyes.O love them!

View the Blue Dusk Coloured Contact Lenses here.

In case you wanted to see more of Enisa’s looks wearing our contact lenses, be sure to head over to her Coloured Contacts Gallery Profile here. Otherwise, if you’re looking for beauty tips or makeup reviews; make sure to follow all of her social media channels below!


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