The striking cinematic hit that is Marvel’s third Thor movie has been out for a short while and everyone is raving about this roaring success. You may even leave the cinema feeling inspired to create some shockingly brilliant Cosplay costumes. So if you’re looking for a God tier costume you will need a pair of our Cosplay Contact Lenses. The good news is we have just what you need to recreate all of your favourite superhero characters. Just check out some of these amazing coloured contact lens options for your Thor costume.

Get the All-Seeing Eyes of Heimdall

It is almost impossible to miss the warming orange glow from the eyes of Asgard’s constant sentinel. Heimdall’s eyes are his greatest strength as they see all. If giant horned helmets and double-handed swords are your favourite props in a Cosplay costume then you will need some Cosplay contacts to complete your look. We would recommend our Red Crazy Clown Coloured Contact Lenses or the Orange Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses to replicate the colour and style of Heimdall.




Green Contact Lenses for Hulk Cosplay

If you want a convention hall filled with Green-eyed monsters then make everyone jealous with a great looking Hulk costume. The raged out alter ego of Bruce Banner is the embodiment of pure strength and doesn’t do anything in half measures. That is why you need the Green Hulk Coloured Contact Lenses for this costume as they are designed just for this costume. So if you want to dress up like a being that has the strength to battle gods, despite his mere human origin, then a Hulk costume is something you have to try out for yourself.

Don’t Go To Hell and Back for Hela Contact Lenses

If the frighteningly powerful Hela has taught us anything, it’s that being the villain is sometimes more fun than being the hero. If you want to take over the world with a beautiful costume then you will want to try out some of our costume contact lenses. In the movie, Cate Blanchett’s Hela has blue eyes for most of the film. This look can be achieved with any of our natural blue lenses but we particularly like to look of the Blue Sapphire One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses for a bright looking eye. Or if you’d prefer to use Marvel’s comic book villain look then you will want either a full green look like the Green Screen Coloured Contact Lenses or alternatively a glowing bright look like our Green UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses which will glow under ultraviolet light.

The Electrifying Eyes of Thor

We know that don’t want a low key costume so get Thor’s eyes at their best by getting some glowing white eyes. The White Screen UV I-Glow Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses are just the style that you need. You will have to use Ultraviolet light to get the glowing effect, but these contacts will be a conduit for compliments on your high quality costume. If you’d prefer the regular-eyed Thor Cosplay then you can also recreate Chris Hemsworth’s dazzling blue eyes with the Blue One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses.

So those are our costume contact lens options for a marvellous Cosplay outfit. Which character was your favourite from Thor: Ragnarok? Which Superhero Cosplay will you be wearing for your next convention? If you need more ideas to inspire your costume, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we’re always coming up with new ideas for you.

Did you love the Thor: Ragnarok movie?