Get the Best Anime Contacts for Darling in the FranXX Cosplay

Get the Best Anime Contacts for Darling in the FranXX Cosplay

If you’re at the foreground of Anime shows then you’re probably well acquainted with the hit show “Darling in the FranXX”. Even if you haven’t seen an episode, we know that any anime lover will find it a fascinating watch. We already know that there will be hundreds of amazing Darling in the FranXX themed Cosplay happening soon and we love giving you the opportunity to complete that look with some Anime Contacts that will make you look just like the characters. So check out this helpful guide to the different Cosplay contact lenses for your next costume idea.

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Hiro Cosplay Contact Lenses

This apocalyptic story follows a series of children known as parasites who pilot large mech-type machines known as FranXX. Each FranXX needs two parasites, one male and one female. The main protagonist is one such child named Hiro or Code:016 who finds himself unable to pilot a FranXX without a suitable partner. Like the others boys in his group, he wears a grey uniform that looks like an equal mix of school and military style. He also has dazzling blue eyes that not every Cosplay fan will be blessed to have. That is where the Blue Sapphire Tri Tone contacts can solve your problems. If you’re also looking to use prescription contact lenses then we would suggest the Blue Two Tone Prescription contacts which will help you out even more.

Zero Two Anime Contacts

Of course, for every protagonist missing a partner, the story needs an extra special character to fill the void. That is Zero Two. This tempestuous and mysterious lady is a pilot of the Strelizia and has a scary amount of power. Popping out of her light pink hair are two red horns. We know that Zero Two will be everyone’s favourite character to Cosplay at the next convention so we recommend the Cosplay Aqua contacts that look just like the anime art style of this show. The small white circles look just like the light reflecting in an anime eye and the black shadow at the top is so often used in this style of artwork.

Ichigo Cosplay Lenses

Ichigo or Code:015 is the leader of the group and childhood friend of Hiro, as well as the only other “two digit” parasites. She is the third wheel in the awkward love triangle of Hiro and Zero Two and has to deal with the emotional aftermath of Hiro’s obsession to pilot the Strelizia. She wears the female version of the parasite uniform and has gleaming green eyes. Similar to the anime contact lenses that we suggested for Zero Two, we also think that the Cosplay Green contacts would work well for this Cosplay costume. The lenses perfectly replicate the shape and colours of a professional Anime eye drawing.

Strelizia Cosplay

As we explained, the Strelizia is the FranXX that Zero Two pilots in on her various missions. The giant unicorn horn and the bright white and red paneling make it a Cosplay creator's dream so we won’t be surprised to see several people trying this look out for themselves. The best part about this look is that the Strelizia has bright orange eyes that make it stand out from other costumes that you will see at the next Comic Con or other convention. The best anime contact lens for this look would have to be the Orange Pumpkin contacts as they have the most vibrant orange colour that would stand out clearly against the white of the costume.

FranXX Cosplay Contacts Ideas

Zero Two isn’t the only one to have a stylish looking FranXX that is worthy of a Cosplay look. Each of the four pairs of pilots has their own special FranXX. The first of these is the Delphinium which is piloted by Ichigo and her partner. The Blue paneling is what makes this mech look unique as well as the pink fringe over one eye. The other eye is a solid blue colour which is why we recommend you use the Blue Zombie contacts for their opaque blue colour. These would also work well for the Argentea, the pink FranXX with sharp claws.

The gun-wielding black FranXX known as Genista has a particularly stunning design that would be a good choice for a moderate Cosplay creator as the shapes are much easier to achieve. This FranXX has a pair of bright pink eyes so if you want to recreate this look, the best anime coloured contacts for this look would have to be the Pink Tomoe Anime contacts.

Finally, there is the Chlorophytum, which features a large purple visor over the eyes, with an aqua eye visible underneath. As there is only one visible eye and it looks entirely blue, we would recommend using the Blue Blind contacts on your left eye to get the perfect eye colour for this FranXX costume.

So those were our favourite Cosplay ideas for Darling in the FranXX, now all you need is to get started on making your next costume a reality. Don’t forget to grab some Anime Contacts from our website to help complete that look. On top of our store, we also have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you should like and follow for more ideas of Contacts Lenses Anime fans will adore.

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