Use These Colored Contacts in Your Next Sword Art Online Cosplay

Use These Colored Contacts in Your Next Sword Art Online Cosplay

The world of Sword Art Online is ever expanding with a large following of super fans. With the original anime, movies and video games, including the newly released “Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet” which lets you into the world of Gun Gale Online (GGO) from the second season of the anime series. The latest Sword Art Online movie has also hit Netflix recently and with so much SAO related entertainment, we know that many of you are getting excited to get a Sword Art Online Cosplay costume ready for your next Cosplay event. So we’re here to help you get the best Anime Contact Lenses that will suit the characters of this awesome show.

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Sword Art Online Cosplay Kirito

So let’s get right into this list of SAO Cosplay ideas with the protagonist of the whole series, Kirito. This Cosplay costume is particularly great as there are options for both Men and Women. Kirito may be a guy as he slashes his way through the first season but his game avatar in GGO is a feminine looking character, making it a great option for any Cosplay fanatic who wants to take the main spot wielding a laser sword. Kirito maintains his iconic dark grey/black eyes through all of his avatars, so we suggest the Dark Grey Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses for either of these looks. There is also a Prescription Lens in this style so you can also use these prescription cosplay contacts if you want to ditch the glasses.

Sword Art Online Cosplay Sinon

This super skilled sniper is Kirito’s guide when he joins GGO and through her real world situation and emotional strength, she has become a fan favourite with many Sinon Cosplay costumes making their way to conventions across the world. Sinon’s outstanding blue hair and eyes makes her easily the main attention of any event. So when you next head to your nearest Comic Con, think about making this costume complete with the help of the Angelic Blue Coloured Contact Lenses.

Sword Art Online Cosplay Asuna

Despite her downplayed role in the second season, Asuna is the kickass sword partner and girlfriend to Kirito. The bright white and red outfit of the SAO Asuna has been used many times before, coupled with Hazel One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses this is a classic Cosplay that most attendees will recognise. While we do enjoy this look, we also love her Alfheim character who also has the blue hair and eye look just like Sinon. If you’re the type of Cosplayer who likes to wear different outfits for each day of a weekend convention, you can double up a Sinon and Alfheim Asuna cosplay with just one pair of lenses.

Sword Art Online Cosplay Lisbeth

Lisbeth might be one of the supporting characters but that doesn’t mean people aren’t loving the Sword Art Online Lisbeth Cosplay look. The blacksmith in SAO is one of the characters who stays a part of the group as they play together in different games. Her pink hair and eyes are the attraction for all Cosplay fans so why not try out the Pink Cosplay Coloured Contact Lenses. These are the perfect anime eye contact lenses to make your eyes look just like Lisbeth’s.

Sword Art Online Cosplay Leafa

Much as Sinon is Kirito’s guide to GGO, Leafa was the protagonists guide to the world of Alfheim. Her avatar is just what you would expect a fairy or elf to look like, with long flowing blonde hair and bright green eyes to match her outfit. If you’re hoping to get some anime contact lenses for this look then you can’t do better than the Green Cosplay Coloured Contact Lenses which have the style just like a drawn anime eye.

With so many different Sword Art Online Cosplay costumes that you can create, the way to stand out from the crowd is with a pair of great anime eye contacts so check out our range of anime lenses here to find just what you need. Of course, if you’re still looking for more inspiration on Cosplay ideas, check out our FacebookTwitter and Instagram as we have hundreds of ideas which we share with our social media followers all the time.

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