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This Halloween, surprise your friends with a wicked, demonic look that makes them scream with fear! While there's always plenty of time to stock up on candy, true Halloween lovers know it’s never too early to plan out an epic costume. If you have already bought a super scary costume for your next Cosplay convention or an upcoming Halloween party, then all you need to complete the theme is a pair of demon coloured contacts! Not for the faint of heart, demon contacts are a fun way to add a dramatic finish to your look and etch a lasting impression on the minds of your friends and family.

When it comes to choosing the costume for fancy dress events, we know that every little detail matters. From top to toe, you must be able to embody the theme of the party in a perfectly stylish way. If you can't quite decide what theme to go for, then why not try out a demonic look? Demon coloured contacts pair perfectly with all manner of costumes and can take your look from normal to nightmarish in the blink of an eye. What's more, we've got plenty of costume ideas for demon coloured contacts that are sure to float your boat!

Numerous Styles and Colours to Choose From

Demon contacts are purposefully designed to bring a creepy quality your look, making them a fantastic choice for accessorising eerie ensembles. From bloodshot designs to full black sclera lenses, there's a little something for every taste in our range! If you want to make sure your costume stands head and shoulders above the rest, then why not try completing your look with a pair of red, black or white blind lenses, the simple way to take your stare from normal to nightmarish in an instant.

Want something a little more stomach churning? Full black sclera contact lenses are hugely on trend this year! These horrifying lenses cover your entire eye, including the sclera (white portion of the eye) and the pupil to let you unlock your scary side and bring out the wickedness within you. These possessed black sclera lenses are great for giving a truly wicked and evil finish. Pair them with your finest demon costume – a black cloak with a pointy hood and some skeleton style gloves - to spend the night freaking out all your friends!

If you want to have a futuristic demonic look with glowing eyes, UV coloured contact lenses are what you looking for! Great for Halloween, Cosplay and night-outs, the demonic ultraviolet lenses feature a UV reactive finish that glows brightly under ultraviolet light and gives you a wonderfully bold look under natural light.

There are many other design options and colours to choose from to complement your demonic outfit. So you can try different styles and customise your look accordingly. From printed fangs to full black sclera and blind lenses, we've got a huge range of styles that you won’t find on Amazon or Freshlook.

Struggling for inspiration? Here are a some of our favourite styling ideas for demon coloured contact lenses:

  • Witch: These lenses were made for the witching hour! Not only are witch costumes insanely popular, but they're super easy to execute! Team a black gown with a pointed black hat, broomstick, and your favourite pair of demon inspired contact lenses and prepare to create a perfect witch look. Milky eye lenses or mini sclera designs compliment this look perfectly.
  • Devil: Great for anyone who wants to work a demon look with a twist, a pair of bold red devil contact lenses will be sure to create a devilish stare. If you’re in need of a budget-friendly option for Halloween or Cosplay event, then look no further!
  • Vampire: Put a fresh spin on a classic Halloween costume with some black contact lenses! Pair with some fangs, fake blood and a cape to channel a vintage look, or combine your fangs and lenses with your everyday clothes for a modern take.

Safety and Comfort with Style

We not only offer a huge variety of demon coloured contact lenses that are stylish, but we also pride ourselves on our commitment to providing coloured contacts that are safe and easy to use. We sell the products from the best brands in the UK including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT); so you can stay assured that whatever lens you choose, it will be of highest standards.

Demon coloured contact lenses are non-prescription, which means you can wear these lenses to give yourself a fresh new look, without compromising on comfort or safety. At Coloured Contacts, we offer full black eye contacts that are not only high quality, but are affordable as well.

Here at Coloured Contacts, you will find one of the best ranges of cheap demon inspired contact lenses in the UK. Whether you're seeking lenses that are suitable for fair skin or for dark eyes, you can be sure to find a pair that will give you a creepy possessed look and a totally spooky finish. Our all lenses feature a richly-pigmented finish that provide exceptional coverage, ensuring that your new eye colour looks as authentic as possible.

We offer single-use, 1-day contact lenses, 90-day reusable contact lenses and 1-year reusable contacts to meet all of your party needs. While single day lenses are ideal for one-day flirtations with a brand new hue, our longer-duration coloured lenses are perfect for Cosplayers or frequent party goers.

At Coloured Contacts, you not only get the highest-quality products from the top brands, but you also receive the professional support of our friendly customer care team who are always happy to help you with your queries! Moreover, we also offer speedy next day delivery options to our customers in the UK. Perfect for those last-minute shoppers out there!

So what are you waiting for? Browse through the range of options available at Coloured Contacts and step into the world of coloured and funky contact lenses for a perfect bright and demonic look.