Halloween is coming up and there are hundreds of scary looks to choose from. But if you’re looking to throwback to the classic days of horror, while also terrifying your friends and family; exorcist contact lenses are the way to go!

We’re sure you’ve been picking up some epic ideas on how to use some theatrical contact lenses, or maybe you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed with the stunning list available with our epic range of Halloween lenses. Well don’t worry, if you’ve been looking for an incredible looking costume that can be pulled off with minimal effort; you’re going to love these ideas for a Regan exorcist contact lenses costume!

Some of you will already know that The Exorcist was originally banned in 1984 due to its terrifying antagonist Regan, and we can see why! So if you’re looking to go all out this Halloween, and gather the same scared response from your costume, keep reading!