Each year it seems like Halloween gets more and more expensive. Costumes are getting fancier and more realistic, and that obviously means you’re going to be more out of pocket... But the great thing about our range of coloured contact lenses is that they can help you develop an awesome costume with relative ease – and with little money having to be spent. How great is that?

So here some of our top affordable Halloween costume ideas to make sure you can save your money for inevitable Christmas spend-a-thon at the end of the year.


It’s never been easier to achieve a blood sucking look than with some vampire coloured contact lenses. Whether you go for some blood red contacts, some pale white ones, or another vampish style, you’re sure to get the necessary undead look. If you then add some suitable vampire accessories – such as fake fangs and white face make up – everyone will be certain to know what you are. With this quick and easy costume idea you’ll be drinking blood in no time.


Love Terminator? Think Battlestar Galactica is the bee’s knees? Can’t live without Star Wars? Well with our contact lenses you can achieve a killer robot look for almost nothing! Just pick up some of our suitably robotic coloured contacts – our Mesh & Screen ones are particularly great – and your look is pretty much complete. Just like in Battlestar Galactica, you can be a robot that hides in plain sight, disguising itself as a human. Cool, eh? And cheap.


But if you’re more into The Walking Dead than Terminator, an item from our zombie range might be a better way to get the look you want this Halloween. Dressing up as a zombie is a classic Halloween idea for a reason – no one can deny how creepy they are! All you need to do is pick up some of our zombie contacts – such as our Blind Zombie Lenses – and then match them with some simple make-up and fake blood. You won’t have to do anything too major to get the look you want, as our coloured contacts will do a fantastic job of conveying that you’re a brain munching monster!


If you keep up with anime or are really into cosplaying, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be familiar with what a cat-girl is! Dressing up as a half-human, half-feline creature is a great way to add a bit of ferociousness to your look. There’s little more you’ll need to achieve this killer look than some fantastic looking Yellow Cat UV Coloured Contact Lenses. They create the sense that there’s a real animal inside of you. And if you don’t think that sounds like enough, some simple drawn on whiskers and a cat ears headband will definitely ensure your look is complete.


Getting a werewolf look this Halloween is so simple and straightforward that you’ll be howling with joy! After picking out some lenses from our werewolf range – we think some yellow cat’s eye style ones look are particularly suitable – you’ll look like a real werewolf! As long as Halloween night doesn’t take place on a full moon, there’ll be no reason for people to expect you to transform into a snarling beast. Adding some tufts of fake fur to the back of your hands is also a good way to make your costume more realistic. Keep people scared that you might transform at any moment!

So there you have it: getting a truly creepy Halloween look has never been easier. Be sure to send us some pics of your eyeballs all dressed up on Facebook and Twitter!