Protect Britannia with Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Lenses

Protect Britannia with Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Lenses

If you’re in love with Anime like we are then you have probably seen The Seven Deadly Sins since its long time on Netflix. We’ve been waiting patiently for the past couple of years for the Signs of Holy War to turn into a full-blown onslaught between Demons and the Holy Knights. Now the second season of Seven Deadly Sins has begun in Japan but that doesn’t mean a lot for Netflix users who may still be waiting for up to a year before the dubbed and subbed episodes find their way onto the beloved streaming website. If you’re just about ready to go on a rampage, you can take solace knowing that a brand new fighting-style video game will be released on February 9th named Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia.

Players can make their way through the intense story mode with all of their favourite characters. Outside of the story mode, a classic versus battle mode will entertain you and your friends until the Anime show has reached your screens. Of course, when you pick up a copy of this exciting new game, you might want to get in the right mood with a stunning Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay costume. Otherwise, you might find yourself inspired by your constant battles to make your next convention outfit one of these amazing characters. So to make sure you are ready, we’ve compiled a list of the different Cosplay Contact Lenses that you can use.

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Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Meliodas

In the new video game, Meliodas has three different modes including his regular and lovable deep green eyes that perfectly show off his kindhearted personality. To get your eyes to produce this stunning colour, you might want to try the Tri Tone Lenses which will give you that natural eye effect. Alternatively, you can embrace the Anime side of this character with the Green Cosplay Contact Lenses that mimic the drawn cartoon style.

If you’d prefer to unleash your true potential then your inner demon will love the dark purple of Meliodas’ demon form. Once you’re done playing the hero type, grab a purple felt tip and swap out your green lenses for the Purple Coloured Contacts to look like the unbridled killer of our favourite protagonist’s wrathful dark side.

Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Ban

If you’re competitive as Ban then you might want to use a stunning Cosplay to unsettle and distract your friends while you wipe them out with a well-timed combo attack. Ban is the rogue with a heart of gold and eyes of the deadliest red. That’s why you’re going to want a lethal-looking red Cosplay lens like the Red Volturi Contacts or if you want a prescription lens to help out with your vision, the Red Angelic Coloured Contacts will also add the perfect red to your eyes.

@rainbowskinz looks incredible as Ban in this amazing body paint. For this look, he has paired the Red Halloween Coloured Contacts with his Ban cosplay.

Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Diane

When you choose your character, we suggest you consider Diane. Her super sweet nature is just as powerful as her sacred treasure and earth-moving abilities. When you pick Diane for a Cosplay costume, there isn’t much need to make the costume and you can top it all off with a pair of Purple Violet Tri tone Contacts to recreate her magical purple eyes.

Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Gowther

Another simple Cosplay idea is the Sin of Lust, Gowther. His outfit is the closest to regular clothing of all of the Sins and with a pair of Yellow Avatar Contacts and a pair of (real or theatrical) glasses, you have the look that you need. After so much mystery being placed on Gowther in season one and Signs of Holy War, we’re looking forward to seeing how his character progresses when the show makes its way to Netflix.

Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay King

Perhaps the most enviable Sin of all is King. While the game will let you use his sacred treasure to slice apart your enemies, we personally prefer the giant floating pillow option. If you choose to take a King Cosplay costume to your next convention, we recommend investing in the pillow so you can easily find a place to relax after a hard day of walking through the halls. King has a stunning pair of orange eyes so we would recommend the Orange Werewolf Contacts to complete this look.

Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Elizabeth

Elizabeth might not be a sin, but we’ve already seen that she has some incredible power. Although she isn’t much of a fighter, the Knights of Britannia will still give you the option to fight using her character. We’re looking forward to seeing what style of fighting she will use. To get her look, a deep blue colour eye is important and we would recommend the Blue Mystic Two Tone Contacts to get the deepest eye colour.

Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Hawk

The best character of all has to be the Captain of the order of scraps disposal! The most lovable addition to the team is Hawk. So if you want to piggy trot your way to victory, this pink powerhouse should be your favourite choice. While Hawk has black eyes and a good Cosplay would use the Blackout Contact Lenses we would suggest using the Pink Lenses as the perfect pink Cosplay contacts just like Hawk’s majestic colour.

Now you’re full of Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay ideas, which one will you be trying out for your next convention? Let us know if you’re as desperate to watch the new season as we are and be sure to give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get more amazing Cosplay Ideas.

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