My Hero Academia Cosplay Lentilles: Ideés Pour Deku, Kirishima & Dabi

My Hero Academia Cosplay Lentilles: Ideés Pour Deku, Kirishima & Dabi

If you love anything Cosplay and everything about Boko No Hero Academia, also known as My Hero Academia; you're going to need some costume and contact lens styling inspiration to keep you occupied. Boko No Hero Academia Contact Lenses are a range of coloured costume contact lenses for cosplay as My Hero Academia characters. There are styles for Deku (Midoriya), All Might, Dabi, Kirishima, Todoroki, Shigaraki and many more. 

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At Coloured Contacts, we have a wide range of costume contact lenses to fit perfectly with the characters of this shonen anime! So without further ado, have a look below at our vast and inexpensive range of anime contacts and find the perfect ‘one-for-all’ pair!

My Hero Academia Cosplay Styles

If you’re a fan of anime, we’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of My Hero Academia Cosplay. Some of our favourite My Hero Academia characters to cosplay include All Might, Shinso, Izuku Midoriya, Dabi and our favourite Kirishima a.k.a Red Riot.

For My Hero Academia Kirishima cosplay try out a pair of our Red Twilight Volturi Contact Lenses to finish off the look. We love the detail that can go into a Kirishima Cosplay.

All Might & Izuku Midoriya Anime Eye Contacts

Out of the vast selection of amazing characters that this show has brought forth; it’s clear if you want to be number 1 in all aspects of your life (and especially cosplay) it’s got to be with an All Might theme. The best thing about this character is his wit, charm and will to be the greatest hero at all times. Although we do not get much time to see his anime eyes contacts; there are a few occasions; such as the epic fight of Nomu vs All Might where we see his glowing blue cosplay contact lenses!  Simply pick up a pair of our Blue UV I-Glow anime contact lenses, grab your costume; and become the symbol of peace and justice.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become the symbol of peace? Check out this All For One All Might cosplay from the one and only @har_fie! Harry is a talented cosplayer that can become realistic representations of some of the most heroic Boko No Hero characters. See Har_fie wearing our coloured contacts for his Toshinori Yagi & Mirio cosplays!

Make sure to follow @har_fie and stay up to his epic Cosplay and convention attendance.

Would you rather be a part of the new generation of heroes? Then an Izuku Midoriya is a strong, yet quick and easy cosplay to make. Simply grab your green clothes or My Hero Academia School Cosplay outfit and a pair of anime contacts and you’ll be ready! If you want an all-for-one pair then we recommend a pair of our natural green contact lenses. But if you would rather have to show that you’ve earned to be All Might’s protégé; the Green UV I-Glow special effects contacts are perfect!

Todoroki Cosplay Contacts

If you’re conflicted with your choice and want to steer away from the top two cosplay contacts ideas; why not get a firey-ice composure? Todoroki Shoto is perhaps one of the coolest characters with his quirk that allows him to show off immense glacial ice attacks and firely explosions. Not only is this character immensely popular, but by cosplaying you’ll also be able to try out one of the latest cosplay contacts trend of using two different colour lenses. Pick up some pairs of our best cosplay contacts and make your Todoroki costume pure fire.

Check out our favourite styles below as well as our range of prescription lenses here!

Shigaraki & Dabi Anime Eye Contacts

Now, if you’re still feeling uninspired, maybe it’s because you have a little bit of a bad streak. Luckily we have manga contact lenses for almost any character. With this in mind, how about dressing up as one of My Hero Academia’s league of villains? For the leader himself Shigaraki, we recommend a pair of our Red Contact Lenses; perfect for evil and demonic eyes.

Another great character is the mysterious Dabi. Although we haven’t really been able to see what he’s capable of in the anime, we think he’s a character that will make a fantastic outfit with a pair of anime lenses! Especially if you're looking for a character to rival Shoto Todaroki!

If you're still looking for My Hero Academia cosplay ideas, we can't blame you! There are so many amazing character costumes you could create with our contact lenses; so let us show you a few extras below:

BNHA Cosplay Cosplay Contact Lens
All Might Cosplay Blue UV Coloured Contacts
Himiko Toga Cosplay Gold Hazel One Tone Cosplay Contacts
Hitoshi Shinso Cosplay Purple Violet Anime Contacts
Mina Ashido Cosplay Yellow Mad Hatter Contact Lenses
Katsuki Bakugou Cosplay Red Twilight Volturi Contact Lenses

Dabi Cosplay

Turquoise Cosplay Contact Lenses
Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) Cosplay Red UV Contact Lenses
Eijiro Kirishima Cosplay Red Halloween Contact Lenses
Ochaco Uruka Cosplay Brown Two Tone Circle Lenses
Denki Kaminari Cosplay Yellow Avatar Coloured Contacts


So there you have it! Our favourite costume ideas for My Hero Academia cosplay with the use of Coloured Contacts. Have you got a cosplay planned? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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