Fashion contact lenses are perfect for transforming into characters from fantasy novels and films. The film industry is full of werewolf characters so to join in the fun and turn yourself into one of these mystical creatures you are going to need werewolf contact lenses. Traditionally a werewolf is a human who turns into a wolf. In modern times some stories suggest this happens involuntarily such as Professor Lupin from the Harry Potter series. Many are often depicted in modern films as having wolf-like qualities but not being completely identical to wolves.

Traditionally only men can become werewolves. Most folklore follows the train of thought that you will become a werewolf if you are bitten or scratched by one. Now the werewolf is still a creature to be feared but most believe it is only a fantasy creature. The werewolf has emerged as the perfect character for gothic and horror fiction as well as part of the modern fantasy film industry. In this post, we will be exploring some amazing transformations of women who have worn our werewolf contacts. Luckily for them, they have transformed with makeup rather than being bitten, although they are very convincing!

When you are searching for werewolf contact lenses for sale you are probably searching for the most realistic wolf eye contacts. There is nothing spookier than a shape-shifter and with wolf lenses, you are sure to give people a fright.


Take a look at @fx_freak in full werewolf makeup! With makeup scars and fangs, this werewolf design has lots of character! Paired with one White Blind lens and one Orange Werewolf Lens, Lauren’s werewolf looks like it has been in one hell of a fight! We can also see that werewolf contacts and fangs are the perfect combination. No need to buy a pair of fangs either, if you have got the makeup skills then you could create a look inspired by @fx_freak. 


@rubymediamakeup has also created a style that looks like she has had a night of shapeshifting and fighting! With special effect wounds to the neck that look frighteningly realistic, leave you guessing who or what she has been fighting. Ruby has committed to every detail of this makeup with pointed ears, fangs and fake blood, but still has a glamourous touch with the red eyeshadow. Ruby sports the Orange Werewolf Coloured Contacts in her creation. 


Coloured Contacts provides green and white werewolf coloured lenses so you can choose from a variety of lens colours to match your wolf personality.

If you’re after a playful werewolf look, then why not use the Yellow Cat’s Eye contact lenses like @makeupmadhouse. Carrie has also adorned a pair of fangs for her werewolf look but is using our vertical pupil lenses. This look also takes a glam makeup route with some black eyeliner!



@fx_freak has also created Scar from the Lion King with Animal Contact Lenses! Lauren has used green werewolf contact lenses in this recreation of the villain in the Lion King film, Scar. With fangs and wild mane-like hair, this lion is so effective!


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If werewolves aren’t your cup of tea then why not try a different animal?

@margo.horror_beauty has created an amazing feline look with painted ears and fangs! Margo has used our one red Halloween Coloured Contact in this look for a dramatic edge to her makeup!


Why not go for a snake or lizard look with our green reptile contact lenses. @margo.horror_beauty has done just that with the green vertical pupil lenses. Choose our snake eye contacts for a reptilian style. Margo has added scales over one portion of her face for a creepy snakeskin effect.



You don’t just have to create werewolf looks using our werewolf lenses. @en_angie has demonstrated a great way to style our Orange Werewolf Lenses. Enisa has mirrored the orange coloured contacts with her eye makeup for an all-over glam makeup.


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For the best werewolf contacts stick with Coloured Contacts. We are sure to beat werewolf contacts Amazon and wolf eye contacts Amazon with our huge range of animal and fantasy inspired lenses. With new people trying fashion lenses every day it is time to jump on the cosmetic lens trend! One of the top sellers of werewolf contact lenses UK, Coloured Contacts also serves plenty of other countries so no need to feel left out.

If you are a glasses wearer then we hope you will love our Halloween prescription lenses. We think the blue angelic or white angelic coloured contact lenses would look amazing as werewolf contact lenses prescription. Our range gets bigger every day so check back later and you are sure to find more prescription werewolf contacts to try.

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