Strike Fear With Death Note Shinigami Eyes

Strike Fear With Death Note Shinigami Eyes

If you’re as passionate about costumes and cosplay as we are, we’re sure you’re well informed about the new Netflix release of Death Note. So why not treat yourself to pair of Death Note Shinigami eyes like Ryuk himself? 

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Strike Fear With Some Death Note Shinigami Contact Lenses

If you’re no stranger to the Death Note, then you’ll know all about how Light Yagami found himself a book that has the ability to kill people by just writing their name within it. But the truly mysterious character throughout the show is always the Death Note Shinigami Ryuk. This character has become a massive pop culture character for the anime and manga and with the rise of the new Netflix show; what better way to dust off your leathers and grab yourself some Shinigami eyes for your next cosplay!

As a spirit of Death, obtaining Ryuk’s Shinigami eyes is received at the cost of half the recipient's remaining life. But not with Coloured Contacts! Forget about dodgy bargains with demons, sit back, check out our amazing lenses and get ready for an epic Ryuk cosplay this Halloween! 

Ryuk’s Glowing Shinigami Eyes 

Probably the most iconic look which Ryuk is shown to have throughout the show is his glowing eyes while peering through the dark. This is especially apparent from Netflix Death Note approach to showing Ryuk’s character in a more sinister light. We feel that out of the demonic looks that Ryuk is shown to have, this is by far one of the creepiest. Even though some may argue that getting an L cosplay is pretty sweet, you simply cannot go wrong with a pair of Ryuk contact lenses, and we’ve got contacts to fit this exact style!

Check out a couple of our UV and white reactive lenses that will not only give you sinister Shinigami eyes but also that deep glow showed in the Netflix Death Note.

Deep Red Death Note Shinigami Eyes

Those styles are pretty spot on if you’re looking for a striking Ryuk cosplay, but if you’re looking to stick closer to the anime and manga, you’ll just have to check out the deep red Shinigami eyes.  The fantastically freaky eyes are said to possess the ability to see the remaining life span of others. Unfortunately, our lenses can’t give you that, but they give you a spot on cosplay! See for yourself and check out our amazing red coloured contacts section and some of our top picks below:

Rem’s Yellow Shinigami Eyes Contact Lenses 

Even though this character didn’t appear in Netflix’s new adaptation; if you love Death Note, Rem is a character you’ll love to cosplay as! This Shinigami is almost entirely different to Ryuk’s chaotic behaviour and features a more skeletal body, making them one of the more memorable characters if you’re looking for an amazing Death Note cosplay! But more importantly, Rem features very distinctive deep yellow cat like eyes; and we’ve got just the lenses!  Check out our full yellow coloured contact lens section or check out the styles we think fit best below:


Shinigami’s are pretty awesome, right? And with Halloween coming up, it's a great inspiration to pull off an amazing cosplay or costume! If you want to get shopping for some cosplay contact lenses or costume colour contact lenses, don’t forget to check out our full website!

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