Get an Anime Look with Prescription Cosplay Contact Lenses

Get an Anime Look with Prescription Cosplay Contact Lenses

It’s time to get ready for all the amazing cosplay events coming to a place near you! Whether it’s Comic Con or Blizzcon if you want to get a jaw-dropping costume you need to get planning way in advance. But in order to finish it off perfectly, we feel that prescription cosplay contacts are the best way to breathe life into your new look!

We’re sure you’re well aware of how cosplay characters can vary between anime, gaming and movies; and with that in mind we’re constantly updating our collection in order to accommodate any cosplay contacts looks you can imagine! Check out some of the best matchups for our cosplay coloured contacts so you can get some inspiration and start planning your greatest cosplay yet!

You can check out the full selection of cosplay contacts and anime contacts here!

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Dragon Ball Cosplay Contact Lenses

If you’re a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and the crazy adventures of the super saiyans and friends, we’re sure you’ve got a gi or set of armour lying around to show off. Luckily we’ve got just the anime contact lenses that will perfectly finish off your costume!

Dragon Ball Z fans or almost anyone within the vast anime community will know how Goku and friends can transform into a golden super saiyan with bright blue eyes. We are firm believers in the small details for making your cosplay stand out leagues above the rest so make sure to style your yellow wig to match the super saiyan form and add a pair of cosplay coloured contact lenses to complete your character. You may have also realised that Goku and Vegeta Ultra Instinct form now shows amazing silver glimmering eyes; which we have the perfect anime contacts for!

With that in mind why not take a look at a few of our prescription cosplay contacts options below to complete a Dragon Ball Z cosplay:

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  • Check out our full non-prescription Cat Eye Contact Lenses here!  

Attack On Titan Eren Prescription Contact Lenses

If you’re less into Shōnen and more into adult and dark storylines; these cosplay coloured contacts will be right up your street. Watchers of top trending anime, Attack on Titan will be well aware of how bright Eren’s green eyes can be; especially in his attack titan form! Luckily if you’ve been trying to perfect a titan cosplay since the show's original 2013 release, we’ve got some fantastic lifelike cosplay eye contacts for you.

Whether you want to cosplay as survey corps Eren with some of our natural look lenses or Titan Eren with some prescription special effects contacts, we’ve got you covered.

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Amazing Cosplay Contact Lens Options

Still need some inspiration for your next cosplay? Don’t worry we’ve got some of the best safe coloured contacts for cosplay for costumes such as Ryuk from Death Note, Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, Lelouch from Code Geass and Kakashi from Naruto!

Don’t forget to check out our full prescription cosplay contact lenses here and non prescription here! Let us know what you’re doing for your next cosplay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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