30 Instagramers de Belleza Que Seguir En Halloween

30 Instagramers de Belleza Que Seguir En Halloween

Halloween is coming and it’s time to start planning your 2019 costume and crazy makeup looks!

We've assembled you a mega list of 30 AWESOME Instagram makeup artists who will keep you topped up with amazing Halloween looks during the spooky season.

Some featured artists are Coloured Contacts influencers who regularly coloured contact lenses to increase the scare factor in their look. Some have Coloured Gallery profiles, which are linked below.

Let’s start getting spooky and dive into our list of 30 amazing and talented Instagram makeup artists.

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A post shared by Brenna Mazzoni (@artbybmazz)

Instagram Profile: @artbybmazz

Brenna is a hugely talented makeup artist who creates looks dedicated to familiar characters alongside many creepy creations. She’s taking part in the #31daysofhalloween challenge this year so there's plenty of awesome work heading your way. Check out her awesome Night King transformation above.


Instagram Profile: @makeupmadhouse

Our Queen of contact lens close-ups and all-around makeup expert Carrie is sure to bring you a huge range of creative colourful looks across the Halloween period. Make sure to check out some of her amazing work across her social media channels.



A post shared by Rups (@rupsashan)

Instagram Profile: @rupsashan

You're sure to be blown away by the creative skills of Rupinder Ashan! Her Halloween makeup looks from 2018 knocked our socks off so we can't wait to see what's coming our way this Halloween. She's currently in the Top 5 of the NYX Awards 2019 - good luck Rupinder!



A post shared by Monica (@ladyparadoxx)

Instagram Profile: @ladyparadoxx

We love the variation, skill and creativity that's in every piece of Lady Paradoxx's work. Having recently completed an awesome series of Egyptian God makeup looks, we can't wait to see what Monica has lined up for Halloween. Watch this space!


Instagram Profile: @fancymaymakeup

Our Zombie Makeup Queen Nancy Mayer never fails to scare us with her spooky undead Halloween looks. We're always delighted to see what she will come up with next. Make sure to give her a follow for some awesome 2019 Halloween makeup looks.



A post shared by LEi (@wink818)

Instagram Profile: @wink818

Lei, a.k.a. wink818 Instagram page features a mix of styles that will have you surprised and scared. If you love all things weird and wonderful when it comes to makeup you are sure to love her blend of horror and character designs. Check out our favourite wink818 video above!


Instagram Profile: @avada__kedavra

@avada__kedavra is a Cosplayer who creates the whole package from costumes to makeup. Francesca's incredible Cosplays and original characters range from Darth Maul to gothic witch. She loves styling both Halloween and natural contact lenses in her Cosplays.


Affiliate Profile: @courtneyleighhollins

Courtney Leigh Hollins is the 2018 Winner of the Face Awards Australia. As a regular poster of SFX makeup looks you can be sure she has something spooky lined up for Halloween. She’s also not afraid to pop to the shops while in full SFX makeup - see her Instagram for more!



A post shared by Rigo Yepiz (@ry_fx)

Instagram Profile: @ry_fx

Rigo Yepiz goes wherever his creative vision takes him. He finds inspiration all around and turns it into incredible makeup art. If you are looking for a makeup artist to keep you on your toes then be sure to follow @ry_fx. Don’t be surprised if he gives you a fright over Halloween!


Instagram Profile: @bleedinbeauty

Kay a.k.a @bleedinbeauty has a great aesthetic on her Instagram. With themed posts, she produces eye makeup, a detailed lip design and the original inspiration for her latest style for a stunning look on her page. When Halloween comes around she switches her natural style for spookier designs.


Affiliate Profile: @sarahmagicmakeup

We're sure that you'll love the work produced by the wonderful Sarah Lamarlere. Not only will you get plenty of cool and creative makeup ideas posted throughout October, but you can also see her video tutorials of how she brings the designs to life!


Affiliate Profile: @misstryx

Miss Stryx is not for the faint-hearted. This is one MUA who is not afraid to take gore to the extreme. If you enjoy the horror genre, then you are sure to be amazed by the SFX work of Miss Stryx. Watch out for her yearly StrykingFear Halloween competition for your chance to win some prizes.



A post shared by Lauren Ward🖤 (@fx_freak)

Instagram Profile: @fx_freak

We bet Lauren Ward would love it to be Halloween all year round. This monster creator goes by the name @fx_freak. She creates awesome face and body paint of Halloween monsters, cosplays and even the occasional human! Stay tuned to her over Halloween by giving a follow (and a like!).



A post shared by Saraswati (@queenofluna)

Instagram Profile: @queenofluna

There's plenty to love about the work of this talented influencer. Saraswati is continually creating crazy and cool character looks through her makeup. With Halloween on the horizon, we're hoping to see more spooky looks cropping in News Feed from Queen of Luna!



A post shared by Makeup Medicine (@r.m.mua)

Instagram Profile: @r.m.mua

Rachael Whiting specialises in creating SFX makeup with realistic-looking skin cut-outs to reveal a scene or pattern beneath. From the Lion King to a Day Of The Dead Skull, @r.m.mua is never short of inspiration! What will she be creating for Halloween this year?


Instagram Profile: @rubymediamakeup

@rubymediamakeup a.k.a Ruby Mitchell is a young SFX makeup artist who creates such realistic fake injuries that they come with a disclaimer! In amongst her totally gory makeup, she creates awesome optical illusions and character pieces.


Instagram Profile: @summerstockwell

Summer Stockwell isn’t afraid to follow unusual creative paths, whether she is getting inspired by characters or candy, you can be sure she will showcase a range of eclectic looks. Over Halloween, you can expect her cute looks to take a backseat while she shows us her scary side!


Instagram Profile: @zoe_artistsharvest

@zoe_artistsharvest a.k.a Zoe Pratt loves to get creative with optical illusions all year round but she cranks up the scare factor for Halloween! So be sure to give her makeup account a follow and check out her crazy detailed SFX makeup looks.



A post shared by Kim (@kimofmakeup)

Instagram Profile: @kimofmakeup

@kimofmakeup has a serious passion for makeup. Creating all kinds of unusual looks, including plenty of spooky styles throughout Halloween, she is keen to master both natural and costume makeup art. We can't wait to see some @kimofmakeup creations this October!


Affiliate Profile: @alemoravoice

Alessio Morando is a multi-talented Instagrammer who is a makeup artist, vocalist and performer. His character makeup art has seen him dress as many characters including our favourite White Walker, Spiderman, and Voldemort. Check out his profile @alemoravoice.


Instagram Profile: @margo.horror_beauty

@margo.horror_beautyis a Ukrainian makeup artist who uses her body as her canvas for incredible artwork. From detailed skulls to colourful scenery, Margo creates the most seamless SFX styles that show she is clearly an expert with blending and colour palettes.



A post shared by gothpixi (@gothpixi)

Instagram Profile: @gothpixi

Victoria uses her @gothpixi Instagram as a creative outlet for extra-terrestrial style beings as well as fantasy and horror looks. Whether she is creating a couples look with @clinton_golden or going for a solo design, you can be sure that she will come up with something totally new and imaginative.


Instagram Profile: @mua_theresa

Prepare to get crazy this Halloween with some of the most outrageous makeup from @mua_theresa! This Instagram MUA creates a huge number of wild and colourful styles and certainly isn't shy to get stuck into some SFX and gory looks. Stay tuned!



A post shared by Nikki (@nikki.paint)

Instagram Profile: @nikki.paint

@nikki.paint achieved the Top 15 of the 2019 NYX Face Awards with her incredibly details SFX art. She also loves to create character makeup including Disney villains and horror characters. We can’t wait to see which characters she releases for 2019!


Instagram Profile: @itskittykel

Kelly is a Queen of alternative fashion but also loves to get creative with makeup. Be sure to keep a watch on her account, @itskittykel for awesome costume makeup too. She loves to surprise her fans with cosplay, SFX, and fantasy designs, especially during Halloween.


Instagram Profile: @promisetamang

If you are looking for someone to follow who produces a huge range of makeup styles then you are sure to love Promise Tamang. Known as Human Chameleon, it is crazy to think all these looks are created by one person!


Instagram Profile: @metamorphosia_fx

Ranging from goriest kinds of SFX makeup to mind-blowingly accurate celebrity transformations; Julia Wunderlich's Instagram has it all. Go ahead and give her account a follow - just be prepared for a scare!


​​​​​​​Instagram Profile: @body_art_by_fran

Fran Catford is a makeup artist that deserves to be shouted about! Her page, @body_art_by_fran features some insanely intricate artwork, including full-body painting. Whether she is painting herself or someone else, you can be sure she will put in an amazing amount of detail.


Instagram Profile: @juliasmmakeup

Julia S Merino is a monster creator that has a serious talent for the SFX genre. This Freelance artist is a graduate of Cinema Makeup School, Los Angeles creates the most amazing pieces using makeup and prosthetics which you can see showcased on her page @juliasmmakeup.


Instagram Profile: @jwmua

Jill Welsh is a creative MUA who experiments with all kinds of awesome styles. From Halloween styles to character art, this artist has some serious talent! Look out for her #31DaysOfHalloween 2019 over at jwmua.

This concludes our list of 30 MUAs to follow! There are so many talented and inspiring artists out there who are sure to be sharing a whole host of amazing Halloween makeup.

If we've missed anyone out then fear not, we're always looking to share more work of talented makeup artists!

For even more inspiration, here are some Halloween makeup hashtags we also recommend following on Instagram:

Of course, if you're planning your own 2019 Halloween makeup looks then remember to consider adding coloured contact lenses to your look. Our lenses are safe, FDA approved and affordable. Take a look at our range of Halloween contact lenses below!

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