Antes y Después Verde

El efecto que tendrán tus lentillas de colores en el color de tus ojos dependerá de varios factores; la transparencia de la lente, el color natural de sus ojos y, en algunos casos, el tipo de luz en la que se encuentra. Las lentes de contacto de color verde pueden tener efectos dramáticos en una variedad de colores de ojos según el estilo que elija y se ven increíbles con cualquier tipo de piel. tono. Ya sea que desee realzar los ojos esmeralda brillantes o sutiles colores verde hoja, puede ver cómo se ven los lentes antes y después con nuestra galería de imágenes.

Las fotos de antes y después del contacto verde se verán diferentes según el color natural de los ojos debajo. Para ayudarlo a ver cómo se verían los lentes en el color de sus ojos, hemos agregado fotos de antes y después a nuestra galería para que pueda ver los colores de ojos naturales de nuestros maquilladores antes de probarse los contactos de color. Esto se combina con imágenes de cómo el color de sus ojos se ve afectado por algunos de nuestros lentes de contacto verdes naturales para darle una mejor idea de cómo se ven los lentes en la vida real.

Antes y Después Verde

Antes y Después Verde

Green coloured contacts are a great choice for people with hazel or light brown eyes as they bring out the natural green tones in the iris. Check out pictures from affiliates such as @makeupmadhouse to see the effect before and after wearing green contacts. Her light brown eyes look very natural when paired with a green lens.

If you already have light blue eyes then most lenses will cover your eye colour but with green contacts, you may find that you need vibrant coverage in order to achieve true green eyes. This is because enhancing styles of green contacts may blend in with your eye colour, making the colour change less noticeable. Check out @nicolleslooks to see the effect of green coloured contacts on blue eyes. Try styles from the vibrant range such as Leaf Green and Jade Green.

If you are looking for green contacts for brown eyes, then vibrant green tones are a key part of the design. Jewel toned lenses pair perfectly with brown eyes. Dark eye colours provide a strong base for the colour to show on top so if you choose lenses that are suited to dark brown eyes the results should be dazzling. In our before and after pictures, you will see the total transformation that is possible if you choose a pair of our natural green lenses for dark eyes.

Styles such as the blends and enhancing ranges are usually best for people with eyes that are close to green in order to enhance the natural tones. These lenses are designed to blend with your iris rather than completely covering it so it is important to take this into consideration. Think about the results that you are hoping to achieve when choosing your natural coloured contacts.

We love to show you realistic photos of our lenses so we ask our affiliates not to edit their photos. Our lens pictures are designed to show exactly how the lenses will look on each eye colour. In our green contacts try on pictures you will be able to get an idea of how our range of lenses may look on your eye colour or with your skin tone.

When choosing your perfect pair of green lenses, you will also need to consider how much of your iris you would like to cover. Designs such as circle lenses are only pigmented around the outer ring of the iris to enhance and change only the edge of your iris. In contrast, the enhance tint range covers the pupil and iris with a subtle colour tint for a seamless colour transformation that is designed to give an even finish to the eye colour. However, styles such as these may not be successful on dark eyes. For dark eye coverage from green coloured contacts, you will need both vibrant pigmentation and excellent coverage of the iris in order to achieve bright and noticeable green eyes. You will be able to see from our before and after pictures, how these effects work and which lenses are designed for each type of coverage.

When looking for a pair of coloured contacts, some people do not want natural lenses that have a ‘fake’ effect. What they mean by this is that if the colour is ultra vibrant or the design is very obviously blocked or pixelated, it can make it more obvious that you are wearing coloured contact lenses. For some, this is the aesthetic they are seeking, particularly if they are wearing cosplay or some types of fashion subcultures. However, if you are looking for totally natural lenses then the key is in the detail and the tones. A blend of different tones is likely to give a much more realistic look than a single block colour.

Our amazing team of affiliates not only tries on the contact lenses but also gets creative with natural and glam makeup. For inspiration and colour palette ideas for your chosen green contacts, make sure to browse our pictures for makeup looks.

As well as providing extra pictures in our galleries, we also include additional content on our product pages. With each of our products, we aim to provide as much information as possible so that you can choose the best lenses for your eye colour. You will find pictures of the lenses on 8 different eye colours as well as pictures from our affiliates trying on the lenses. 

There is some debate as to whether lenses with a defined limbal ring or no limbal ring look the most natural but it is mostly down to personal preference. See our coloured contact lens before and after pictures to see which styles you think look the most natural.

Antes y Después Verde