Antes y Después Gris

Los ojos grises naturales se ven increíbles con una gama de tonos de piel y paletas de maquillaje y son uno de los colores de ojos más raros que se encuentran en los humanos. A menudo, los ojos grises se encuentran en la naturaleza mezclados con colores como el azul, por lo que los ojos grises puros son aún más inusuales. Nuestros afiliados han estado transformando sus estilos de maquillaje con lentes de color gris para que puedas ver fotos de lentes de contacto grises antes y después. Vea su color de ojos natural y luego vea cómo se ven los lentes cuando se combinan con su tono de iris. Diferentes colores de ojos naturales darán diferentes resultados ya que su color base afectará la forma en que el color se mezcla con su iris.

Antes y Después Gris

Antes y Después Gris

Gray contacts have different levels of transparency depending on the type of lenses you have chosen so the iris will be pigmented for different types of coverage. For example, enhancing lenses are designed to blend with your natural eye color to brighten the tones that are already in your eyes. This style will work best on gray or some light eye colors to bring out the gray features in your eyes. If you have a lighter eye color then your gray contact lenses should successfully cover or blend with your natural iris. In contrast, vibrant lenses have more coverage and are highly pigmented meaning the color is designed to sit on top of your eyes rather than blend in. We are frequently asked will gray contacts work for brown eyes? Gray contact lenses will work for brown eyes as long as they have strong pigmentation that covers most of the iris. It is possible to get gray lenses that look natural but still offer full coverage. This effect is usually successful for most eye colors including dark eyes as it can cover your natural eye color.

When paired with certain eye colors, gray lenses can give a slight purple tint as the colors blend together. Make sure to check the lens pictures to see which designs have a steel gray or silver tone and which have a light soft gray or purple tint. Gray lenses are available in light and dark shades to help you choose the best match for you.

Gray eyes are sometimes found with other colors, for example, you may naturally have blue/gray eyes so we also offer a range of lenses that fuse other eye colors with gray to create a natural eye color blend.

You may already have some personal preferences when it comes to your gray colored contact lenses. Some people enjoy the pixelated block design of natural colored contacts to give a vibrant finish however some want a more subtle style to ensure that the lenses look as natural as possible. These styles have a smooth finish to the color or may blend with your natural eye color. Choose between lenses with or without a defined limbal ring and find lenses with a mixture of tones to create a realistic look to the iris.

To help you decide which gray colored contacts to try next, we share affiliates’ pictures in our gallery to show you how the lenses look when paired with different makeup styles, eye colors, skin tones, and color palettes.

Our gray contacts try on pictures include makeup inspiration created by our amazing team of makeup artists. Not only can you see a try on of our colored contact lenses, but you can also find plenty of makeup ideas to go with them.

We ask our affiliates not to edit the lenses in their pictures so that you can see how the lenses really look. To see gray lenses for brown eyes check out affiliates @makeupmadhouse and @ladyparadoxx. To see the lenses on light eye colors see @nicolleslooks and @en_angie. The before and after gallery sections are designed to help you see the makeup artists’ natural eye color before adding contact lenses so you can see the difference and get an idea of how the lenses may look on your eyes.

Aside from our growing collection of gallery pictures, we also provide detailed product content to help you choose the best lenses for your eye color. This includes showing the lenses on 8 different eye colors as well as seeing how they look when paired with different skin tones. By being able to see pictures of someone with a similar eye color to yourself you will be able to get a better idea of how the lenses will look in real life.

At Coloured Contacts, we aim to provide as much information as possible to help you to choose lenses that will give you the results you are hoping for. Our colored contact lens before and after pictures are just one of the ways to help you choose your perfect lenses. With extensive product imagery and product information, we hope you will find your ideal pair of gray colored contacts.

Antes y Después Gris