Let us guess: you want to give coloured contact lenses a go, but just can’t decide what to go for? Should you go for a natural brown? Maybe a striking white? Or how about a cat’s eye look? We know – there’s too much choice! Well thankfully we’re here to help.

Your contacts choice depends heavily on what situation you want them for. Are you after a natural long-lasting look or a one night pair of party lenses? Listed below are some reasons you might want lenses, and our suggestions for each...

Natural Everyday

If you want a pair of coloured contacts you can wear on an everyday basis, it’s best to go for a natural colour. And luckily we’ve got a super extensive range of natural colours... Blue, green, brown, hazel... If you want people to think your natural eye colour is blue instead of brown, or hazel instead of green, we’ve got you covered. Some of our more extravagant lenses – like our UV ones, awesome as they are – might not be the best choice for a natural everyday look.

Alternative Everyday

...However, we also understand that some of you might be after a more ‘out there’ everyday look. And there’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than with a pair of our more exotic eye colour lenses. Purple, orange, white, yellow – going for one of these colours is great way to make an impact! And if you don’t want to sport a weird look every day, you could always buy some year long lenses and save them for weekends. We understand that everyone needs to get a bit a freaky sometimes!

Fancy Dress Parties

If you’ve got a party coming up, you might want to go all out crazy! Fancy dress definitely isn’t just for Halloween (Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming up!), and whether you’re after a scary look, a weird one, a creepy one or a cute one, you’ll be able to find something in our range. Our selection of zombie lenses will give you a great undead look that’ll scare your friends to death, and our blind lenses will make you look really unnerving... If you’re looking for fancy dress party contact lenses you’ll certainly find something on our website. Just take a browse!


We also have a selection of lenses that’ll look great at non-fancy dress parties! If you’re planning on dancing the night away, you’ll love our UV lenses. They come in a variety of different colours, and are the perfect way to add a little something extra to an event. I mean, what’s cooler than lighting up the room with your eyes? We have an extensive range of one day disposable UV lenses, so you can simply pop them in before you go out and then get rid of them as soon as the night is over. Great, right?


Whether you’re a hardcore cosplayer or a casual one, you can definitely upgrade your look by pairing your costume with a set of our coloured contacts. We have a fantastic range of big eye anime lenses – an easy way to elevate your costume to the next level. Though obviously there’s more to cosplaying than anime, and so you can also take advantage of our vast range of natural colour lenses among others. Whether you’re dressing up as someone with natural green eyes or a wild looking cat-girl, you’re sure to find something that suits your look for a good price!

Hopefully this guide has made choosing the perfect coloured contact lenses just a little bit easier. If you find a pair that compliments your look perfectly, be sure to send us a pic on Facebook or Twitter! We’d love to see you in them!