Go On An Outerspace Adventure With Alien Contact Lenses

Go On An Outerspace Adventure With Alien Contact Lenses

We have recently talked about all things Halloween lenses, wolf lenses and anime lenses but now it is the turn of another fantasy creature! Our favourite makeup artists have been emerging from the edges of the universe with their Alien Contact Lenses looks. Creating their own terrifying monsters, these aliens are a little more Predator than E.T!

Here are our top 5 alien styles. Browse our creepy lenses to find your perfect alien eye lenses and don’t be afraid to invent your own ghoulish creatures. Whether your alien character is from another planet, a made-up universe or the dark depths of the earth we would love to see your creations. Not all have to be scary either! Create a cute and cuddly monster just like the Star Wars Ewoks or the aliens from Toy Story. Aliens really do come in all shapes and sizes but today prepare yourself for some of the scariest aliens on Instagram!

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Alien Eye Contact Lenses

The first and most terrifying of our creepy quintet is @ghoulish_fx. The stark colour contrast and creepy black voids for eyes are definitely freaking us out! Imagine coming face to face with this alien! Our Black Mini Sclera Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for creating hollow-eyed soulless styles or bug-eyed alien stares. Of course, @ghoulish_fx has worked her MUA magic on this look so please note these black sclera contact lenses will show the corners of your eyes. 

We often get asked for black alien eye contacts, but these aren’t the only colour that will fulfil your need for a creepy style. Our entire range of blind effect lenses is perfect for creating an alien style. Check out @courtneyleighhollins in this dragon inspired style. She made the headpiece herself! We could definitely believe she had come visiting from another planet in this costume! The White Blind Contact Lenses will give you a completely blanked out stare, perfect for that alien vibe.

Our final pair of blind effect contact lenses is the Blue Blind Coloured Contact Lenses. @stephanie_fernandez has created this innocent looking but bloodthirsty alien. We think these alien contacts work perfectly because she has matched her skin and hair colour to her eyes. The bold colour selections are so spooky. Don’t be under the illusion that this could be a friendly alien, we can spy the blood on her teeth!

Aside from our blind effect range, there are plenty of other lenses that can help you create your alien character. With enough imagination and creativity, we reckon most of our costume contact lenses could help you create your very own aliens. We love the contour lines on @wink818. This look is part human part out of this world. We could definitely imagine this lady featuring in a science-fiction series. Don’t you think she would be pretty badass? For this look, @wink818 has used our White Manson Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses. These also come as prescription alien contact lenses so if your specs are giving away your human side then why not try out a pair of prescription lenses?


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The final style on our list is from @pigeon_pie_art. This look is based on an echidna but we think those ferocious looking spikes and rows of teeth give it a distinctive alien-like quality. The Red Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses will help you create a traditional alien eye. The sclera range does cost a little more than average sized contact lenses so if you are looking for cheap alien contact lenses then be sure to browse the sale. With plenty of costume lenses, there are multiple options for your alien costume.


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From the highly popular black alien contact lenses to creepy costume styles, we know you will find your dream pair of lenses to create your next fantasy or sci-fi look. Whether you are dressing up for a costume party, photo shoot or competition you can definitely enhance your look with a pair of coloured contact lenses.

Alien contact lenses are plenty of fun and definitely diverse. Create a cute and cuddly monster or the alien of your nightmares. Your imagination is the only limit! Why not share a picture of your costume featuring our coloured contact lenses on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram?

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