The new season of Game Of thrones has been long awaited, and to show their excitement fans of Coloured Contacts Instagram came together to show off their Game Of Thrones Cosplay ideas.

We saw some of the most talented artists from the MUA community come together with their best White Walker, Night King and Stark cosplay looks. Creating works of art that the HBO television show would be proud of, all of these talented artists easily deserve the Iron Throne.

Check out the amazing GOT Costumes below!

Winter Is Here With White Walker Cosplay          

With the hype for the final season of Game Of Thrones we thought there would be a little excitement, but what we found on Instagram blew us away. The cosplay Game Of Thrones characters were not only recreated by some of our most talented Cosplayers, but their outstanding quality and attention to detail could easily take their own place on the show.

The first White Walker cosplay costume we want to show off is from the multi-talented performer and makeup artist @alemoravoice AKA Alessio Morando. Paired with our White Walker Contact Lenses and his makeup brush, Alessio created one the world’s best White Walker looks to date. Capturing the theme of winter and the cold stare of the dreaded white walkers! See this look below!

Alessio is a multi-talented makeup-artist, vocalist, entertainer & showman; there’s nothing he can’t do! Don’t believe us? Head over to Alessio’s gallery page here.

If you’ve read any of our blogs or followed Coloured Contacts on social media, we’re sure you’re well aware of the work from our next makeup artist, @artbybmazz. Brenna Mazzoni is a master makeup artist with video tutorials and posts for some of the most original/quirky makeup creations as well as real life cosplay characters.


A post shared by Brenna Mazzoni (@artbybmazz)

What are your thoughts on this GOT cosplay? In our opinion, it’s nothing short of fantastic! In this post Brenna perfectly captures the ferocity of the White Walkers and gives her own unique take by creating her very own Night Queen look! She never fails to impress us, and with this look; she certainly deserves her place on the Iron Throne.

See more of @artbybmazz on her gallery profile here.

Mother Of Dragons: Daenerys Cosplay

There’s no denying that one of the most popular characters and most wanted to take the Iron Throne is Daenerys Targaryen AKA the Mother Of Dragons. With her signature white hair and 3 trusty dragons, it’s obvious to see why a Khaleesi cosplay is a popular choice for the return of Game Of Thrones!

Below you can see some of our favourite Daenerys cosplays Instagram! We love the epic combination of Mother Of Dragons look from @khaleesiisaa which perfectly combines the use of makeup and SFX prosthetics!  Check out this post below!

But those aren’t the only highlights for Game Of Thrones cosplay. Although this will sadly be the final season of GOT, we hope the announcement of spin-off series and popularity of characters will keep these incredible costumes returning long after 2019.

One of our favourite Cosplay Jon Snow Cosplays came from the talented cosplayer @aaronrivin; the caption to this post reads “The Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne”; and with this cosplay, we definitely agree.

For our next mention we would like to give a shout out for @sophielovelace’s Daenerys Targaryen cosplay. Briefly mentioned upon in G.R.R Martin’s novels and touched upon in our White Walker Blog; Sophielovelace perfectly recreates Khaleesi’s violet Targaryen eyes.

For our final mention we’d like to show off the work of the incredibly talented MUA @cuthbertfx. We reposted Elizabeth and her makeup look which transformed herself into the Hound; but her work doesn’t stop there! Tyrion, Bran, Arya and even Reek; we implore you to check out the rest of her amazing work here.

Are you ready for the season of Game Of Thrones with Coloured Contacts? For the next few weeks we’ll be dedicating our time to showing off some of the worlds most talented Instagramers and their quest for the greatest Game Of Thrones looks! Are you ready to try one of these styles for yourself? Head over to our Game Of Thrones & White Walker Contact Lens blog and see the best styles of contact lenses for cosplay as the Night King, Khaleesi and Arya Stark! See the article here!