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10 Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorials To Test Before Halloween

10 Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorials To Test Before Halloween

Join our talented affiliates for 10 Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorials To Test Before Halloween!

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We know it’s a little early but while we are all spending more time at home, what better opportunity to brush up on your makeup skills? And the makeup skills we are talking about are of the spooky SFX variety. We have gathered 10 videos of our affiliates from Halloween’s past to provide you with a choice of Halloween makeup tutorial videos to try. These videos are all available on YouTube so make sure to save them to your watch list so you are ready when October does come knocking.

The tutorials range from an easy Halloween makeup tutorial for beginners to complicated SFX designs. Makeup brushes at the ready; it is time to try out the funky eyeshadow colours and fake blood that has been hanging out in the back of your makeup collection.

All the following tutorials feature our Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses and we couldn’t be prouder to have been featured by all these incredible artists.

80's Zombie Makeup by @fx_freak

If you are looking for Halloween makeup ideas then it doesn’t get much more classic than a zombie but to make sure your creepy zombie stands out from the horde why not give it a little personality, like fx_freak’s 80s inspired zombie character!


Snow and Heat Miser Body Painting Tutorial by @makeupmadhouse

Ok, so we know makeupmadhouse created this look for Christmas but when it comes to special effects makeup ideas there’s nothing cooler than a battle of the elements. This awesome concept could sure make a great Halloween outfit, especially if you already have clothes in red and blue. Hear us out; you can save money while also learning a new SFX makeup skill!


Candy Corn Clown by @ladyparadoxx

We are totally in love with Lady Paradoxx’s Candy Corn Clown. This Halloween special effects makeup could help you find a use for that shade of yellow and orange you have always wanted to try in your makeup collection. What with the bright colours and super cute nose, we can’t decide whether to run screaming from this Halloween clown or invite it to the party.


The Devil Within by @rubymediamakeup

Now is your opportunity to try out a UV look. Pair our UV contact lenses with this awesome devil body paint by rubymediamakeup and you can have hours of fun creeping out your family with a UV blacklight. Why not turn your own home into a haunted mansion with this devilishly fun scary Halloween makeup.


Pennywise Makeup by @fancymay_makeup

Re-create a classic Halloween character with this Pennywise the Clown Halloween makeup tutorials scary design by fancymay_makeup, including painted shoulders. This detailed design is sure to make you are the IT of the party.


Halloween Skull Mask by @margo.horror_beauty

Looking for horror makeup? You have come to the right place; it’s in margo.horror_beauty’s very name and we have definitely been spooked by her SFX makeup designs. This awesome mask is perfect to channel the more glamorous side of Halloween. If you are practicing your party look then this Halloween mask is sure to suit your vibe.


Shock by @wink818

Shock is one of the three cheeky Halloween children from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Learn how to paint on a Shock mask with wink818. Get the whole family involved in your Nightmare Before Christmas theme(although remember, Coloured Contacts can only be purchased and worn by those over 18) and have an NBX movie night in preparation for the Halloween season.


Glam Vampire Makeup by @sarahmagicmakeup

This is not just your ordinary vampire; Sarahmagicmakeup has taken her glam vampire look one step further by painting on a ruby necklace. This is a great chance to learn how to paint on a detailed necklace. There is a longer version of this tutorial available for a detailed guide on how to complete your Glam Vampire makeup.


Zombie Face Paint by @nikki.paint

You can forget about dull grey zombies; with nikki.paint’s awesome tutorial you can create a gruesome yellow zombie character inspired by the Crypt. This amazing makeup can be paired with a range of coloured contact lenses for a totally creepy look.


Zombie of the Opera by @beauty_intheshadows

This awesome take on a traditional skull by beautyinthe_shadows doesn’t just have to be saved for Halloween. The masquerade illusion is sure to make this a fun SFX makeup to try out for other costume parties too. This is a perfect example of a great way to use one blind effect or mesh lens while leaving your other eye without a lens to get the perfect balance between completing your costume and allowing you to see.


We had a hard time choosing just 10 tutorials to share with you so make sure to head to our gallery to see the work of our talented affiliates. Click on each affiliate profile to find the link to their YouTube channels for even more Halloween makeup tutorial videos.

Make sure you are ahead of the game with your Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses. If you have spotted a design you totally love, make sure to beat the Halloween rush as some styles have limited stock available!