Papa Emeritus Contact Lenses: Costume Ideas from the Band Ghost

Papa Emeritus Contact Lenses: Cardinal Copia & Ghost Band Costumes

We’re just starting to discover the true scale of how many celebrities, musicians and rock stars use Coloured Contacts in their looks. Let’s take a look at a more controversial and downright spooky feature – the lead singer of heavy metal band Ghost! There has been an increased interest in Papa Emeritus contact lenses as the band becomes more and more well-known across the globe!

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The lead singer and leader of Ghost, Tobias Forge, has taken up the mantle of playing and dressing different singers and characters during the band’s lifetime. He has brought to life three ‘generations’ of his character Papa Emeritus and, most recently, has brought his latest creation, Cardinal Copia, to the stage. What’s the main link between these characters? They all wear spooky white contact lenses!

If you’re headed to a gig or want to crank up the heavy metal factor on your Halloween costume, then make sure to pick up a pair of our scary contact lenses! Paired with your best skull face paints and occult style costumes, we think you could really recreate a convincing Papa costume. Come together as one and check out our recommendations on which are the best Halloween contact lenses for Ghost BC!

Rock Out With Ghost Contact Lenses

Any fans of the iconic Swedish metal band shouldn’t take much convincing to try and create a Papa Emeritus Halloween costume. Some think they need to go all out for an outfit, as the character often wears exuberant outfits and prosthetic masks. Whereas we think any Papa or Cardinal Copia costume can be easily achieved with some simple face paints, costumes and, of course, creepy contact lenses. We’re sure you’ll have plenty of faith in our coloured contact lenses’ ability to improve any costume.

Possibly the most popular look in our eyes has to be recreating a suave and scary Papa Emeritus III costume. As well as his controversial Pope-styled outfit, he often wore a slick classic-styled suit with brogues and white gloves. Pair this with your very best skeleton Papa Emeritus face paint for a complete look. Take a look below at which contact lenses we recommend pairing with this outfit.

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A huge range of our zombie, devil and Halloween styles would make for fantastic ghoul contact lenses. The Papa / Cardinal Copia look mainly revolves around having the white contact lens in a single eye, so you’ll have to team up with your favourite ghoul or ghoulette to bring Halloween costumes which span the Ghost generations.

Square Hammer, a popular track and music video from the band sees the figure of Papa looming with a glowing white eye. If you really want to take your costume to the pinnacle of excellence, then a pair of white UV contact lenses may greatly improve a huge variety of ghostly costumes. Make sure onlookers see the light by showing off your ultraviolet lenses under a blacklight. Head to our UV section here.

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Of course, there are a few different Papas to choose from instead of a Papa Emeritus III outfit. The singers’ predecessors all have their own iconic looks. The eldest character in the Ghost universe has to be Papa Nihil (or Papa Zero). This alternative character is not only iconic for his ability to play the saxophone, but also for his spooky white blind contact lenses look.

Ghost Makeup & Costumes

If you’re feeling ready to rock with your new pair of contact lenses, then make sure to check out our blog post dedicated to Marilyn Manson contact lenses. Go ahead and indulge in scary gothic contact lens styles that will be at home in any rocking Halloween costume. Check back on our blog for even more ways to recreate the looks of your favourite celebrities and musicians.

If we’ve kick-started your Halloween fancy dress plans, then make sure to band together your troop of Nameless Ghouls to help you pull of your Papa Emeritus Cosplay. Whilst you’re at it, make sure to send us a snap of your costume in action! We’d love to see some majestic contact lens close-ups shared with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Looking for tutorials on ghost and skeleton makeup for your next costume creation? Make sure to check out the dedicated Ghost BC tutorials we have discovered for you below.

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Papa Emeritus Contact Lenses: Cardinal Copia & Ghost Band Costumes

Papa Emeritus Contact Lenses: Cardinal Copia & Ghost Band Costumes

Rock out with Papa Emeritus Contact Lenses costume ideas from the band Ghost. Complete your Halloween look with white contacts for Cardinal Copia and Papa Nihil costumes.

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