Nuestras imágenes de lentes de contacto Marvel

Marvel cosplay spans the entire universe of Marvel comics. This vast and expansive collection covers iconic series’ such as Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy. This cherished franchise is loved by cosplayers as it offers so many cool costumes and characters to re-create. Whether you were introduced to Marvel via the comics, movies or series, you are sure to have a favourite character. Get inspiration for creating your own Marvel cosplay costumes with our gallery of affiliates. These talented makeup artists and cosplayers have brought the Marvel universe to life using body paint and coloured contact lenses.


Nuestras imágenes de lentes de contacto Marvel

You will get the chance to see how certain coloured contact lenses look with your chosen character. If you haven’t spotted your Marvel comics cosplay character yet then be sure to check back soon as our affiliates are always bringing out new cosplays and makeup looks.

Avengers Cosplay

The Avengers peaked during phase two of the Marvel cinematic universe. In phase one, we started to learn their backstories but by phase two the characters came together to fight against the mighty Thanos. The Avengers make a great theme for a group Avengers cosplay and there are so many cool versions of their outfits to choose from.

We regularly see Marvel cosplay female of Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Black Widow in many movies, including her character’s title movie, lets us see how badass this character is. The inspiration for many women, Black Widow is a great choice as a cosplay. Choose from a range of Black Widow suits in different colours. She is usually shown in a black bodysuit which allows her to carry out her agile fight moves; however, in the Black Widow film, she also wears a white suit with a black belt. The most changeable part of her appearance is her hair; from auburn to blonde and in varying lengths. Her eyes are usually shown as green or blue which can be achieved using natural coloured contacts.

Captain America is the classic blue-eyed, blonde-haired hero which, at the time he was created, was the image that everyone strived for. This character is top of the list for Marvel cosplay ideas for guys. His detailed suit and mask are a fun challenge for body paint makeup artists.

After the blockbuster movies, came the Disney+ series’. Many of the series receive mixed reviews and one such series was WandaVision however Wanda’s outfits have become popular Marvel costumes. Her deep red suit and headpiece are paired with red hair. While her eyes are mostly natural, when she is using her powers they turn a glowing red. This can be achieved with a pair of red or red UV coloured contact lenses. Our affiliates love to cosplay this amazing character and have fun with her eye colour.

Get out your green face paint if you are creating the Hulk. You will need to turn everything green to create your Hulk cosplay, including your eyes. Alternatively, if you are cosplaying She-Hulk then you will need to DIY or paint on her awesome suit, turn your skin green, add a green wig and a pair of bright green coloured contact lenses.

Loki keeps appearing in the Marvel movies and now has his own series. In the series, we get to see many versions of Loki thanks to his adventures in the multiverse. This has expanded the opportunities for cosplaying Loki. One of the most popular forms of Loki to cosplay is President Loki.

Marvel often shows characters with unusual skin colours such as Gamora who is green and Nebula who has blue and purple tones in her mechanical head. This gives our affiliates the chance to test their SFX makeup skills. Check out the pictures in our gallery to see their amazing transformations and Marvel cosplay ideas.

The world of X-Men hosts a range of main characters and lesser-known characters for you to cosplay. X-Men icons such as Mystique and Storm are epic choices for cosplay and offer the opportunity to try out different skills. For Mystique, you will need to turn yourself blue using face paint to create this instantly recognisable character. Storm has some amazing features to her outfit; her red X symbol is essential as is her long white hair. She is often shown with blanked-out white eyes when using her powers which can be achieved with White Blind Coloured Contacts.

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman has been appearing on our screens for decades and has been played by many actors. This means there is plenty of choice when it comes to who you would like to base your Spiderman cosplay on. Peter Parker is perhaps one of the most well-known Marvel characters, as are the villains and love interests from his story.

MJ with her red hair and sassy attitude is so much fun to cosplay and is simple to DIY. You may even already own clothes that you could use for your cosplay.

Venom presents an unusual challenge to SFX makeup artists but many of our affiliates have created this character. Whether they have used a body paint illusion or have made a DIY Venom costume, they have conquered the challenge of bringing this character to the real world.

Thanks to the multiverse, you can re-imagine any of the characters with different characteristics or features opening up opportunities to create your own versions of these iconic characters. If you are looking for a place to start, we have gathered the best Marvel cosplay created by our team of influencer makeup artists and cosplayers so that you can get inspiration and ideas for your costume. Each picture is tagged with the coloured contact lenses the artist has used to help you see how the lenses look in real life and decide if they might work for your cosplay.

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