Nuestras imágenes de lentes de contacto navideñas

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. Whether we are taking part in festive activities, sharing gifts, or trying out seasonal menu items, we love to make sure the season is filled with joy and fun. We also often make extra effort to dress up for Christmas whether that is as Santa, an elf, or in our best outfit for Christmas day. This unique holiday season could be made even more exciting by adding Christmas contact lenses to your outfits. On this gallery page, we share amazing Christmas-themed ideas from our affiliates.

Nuestras imágenes de lentes de contacto navideñas


We see plenty of classic Christmas characters painted in different styles by our affiliates all featuring our Christmas coloured contact lenses. Check out Christmas character makeup inspiration plus our favourite lenses to complete the look:

  • Elf on the Shelf – Blue Manson Coloured Contacts
  • Gingerbread – Black Mini Sclera Coloured Contacts
  • The Nutcracker – Greek Hulk Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Snowman – Black Halloween Coloured Contacts
  • Santa Claus – Elven Blue Fantasy Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Mrs Claus – Blue Emerald Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Reindeer – Honey Glaze Coloured Contact Lenses

Christmas goes hand in hand with parties; celebrating at the office, celebrating with friends, celebrating with family and taking part in seasonal events. This fun-filled time deserves a fun outfit or costume to go with it. If your Christmas party is fancy dress themed then allow our affiliates to show you their best costume ideas in these Christmas costume pictures. Our favourite Christmas contact picks come from two categories Christmas movies and Christmas SFX makeup.

Christmas Movie Makeup Inspiration:

  • The Grinch – Yellow Avatar Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Cindy Lou from The Grinch – Blue Sapphire Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas – Black Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Krampus – Red Voldemort Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Scrooge – Pearl Grey Coloured Contact Lenses
  • The Ghosts from A Christmas Carol – White Blind Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Edward Scissorhands – Black Eclipse Manson Coloured Contact Lenses

We have even had unusual choices such as Aldi’s Kevin and Carrot and the Home Alone stunts represented as SFX makeup!

Christmas Costumes With Contact Lenses

The festive season can be a great time to set yourself a makeup challenge to share on Instagram or TikTok. Try out your SFX skills with gory holiday themed makeup looks or create cute Christmas character makeup. Here are some of the most popular holiday themed SFX makeup ideas and our favourite Christmas contacts to pair with them:

  • Snowflake Makeup – Blue Wild Blizzard Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Snow Queen Makeup – Blue Celestial Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Snow Miser Makeup – White Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Frostbite Makeup – White Phantom Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Candy Cane Makeup – Red Akuma Target Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Christmas Wreath Makeup – Green Gara Coloured Contact Lenses

As you can see from our affiliates’ pictures, you can try a range of different makeup styles with your Christmas coloured contacts. Whether you are completing full body paint or cosplay of your Christmas look or are opting for dainty and detailed eye makeup, there are so many subtle or bold ways to add festivity to your makeup.

While the focus may be on character makeup and costume designs, adding a pair of natural contact lenses to your holiday outfit is the perfect way to add some magic to your look. Whether you are enhancing your natural eye colour to add some sparkle to your eyes or completely changing the shade to try something new, we have a range of natural lenses for you. Our range offers different levels of coverage which you will see in our natural contact lens gallery. See our lenses over different eye colours to get an idea of how they may look on you.

Nearly any style of costume or natural contact lens can be worn for Christmas. However, some are more suited as Christmas lenses than others. Our affiliates naturally love to use red and white contact lenses for the festive season. Many of the characters also have bright blue eyes so our costume and natural blue lenses are popular during the holidays. Our final favourite shade is green to reflect the colours of Christmas and the centrepiece that is the Christmas tree. Other fantasy shades can make great Christmas fairies and mystical creatures such as pink and purple. You will see from the pictures in the Christmas Gallery that the same character can be created with many different contact lens styles. All of them pair equally well with that character so it is down to your personal choice and makeup style.

We love the magical feeling that Christmas brings and the inspiration that flurries of snow and cosy winter snacks and events bring. We continue to be amazed at the new Christmas costume ideas that our affiliates have every year and can’t wait to keep topping up this gallery page with new pictures for the festive season.

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