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Whiteout contact lenses are kind of colored contact lens where the contact lenses are colored with block white pigmentation. Popular around Halloween and for Cosplay costumes, whiteout contact can often have designs that cover the pupil for an extreme scary undead zombie look.

Whether you are seeking an added touch to make your evening look totally sizzle or the ultimate accessory to bring your Halloween or Cosplay costume to a whole new level, the options are endless. Our spooky whiteout contacts are simple to insert and comfortable for long lasting all day wear. Super soft options allow for even more comfort during wear and the thin lens profile can give increased hydration and allow the eye to breathe.

Coloured Contacts carries one of the widest ranges of whiteout colored contact lenses sold anywhere online. We offer a plethora of duration options to suit your needs. Single use lenses are perfect for special occasions such as Halloween or a costume event. When your night is done, so are they! No need to have to mess with cleaning or storage, 1 day daily lenses can easily be disposed of.

For those that would like to rock their whiteout eye lens look more frequently, a monthly or 90-day wear lens is a great way to have funky eyes whenever you please. Another option we are pleased to offer is a range of corrective prescription styles. This means those with prescriptive needs can also enjoy rocking a new zombie look.

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Of course, Halloween and Cosplay conventions are probably the first occasions that pop into mind for using all whiteout lenses. Don’t limit yourself! There are so many places or events that wearing a funky lens can add a cool stylish touch to your look. Sporting a UV reactive stare that will illuminate the dance floor is guaranteed to keep you in the spotlight for an evening at the club. Dance parties, raves or concerts - let your imagination run wild and dream of all the perfect occasions!

Of course, the usual costume parties and Cosplay get-together give you the perfect excuse to use a disposable lens to create an ultimate theatrical, special effect look. Here are some of the styles of colored contacts that we’re sure you’ll be interested in.

  • Whiteout Zombie Contact Lenses – solid block white pigmentation colors the iris to totally transform all shades of natural eye colors.
  • Whiteout Blind Contact Lenses – a popular design where the lens coloration covers both the iris and the lens pupil. Obscures vision, but creates an incredible effect.
  • Whiteout Mini Sclera Contact Lenses – a whiteout sclera lens offers even more color, with a wider iris design that is sure to stand out wherever worn.

Stuck trying to come up with the perfect Halloween or Cosplay costume? Let whiteout colored lenses be your inspiration. The possibilities are so versatile that only your imagination is the limit. Channel your spirit animal as your transform into a mysterious, slinky wolf. Create an over the top spooky zombie, vampire or witch outfit. Reusable white lenses give off a theatrical effect, which make them perfect to compliment any ghoulish, sinister creature character that you are replicating.

Since many of our whiteout eye contacts will give you a no pupil effect, making them a great option for any sci-fi or alien outfit. Or use a white sclera lens to create the look of sensory deprivation. So creepy, cool and creative! If you are considering a full blind contact lens then it should be noted that this style can obscure vision. As such, we recommend that customers either wear the blind contact lens in one eye only, or reserve them for use in photo shoots. Be aware before you buy!

Of course, a hugely popular time for this style of contact lens is Halloween. The spooky season is the perfect time to get your freak on and to try a new look. With the range we have available, it should be easy to start planning your next jaw dropping costume and let a set of whiteout Halloween lenses make you the best dressed at your Halloween bash!

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At Coloured Contacts, the superior quality of the lenses we stock mean that you can purchase with confidence, knowing you're getting a genuine, safe product at a price that won't break the bank. When you shop with us, stunningly crazy looks are totally achievable without having to worry about sacrificing quality for price!

As experts in selecting the best quality and most fashionable styles, we offer you such a diverse, unique selection that you will not find anywhere else. We continually search for awesome new funky lenses to add to our stock and will always have a fresh, exciting variety for you to choose from. Our wicked customer service team is always on hand to help! From helping with your order and keeping you updated on your delivery to answering any questions you have regarding our products, we are here and ready to give you the ultimate ordering experience and service.

Best of all, we have super low prices on all of our whiteout contact lenses cheap! You can pick and choose multiple designs and affordable patterns to always have the perfect accessory on hand to alter your image. Our store allows you to shop cheap lenses without having to compromise on the overall quality and style. Another great reason to shop with us is our delivery – we’ll get your lenses to your door in no time. We offer several different options and pricing for you to choose from.