Our Red Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

Explore our red coloured contacts with the help of our talented affiliates! See how they have styled all kinds of red contact lenses including Red Halloween, Red Blind, and Red Mini Sclera.


Our Red Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

Red Eye Contact Lenses are used to enhance eye colours while also adding depth to Halloween costumes and cosplay. The coloured lenses offer coverage of the natural iris pigmentation to create theatrical styles and can be used for a variety of different character costumes.

After seeing our Gallery from our talented affiliates we are sure you’re utterly blown away. In this section of our gallery, we’ve put together all of the looks, posts and creations that have been created with our red contact lenses.

One of the biggest draw-ins for this bright and bold colour of contact lens is due to the demonic and scary looks that can easily be achieved; however, this doesn’t mean that they are just for Halloween and costume parties. Red eye contacts are diverse in both the range of outfits they can accommodate and the styles that we offer. Keep reading about this type of costume contact lens to find out more.

Red Eye Contact Lenses

As we mentioned previously this type and colour of contacts is most popularly used as Halloween contact lenses. In the gallery above, you’ll be able to see a stunning display of the hard work and creativity from our affiliates. With the ability for them to recreate themselves into a terrifying monster, scary demons and elegant vampires; these coloured contacts offer so many possibilities.

Although each style differs, it’s important to realise that almost every pair can offer you a bright red eyes colour in the blink of an eye. All of our lenses offer bright colour pigmentation which will help cover or enhance your natural eye shade. As well as this you’ll also be happy to know that all of the contact lenses on Coloured Contacts are both FDA approved and CE marked, allowing for safe, durable and comfortable use with every pair.

At Coloured Contacts we make sure that quality is always to the highest standard, but we also find it equally important to offer you a wide range of styles so that you can reinvent any look at a moment’s notice. Unlike other manufacturers who will only stock 1 or 2 pairs of each colour, Coloured Contacts offers over 40 pairs of red eye contact lenses Halloween which lend themselves to a variety of different costumes, cosplay and every day looks. You’ll also be able to get a red eye contacts prescription if you’re looking for corrective capabilities from your lenses.

Different Ways To Wear Red Eyes Contacts

The common misconception is that coloured contact lenses and especially red eye contacts are only for use during Halloween; which is clearly not the case. The gallery above showcases the amazing work from our talented affiliates using pairs of costume contact lenses from our fantastic range. Our affiliates create different looks throughout the year and use some of our cheap red eye contact lenses as ways to bring their artwork to life.

One of the most popular uses of our red colour contacts by our affiliates is with outrageous makeup paint and cosplay styles. Particularly we have been blown away by posts featuring our lenses for Jigsaw and Pennywise the Clown makeup costumes with red eye contacts as the finishing touch. These contacts can really bring depth to almost any costume but with these specific costumes, there really is no better fit than our lenses. Make sure that you check through the gallery for yourself and gain some inspiration and ideas for your next look.

Another popular way to wear our contact lenses is for Cosplay as characters with red eyes. Within our gallery page for red contacts you’ll be able to see our affiliates use our Red Mini Sclera and Red Blood Contact Lenses to create works of art for the following costumes:

  • Widow Maker – Red Mini Sclera Contact Lenses
  • Ejiro Kirishima - Twilight Volturi Red Contact Lenses
  • Bella Twilight – Red Blood Vampire Contact Lenses

But those are not the only costumes that you can create with our lenses. If you’re looking for Sharingan Contacts you’ll be happy to know that we styles that can match most of the cast of Naruto’s Dojutsu and Mangekyou Sharingan eyes. We even offer red cat eye contact lenses that can be used for dragon and Kurama from Naruto costumes. See some more characters that you can Cosplay as with red contacts below:

  • Rei Ayanami – Evangelion Contact Lenses
  • Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul Contact Lenses
  • Light – Death Note Contact Lenses
  • Katsuki Bakugo – My Hero Academia Contact Lenses

Make sure to see all of our contact lens blogs for ideas on how to use your red coloured contacts.

Virtually Try Our Red Coloured Contact Lenses

If you have already had a browse of all the available styles of coloured contacts in red, we’re sure it can be pretty overwhelming. Luckily we have a few things that can help you take the weight off when you’re trying to choose the perfect pair for your next costume. With our virtual mirror, you will be able to find our whole catalogue of plano and red eye contacts prescription, upload your own photo and the programme will virtually put our contact lenses on your photo. But if you’re still trying to narrow down the exact style and find out whether a specific product is right for you, make sure to spend some time on this gallery page and our blogs for inspiration.