Our White Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

White colored contacts are a great classic style for a range of costumes including Halloween fancy dress. Explore our gallery to see all the creative ways our affiliates have styled white contact lenses.


Our White Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

There is no better way to demonstrate how spooky our lenses can look than with white eyes in pictures. There are so many potential cosplays to try with white eyes. As we will talk about, the world of horror movies features plenty of inspiration for white eyes. Valak the nun has also proved a popular choice for Halloween enthusiasts. However this isn’t the only style you can achieve with white eyes.

White eyes can even be used for characters such as Pennywise and Jigsaw. While in the films their eye colors aren’t white, blanking out your iris can make your Halloween look even spookier. Many of our affiliates have shared their creepiest photos while having white out eyes. Here’s a quick look at some of the Halloween characters you could try:

  • Zombie
  • Vampire
  • Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull
  • Creepy Doll
  • Mummy
  • Fortune Teller

If you want to cosplay a cartoon character, the eyes can be the most difficult aspect to get right. From the Rugrats kids to Lila from Futurama, you can see that in the cartoon world a larger white sclera than your average human eye is an essential aspect of the look. You can get this effect in your eyes by simply changing your iris colour to white and only leaving your pupil visible. The white of your eyes, a.k.a the sclera, will appear even larger when you try out a completely white contact lens. Some costumes we see frequently are Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride character, Emily and the Nightmare Before Christmas character’s Jack and Sally.

White Eyes Contacts For Cosplay

When it comes to anime characters white eyes can serve the same purpose as they do for cartoon character cosplays or alternatively can be used to create black and white designs or completely blanked out stares. Using our white blind, white Neji or white Hinata Byakugan style you can try out a Neji look from Naruto. Did you know byakugan literally translates to mean white eyes? We even have cosplay lenses to help you create other anime characters, including anime blank white eyes. Please note if you do opt to try our blind effect lenses, they will greatly obscure your vision. These are best saved for photoshoots or wearing in just one eye rather than at cosplay conventions.

The effect the white lenses will have will depend on your natural eye color. Light eye colors paired with white lenses will give you really white eyes and while generally white lenses are also effective on dark eyes you may find a hint of your natural iris shows through.

Often in comic books superheroes with white eyes are prevalent. Though this may not always be transferred to movie screens, if you are looking to create a cosplay which stays true to the original drawings then you are sure to love Batman, Spiderman, Deadpool and The Green Lantern with whiter eyes. This is sure to add to the mystery that lies behind the mask.

One category of movie characters with white eyes that come alive during holidays such as Halloween is zombies. These creepy undead characters are often depicted with clouded eyes or blanked out eyes. As you can see from the work of our affiliates, this color is perfect for a freaky zombie stare. Whether you are heading off to a zombie event or fancy scaring your friends at a fancy dress party, white eyes can be the difference between a little bit spooky to full on frightening.

One of the biggest zombie shows to hit our screens in recent years is The Walking Dead, so many people are modelling their zombie costumes on these characters. If you are looking for an easy costume then pairing Walking Dead white eyes with old clothes and fake blood splatters will have you ready to go in no time.

Using White Eye Contact Lenses

Another awesome trend we are seeing is pairing white eyes with a sugar skull style. The blanked out look creates the perfect basis for creating a hollow skull. Our affiliates have got creative with their skull styles and as you can see pairing a dark color around the eyes with a white iris will give a super accurate skeleton style.

One of the most iconic people to frequently have white eyes is Marilyn Manson. His white eyes with black limbal ring are an iconic look so no cosplay would be complete without them. Some of our affiliates have already paid tribute to this music icon with their own makeup styles based on some of his most iconic photos. As you can see it is easy to get Marilyn Manson eyes and this style can also be used for gothic fantasy looks such as vampires. Pair with black tail coats and corsets for a Victoriana finish.

If you are wondering how to get white eyes just like the ones in the pictures then we have linked each style for you. Simply click on the picture, once you have found the style you love to see the details on that product.

If you would like to see how you would look with white eyes contacts then head to our virtual mirror page. All you need to do is take a selfie to upload then you can try on as many of our designs as you like.

Do you already have your own white eyes picture? Maybe you have created a character that we haven’t talked about? We would love to see it so why not tag us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. Alternatively, if you would love to work with us on creating some new makeup looks for our gallery then why not check out our Affiliates page for information about working with us.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to use white eyes meaning if you choose our 30 day or 90 day styles you can create more than one look, just like many of our affiliates. @margo.horror_beauty can frequently be seen wearing our White Manson Contact Lenses and @fancymay_makeup often uses White Halloween Lenses so be sure to check out more from them.

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