Our Blue Natural Contact Lens Pictures

See our affiliates wearing our blue contact lenses in this gallery. With plenty of blue colored contacts to try out, you may want some inspiration. See how they look when paired with a range of different eye colors. From blue contacts for brown eyes to lenses that can enhance your blue eyes by adding color flecks or a lighter shade, there are so many ways to incorporate a pair of blue lenses into your look.

Blue Natural

Our Blue Natural Contact Lens Pictures

Switch up your daily look with a pair of natural blue contact lenses. This classic eye color is perfect for a fun switch to your look but can also be useful if you want to Cosplay a blue-eyed character. Go glam or go for your everyday makeup; no matter how you decide to complete your look you are sure to draw attention to your eyes with a pair of blue colored contact lenses.

 Need prescription contact lenses? This hassle-free way of correcting your vision just got a little bit more exciting thanks to natural colored contacts. Choosing blue contact lenses prescription means you can enjoy a subtle or vibrant color switch to your eye color as well as allowing you to see clearly.

There are many types of blue contact lenses. For a start, you can decide the shade of contact lenses you would like to try. For example, if you have dark eyes then choosing a vibrant pair of dark blue contact lenses may give more effective coverage of your natural eye color than selecting a pair of light blue contact lenses. You can choose the amount of detail that the iris has by choosing from our different ranges, including One Tone, Two Tone, Tri Tone, and Mystic. As well as this you can select brand, duration, and more by using our filters or checking out our product information. 

So just how do you choose the perfect blue lenses for you? A great place to start is deciding how much you would like the lenses to blend in with your eyes for a natural look.

What are the best natural looking colored contacts?

The best looking natural colored contacts are usually lenses with a detailed iris design. The most natural blue contact lenses are styles such as tri tone natural colored contacts or a high quality brands such as Freshlook Colorblends, Air Optix, or Chromaview. Lenses that feature a blend of colors will have the subtle color flecks that an eye naturally has, so unless you look very closely it won’t be obvious that you are wearing a contact lens as it will blend like a natural eye.

As we have already mentioned, it is important to take into consideration your natural eye color as this will affect the color result. Many of our affiliates have brown eyes and can be seen in our gallery wearing a range of bright blue contact lenses.

Can brown eyes wear blue contacts?

Brown eyes will work with blue contacts as long as you wear a style of blue colored contacts that is designed to cover dark eyes. Styles that have vibrant color coverage and no transparent areas will allow you to cover your brown eyes with the blue contacts that you are wearing. 

To see how blue contacts look on brown eyes view our affiliates wearing our lenses in this gallery. 

If you want to wear pale blue contact lenses then it is important to note that these will work best on lighter eye colors as any darker shades may overpower the color of the lens. Vibrant blue contact lenses look great with brown eyes because the lens is pigmented enough to cover the brown tones.  

If you have naturally pale eyes then certain lenses may blend with your natural eyes. In this case, make sure to choose a shade that is significantly darker or lighter compared to your natural shade in order to enjoy a noticeable difference. Of course, contact lenses blue can be used to simply enhance your light eye color by adding an extra dimension to the look of your eye, for example, a darker limbal ring or vibrant color flecks. This is similar to the effect that hazel colored contacts have on dark brown eyes. 

Seeing our affiliates modelling our blue contact lenses may help you to envision how they would look on your own eyes and it is a great place to look for makeup inspiration. From creative SFX styles to carefully selected color palettes, these talented MUAs certainly know a thing or two about enhancing the look of the eyes. 

Our natural blue contact lenses UK are available for delivery to many countries all over the world so check out our Delivery Information if you want to find out your shipping options. Our affiliates are based in many different countries from the UK to America, Europe, and beyond! This means you may see them using blue colored contact lenses to celebrate all sorts of holidays and events, in particular, carnival and cosplay. 

View close ups and long shot images to see how the lenses look on the iris but to also get an idea of how they look from a distance. This is a helpful way to see if you like the style and to judge how natural the blue colored contacts will look on your eyes. Of course, for many contact lens wearers, the bolder the better! We absolutely love it when you use colored contacts to create a makeup look that is outrageous and exciting. We know you will have plenty of your own creative ideas, but if you need some help getting started then you can always come back to view our natural blue colored contacts gallery pictures which are regularly updated.  

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