Our Blind Eye Contact Lens Pictures

Bline Effect contact lenses feature a no-pupil design for full color and a creepy blanked out eye. See how our awesome affiliates have added these blind contact lenses to their makeup art.


Our Blind Eye Contact Lens Pictures

Within our range of contact lenses, there is one particular style which stands out to makeup enthusiast and costume creators, and that’s our blind eye effect contact lenses.

Available in a variety of different colors, our blind contact lenses offer full coverage of the iris and pupil to give added realism to blind character costumes and horror cosplay. Due to this style of contact lens covering the pupil they will greatly obscure vision, which is why we recommend wearing one at a time or for utilising their SFX effect during photoshoots.

This blank eye contact lens style makes for an ideal alternative for sclera contact lenses as they are easier to handle and often more comfortable to wear. With the help of talented makeup artists and affiliates, we think our gallery can give you a great idea of just how good these colored contacts look.

Blind Effect Contact Lenses Styles

As we mentioned above, this range of colored contacts is available in a variety of different designs, but the most popular and the style with the greatest effect is by far our all-white blind eye contact lenses. Although our other colors can offer great options for fantastic character cosplays, our white section by far offers the most realistic look for casual costumes and professional makeup artists.

Within the Coloured Contacts’ gallery page it’s easy to find inspiration from talented makeup artists. If you have a contact lens that you are thinking of trying, have a thorough look through the Coloured Contacts Gallery page to see how you can use blind eye contact lenses. We regularly send our colored contact lenses to aspiring and talented individuals to recreate masterful works of art. 

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but one of the all-white blind eye contact lenses looks that particularly stands out is from our talented affiliate @juliasmmakeup who created a lifelike professional sea creature prosthetic for her special effects course. This type of detailed project is where our range of blind contact lenses shines. Their ability at obscuring vision can make them less desirable over our famous white zombie contacts; however, they’re perfect for professional photoshoots! Make sure to head to the Coloured Contacts Instagram to see more.

But these aren’t the only creative uses for this type of contact lenses. One of the most popular uses for our blind eye contact range has been to create scary zombies and dreadful demons. Our social media is a great way to keep up to date with our affiliates and their amazing creations. Particularly, our white blind special effect contact lenses have been used to create creepy and crazy zombie styles.

However, showing off a demonic stare is nothing without a pair of our red blind lenses. Have a full look through the gallery to see the costume possibilities and get some inspiration for your next look.

Why Choose Blind Eye Contact Lenses Halloween

Like all of our colored contact lenses, our range of white blind lenses are all FDA approved; because of this, you will always find that our lenses are safe, comfortable and wearable for long durations. When it comes to blind eye colored contacts it is important to understand how they differ from normal colored contact lenses and their unique features. Read more below:

  • Full Pupil Coverage - This style greatly obscures vision making it difficult to see, however in return this style offers your eyes special effect quality blind eyes for your costume.
  • Strong Color Pigmentation – The color enhancements in our contact lenses mean that only a limited amount of your natural eye color will be visible. Offering the true blind effect for this type of contacts.

As you can see from our talented affiliates, these blind effect contact lenses are incredibly popular for both makeup artists and professional SFX artists. But they are also a fantastic choice for all manner of Cosplays including comic book characters and horror villains.

In particular, we have seen affiliates such as the talented @courtneyleighhollins use our white out contact lenses to recreate the character Storm from X-Men. In the cartoon, films and comic books, this character can be seen with pure white eyes which makes our white blind effect contact lenses the perfect option. See more ideas for black, white, green and red options for these contacts below:

  • Hinata Hyuga’s Byakugan – Naruto Contact Lenses
  • Ryuk Red Eye’s – Death Note Contact Lenses
  • Blue White Walker Eyes – Game Of Thrones Contact Lenses
  • Green Blind Eyes – Hulk Contact Lenses

If you enjoyed looking through our gallery and reading advice on using blind contact lenses, why not see how they look on with our virtual mirror. Our virtual mirror is present on almost all of our colored contact lenses and can be used to get a rough idea of how our lenses will transform your look. Simply upload your photo or take a selfie (in your cosplay outfit or not) and our app will adjust our lenses onto your photo.

What’s more, don’t forget to follow us on social media for updates on our plano and prescription coloured contact lens range and the amazing posts that are featured by our affiliates. See our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for more information or bookmark our gallery page to keep up to date with the best lens transformations.

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