Whether you’re soon approaching your next Cosplay convention or Fancy Dress party, make searching costume accessories even easier by using our search for character contact lenses page.

Getting the ultimate costume can be a difficult feat; however with a pair of Halloween contact lenses you can make sure that your full costume looks completely lifelike. No matter the unique costume that you’re trying to recreate, we can offer you a pair of special contact lenses that can fit the character perfectly.

Choosing Character Contact Lenses

Making a decision for character contact lenses doesn’t need to be difficult. With this page it’s as simple as entering your desired character choice into the search bar above, or using our quick links. We stock hundreds of styles of costume contact lenses so you’re bound to find the perfect style to match your Cosplay.

Are we missing a character? Is our search bar not providing helpful results? Please contact our affiliate’s team directly with your new suggestions. They’re regularly dealing with Cosplayers and makeup artists, so they will easily be able to offer you advice.

Find Your Character Contact Lenses. Take Our Quiz!

As well as using the search field above, you can also find the perfect costume contacts for your next fancy dress by taking one of our Quiz's! Depending on the occasion or the character we will have a specific quiz that will narrow down the perfect pair of lenses to recreate the character's epic eye color. Are you ready to take the quiz for yourself? 

If you're ready for the Spooky season you simply must view our Horror Contact Lenses Quiz! Packed to the brim with costume contact lens ideas for Halloween and horror characters there really is no better way to find the perfect pair of lenses. Simply choose your beloved horror movie start, your contact lens requirements and we'll provide you with a selection of recommendations for your look. Take the quiz here.

Are you attending a fancy dress party of Cosplay convention? Finding the perfect pair of contact lenses to fit your character outfit doesn't need to be a difficult task. With our Character Contact Lenses Quiz we can gather a bespoke collection of Cosplay contact lenses recommendations to suit your specific outfit and eye requirements. From movie to anime characters, find the perfect lenses and take our quiz here.

Fancy Dress Character Contact Lenses

In order to provide you with the easiest shopping experience, we stock a wide and diverse range of costume colored contact lenses that can create almost any desired look. You can use this page if you’re starting to narrow styles for the following ranges:

When searching for a character costume to recreate, colored contacts are usually chosen as accessories for either Halloween or Cosplay costumes. Although each of these types of lenses is vastly different, the various styles that are native to the characters can be used for character styles to co-exist with each category.

Where To Buy Halloween Character Contact Lenses

If you’re looking for a pair of FDA Approved Halloween Contact Lenses or costume contacts no prescription for a specific outfit, be sure to have a look through this page. Each year the top and most popular October “costume” changes; but if you want to stay one step ahead of the masses, be sure to use this page to find popular character styled contacts. Some of the most popular searched for Halloween contacts that you can find on our website can be found below:

These are just a few of our styles and available on our website. Make sure to use this character costume search page to find where to buy colored contacts that will exactly fit your look.

Where Sells Anime Cosplay Contact Lenses

If you’re attending a Cosplay convention or just want to create a fancy dress outfit that mimics your favourite anime and manga character, be sure to search here for anime character contact lenses. At Coloured Contacts we offer an extensive range of cosplay lenses that can perfectly replicate the look of niche manga characters or kawaii styles.

Depending on the type of character that you are trying to Cosplay, we can provide you with a pair of realistic contact lenses that offer the likeness of the source material. One example of this is our Darth Maul Cosplay contact lenses. Their pure and vibrant color pigments and colorful material composition make these cosplay lenses are perfect choice for anyone looking for a Star Wars Sith Lord Cosplay.  But these aren’t the only styles and ranges we offer. If you need Cosplay accessory advice, check out Characters you can recreate below:

  • BNHA / My Hero Academia Cosplay Contact Lenses
  • Naruto Character Contact Lenses
  • Attack On Titan Cosplay Contact Lenses
  • Nanatsu No Taizai Character Contact Lenses
  • Comic Book Cosplay Contacts
  • World Of Warcraft Character Cosplay
  • Tokyo Ghoul Contact Lenses

As well as these iconic ranges, it’s easy to recreate your Cosplay to create a cute kawaii look. With many anime and manga style characters having enlarged eyes with obscure and vibrant eye colors, you can recreate these looks for yourself using circle contact lenses. Our circle contacts are available in sizes exceeding 14mm diameter which will give you the appearance of an enlarged iris.

Have you got a character look in mind? Or are you a regular Cosplayer? Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily find your ultimate lenses for your next look!