Our Yellow Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

Curious about yellow contact lenses? Check out our affiliates' pictures to see how they style designs such as Yellow Avatar, Yellow Cat Eye, and Yellow UV for inspiration!


Our Yellow Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

Looking to create a look with yellow eyes? Want to see what our yellow contact lenses look like in action? This selection of affiliate images is sure to give you an idea of just how good our colored contact lenses look in an outfit or costume. There are so many characters with yellow eyes that you could bring to life through makeup looks and Cosplay.

If you want creepy yellow eyes for Halloween, then you are sure to get some inspiration from some of these makeup looks which feature a yellow eye color. We have worked with some truly talented artists who have created many cool styles with our yellow contacts. If you want to become a creature that lurks in darkness with glowing yellow eyes, then make sure to try out some of our UV lenses that can glow with the use of a blacklight.

yellow iris eye color can be found in a huge array of beastly beings. Horror movies and many TV shows are full of monsters with scary eyes whose look can be recreated with a pair of colored contacts. Here are some of the scarier creatures that we have seen created that have a yellow iris eye:

  • Valak Demon Eyes
  • Pennywise Eyes
  • Mad Hatter Eyes
  • Na’vi Avatar Eyes
  • Mystique Eyes
  • Grinch Eyes

As you can see from the list here, and the featured images above there are so many creatures with yellow eyes that you could start planning your costume for. You will look like its come straight from a Hollywood film set if you pull off a costume complete with our yellow eye contacts. Check out all the ways that you could pull off a costume that features big yellow eyes above.

Many of our blogs features detail further how you can put a pair of yellow contacts to good use. Check out our blog section that is solely dedicated to work focused on yellow eye contact lenses.

Cosplay with Anime Yellow Eyed Characters

There is plenty of our contact lens styles suited to recreating some of the iconic anime yellow eyes that you see in all kinds of famous characters. Cosplay is all about the attention to detail, so it’s definitely worth matching your eye color to that of the character you are creating. Are you in need of some costume inspiration for your favorite character? Here are some anime characters with yellow eyes that you could start looking at adding a pair of contacts to:

  • Mitsuki from Boruto
  • Genos from One Punch Man
  • Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia
  • Ichigo from Bleach
  • Ryuk from Death Note

In all kinds of novels, series and histories of eye tropes, you’ll find that yellow eyes mythology points towards supernatural and magical beings. Why not Cosplay creatures such as genies, kitsune and tricksters? All of these are reported to have had natural golden yellow eyes, as this was an indication of their supernatural nature.

Yellow Animal Eyes

If you want to replicate the look of animal yellow eyes, there are so many styles available to help you achieve a wild look. Most of our products feature a black vertical pupil design that really stands out over the yellow iris. We find that yellow cat eyes are also a popular pick when it comes to changing the color of your iris to yellow.

If you want to achieve a level of feline finesse in your next cat costume then adding some cat yellow eyes is sure to help. We think you’ll love seeing how our yellow cat eye contacts look when worn. Some designs are prism-ballast weighted, so the design can self-right in your eyes. An ideal option for werewolves, wolf eyes or even Cheshire Cat eyes!

There are plenty of other animal style yellow eyes that you could try out with our contact lenses. Other yellow-eyed animals that could use contact lenses to bring to life with makeup and costume include:

  • Yellow Owl Eyes
  • Yellow Goat Eyes
  • Yellow Snake Eyes
  • Yellow Tiger Eyes

Inspired by one of our yellow eyed monsters? You can pick up your own pair of yellow lenses here, or for an idea of how the lenses will look on your eyes you can go and try out our Virtual Mirror feature so you can see what you will look like with a yellow iris. There are so many shades and styles available; it’s all too easy to try out some of our lenses to create characters with gold eye colors.

If you have pictures of yourself wearing yellow contacts, then make sure to let us know! We are always looking to feature the work of talented artists and individuals. Please find more information on our affiliate scheme and see how you could get your yellow-eyed look featured right in our gallery above.

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