Our Before and After Pictures

Welcome to our Colored Contacts Before and After gallery, which showcases the dramatic effects that you can enjoy from our growing range of natural colored contact lenses. See dazzling transformations with our lenses from a huge range of happy customers, influencers and affiliates.

Before and After

Our Before and After Pictures

We’re so pleased to bring you our amazing before and after gallery featuring real-life imagery of our contact lenses being worn by real people. You’ll find a great range of image types including professional models in studios to customers at home with a selfie camera! The variety of lighting, angles, distance from the camera and model shown here can really help to show the final look of the lenses. Now we have paired pictures of the natural eye color with the finished result you can easily note the before and after colored contacts transformation with your own eyes.

The finished visual effect of a colored contact lens can vary greatly depending on a huge number of factors. The most influential factor in a colored contact lens is the natural eye color of the user; especially when the color is dark and overpowering. To help you more accurately select the best colored contacts for you we’ve compiled this picture gallery so you see the visual transformations for yourself. Find the best color to cover up (or enhance) your current natural shade.

With each picture, you can see the model, their eye color and a link to the product (subject to availability). If you see a model with a similar eye color to your own then why not visit their profile and see all the pictures they have been featured in wearing our colored lenses? We’re sure that you’ll find an eye before contact lens change color to match your look exactly. If you do visit a profile, make sure to show the influencer or artist a bit of love by checking out their socials.

Before & After: For Dark Eyes

We’re always asked for advice on how to shop for colored contacts when you have dark brown eyes. It’s completely understandable that you want to get the correct look for you. Now, thanks to some incredible pictures, we’re able to show you colored contacts for dark eyes before and after. In each picture, we’ve made sure to provide the user’s natural eye color so that you can see the finished transformation. Watch as some of our best natural contacts easily cover up dark eyes and totally transform the final look of the iris. You’ll discover shades you didn’t think were possible!

We’ve given you an incredible range of shots of colored contacts for brown eyes before and after so you can get a real sense of variety from our products. You’ll find that so many of our products are suited for the job of giving you both color and coverage. If you’d rather visit our product pages than see our models then please make sure to visit our Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes sections which include the best contact lenses to buy if you’re looking for coverage of your darker eyes. The lenses featured here have been handpicked to ensure you are getting the best products for you.

However, it can also be important to check out the effects of Colored Contacts for Light Eyes section. Sometimes the most pigmented and bright lenses do not have the same effect when worn on a lighter iris such as blue or green. As always, it’s best to check the pictures, diagrams and our recommendations, to make sure that you are selecting the very best contact lenses for you. You’ll need to take everything into account to make sure you are achieving the finished natural effect that you are hoping for. 

Before & After Eye Colors

We’ve got you covered when it comes to all of the different natural color transformations. Thanks to our before and after natural contact lens pictures you’ll be able to find pictures for all the following colors across our range of natural styles:

  • Before & After Blue Contact Lenses
  • Before & After Green Contact Lenses
  • Before & After Grey Contact Lenses
  • Before & After Hazel Brown Contact Lenses

Whether you’ve light eyes or dark eyes, you’ll be able to compare your eye color with the real-life photo of the model and the picture. The most searched comparison is before and after blue contacts on dark eyes so we’ve made sure to include plenty of examples for your reference. A bright blue natural eye color atop dark brown eyes can seem an impossible feat but as some of our pictures show there are options out there without going for a fully opaque lens. With the products featured, you’ll see that the after shot depicts a natural look whilst maintaining the full coverage.

If you would like to contribute an image to our contact lens before and after gallery then please do contact us. We love sharing the experiences of customers and showing others just how good our colored contacts look when worn. You can submit a picture to us through one of our socials or tag us for the chance to be featured on our pages such as Instagram or TikTok. Share your transformation with the world and help others to select the perfect contact lenses for their wants and needs.

Before and After