Our Brown Eye Contacts Pictures

Fancy switching your eye colour to brown? Check out our awesome affiliates for inspiration on makeup styles that are sure to look great with your new brown eyes and take a look at our lenses in action.


Our Brown Eye Contacts Pictures

Whenever you are purchasing items online you want to build up a full picture of the product you are purchasing, right? With the Coloured Contacts gallery pages, you can see our lenses being worn by our affiliates so you can get a true idea of how they may look on your eyes. Our affiliates create a huge range of makeup looks, providing plenty of inspiration and also have a range of natural eye colors meaning you will be able to see exactly how they may cover your natural eye tone too!

Our brown eye contacts are popular with people who would like to try out a darker eye color but we also see plenty of affiliates with naturally brown eyes using these lenses as light brown contacts on dark brown eyes to give them a different shade. Some of the most popular shades include hazel, light brown, and chocolate brown so as you can see there are plenty of variations to consider.

Shades Of Brown Contact Lenses

If you want to transform your eye color for a fun everyday change or special occasion you are probably looking for natural brown contact lenses. Lucky for you, we have plenty of affiliates who love to show off our brown contact lenses.

If you see a style you like in any of our gallery sections, click on the picture to be taken directly to the product. Here are some of the brown eye shades you could choose from:

  • Honey Brown Eye Contacts: This light shade of brown is a popular choice for lightening dark brown eyes. The blend of brown and golden tones is sure to put the sparkle back in your eyes. This shade is great for pairing with glamour makeup styles.
  • Hazel Contact Lenses: Hazel contacts feature a similar theme to the honey colored lenses but are slightly darker. The light shade of brown is more natural than golden, giving a soft yet bright iris tone. Hazel lenses are sometimes infused with green tones or darker brown shades.
  • Chocolate Brown Contact Lenses: This is the darkest shade of brown in our collection. This rich shade is sure to entice people wanting to try brown lenses to transform their light eye color. The intense tone will give you the ultimate experience of having dark brown eyes.
  • Brown Contact Lenses: The most natural shade of brown is in between the chocolate and hazel tones. This shade comes in a variety of styles including One Tone, Two Tone and Tri Tone. For the most natural look, we recommend the Tri Tone lenses. This style features the most detailed iris with an overall brown shade, enhanced by color flecks and dark limbal ring.

As you can see the lens styles cover a big range of shades, meaning the results will vary depending on your natural eye color. Brown contact lenses are one of the best shades for covering any natural eye color.

If you would like to see how brown contact lenses look on people with naturally dark eye colors we recommend checking out our affiliates @jassilallmua and @makeup_by_rups. Both these talented MUAs use our brown contacts to lighten their naturally dark eye colors in a range of natural and SFX looks.

If you are looking for brown contact lenses for blue eyes then check out @en_angie and @sajalyn to see how our contact lenses look on lighter eyes colors. You will love how quickly and easily you can transform your eye color. We especially recommend taking a look at Sajalyn’s before and after picture to see the full effect.

Using Natural Brown Contact Lenses For Costumes

While most of our brown eye contact lenses are worn for natural makeup looks, some of our affiliates love to experiment with SFX makeup. Changing your eye color to brown can give you a perfect dark and mysterious gaze, which is ideal for your Halloween characters and SFX looks.

Another popular choice for using colored contacts is to create cosplay looks. If your character has a different eye color to yours then that’s no problem! Simply add a pair of brown contact lenses to your costume and you will soon be looking like the double of your favourite character. One of the reasons our lenses are so popular with cosplayers is that the lenses we stock are soft, making them the best colored contacts brand for wearing to an all-day event.

Types Of Brown Eye Contact Lenses

You may already know which shade of contact lens you would like to try but did you know there are some other factors to consider? For example, do you need brown contact lenses prescription? Our range of prescription lenses is always increasing, giving you plenty of options for styles. Choose the power of each lens to ensure you have an accurate match, and enjoy clear vision.

If you do not require a prescription then be sure to browse our range of brown eye contacts non prescription. These lenses will provide you with color coverage over the iris but are made as Plano lenses which means they have no prescription.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices to make when it comes to selecting your brown eye contacts which is why we are so excited to share pictures from our talented affiliates with you. Get an up-close view of our lenses before you buy or visit our gallery pages for makeup inspiration.

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