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Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

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Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

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Prescription Contact Lenses
Blue Rain Tri Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
3 for 2 Multibuy
Blue Rain Tri Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Prescription Contact Lenses
Violet Two Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
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Violet Two Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Prescription Contact Lenses
Light Brown Two Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)
3 for 2 Multibuy
Light Brown Two Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses (90 Day)

Need a prescription to wear contact lenses? Always wanted to try our funky contact lenses? Well, our range of prescription colored contact lenses allows you to wear a huge range of awesome styles catered to your very own eye prescription. When you shop online with Coloured Contacts, you can pick up both crazy costume lenses as well as your very own natural effect prescribed color contact lenses. These lenses make it possible for even more customers to enjoy an ultimate eye color transformation.

If you’re wondering ‘can you get coloured contacts for prescription?’, then we’re delighted to say that you’ve found the site where you can do just that! Our selection of lenses covers ever unique style and taste with everything from freaky Halloween looks to beautiful blue eye blinkers! By picking up prescription colored contact lenses for dark eyes, you can switch up your natural iris color in the blink of an eye.

The beauty of our colored prescription contacts is that they appeal to a huge variety of wearers. We’ve seen Cosplays brought to life, natural eye colors transformed and Halloween fancy dress costumes made that little bit more terrifying! By providing our customers with the option to shop colored contacts cheap with both non-prescriptive and prescriptive lenses opens up a whole new range of possibilities. What new lens styles will you come up with? We’re very excited to find out!

Prescription Colored Contact Lenses For Less

Here at Coloured Contacts, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality lenses with the most unique designs. We can assure both prospective and returning customer that we stock one of the best ranges of cheap prescription colored contact lenses online. We’ve had plenty of positive reviews where customers have had a hugely positive experience with our daily colored contact lenses, both through the visual effect and general comfort during use.

The quality of our lenses is down to the high quality of materials used, as well as the up-to-regulation manufacture of prescription colored contacts. The lenses themselves are breathable and are made from polyhema, which is a high-quality and lightweight material. The stunning designs and bright colors are achieved through strong pigments and bold lens colorings. It is this awesome pigmentation process which allows our prescription colored contact lenses to cover up dark, and even brown natural eye colors.

Putting in a pair of colored contact lenses with prescription is just as easy as a regular pair! We urge all customers to follow included instructions on both lens boxes and solution set instructions, to ensure that the lens insertion and removal is a safe and stable process. Your eye health and condition should be the pinnacle of importance so always be vigilant when it comes to creating a clean and hygienic environment. Wearing color contact lenses should be all kinds of fun, but most importantly, safe!

We’re confident in saying that our style selection, lens quality and contacts know-how rivals the likes of Boots and Specsavers. We’ve had many years experience in dealing with contact lenses, and strive to make sure that both your online user experience and your eventual lens experience is both positive and safe. If you’re determined to find the very best prescription colored contact lenses, then you can’t go far wrong when you pick up a pair of our lenses.

Did you know that we also offer a neat variety of lens wear durations? As well as the one-off daily wear lenses for parties and fancy dress; you can easily invest in long duration eye contacts that can be used for up to one year. If you’ve got a busy social calendar planned ahead, or want to make contact lenses part of your everyday get-up, then make sure to check out some of our 90-day ranges.

The Best Place To Buy Colored Prescription Contacts Online

Found your new favourite style of colored lenses but disappointed that they’re only available as non prescription colored contacts? Well keep a look out, with the handy prescription lenses button on the product page you can be taken instantly to the product’s prescription equivalent. There, you can select from different strengths of lenses – you can even choose varying strengths for each eye!

Before purchasing any pairs of our colored contact lenses, we always recommend that our customers visit an optician or eye care specialist. Even if you’re eyeing up a pair of Halloween prescription contact lenses for one night only, it is always recommended that you check your eye suitability and that you do not have any eye conditions, which would make you an unsuitable candidate for our lenses. US Customers should also be aware of the Rx verification system which is used to validate any customer purchases of both non prescription and prescription colored contacts from America. Each order must be verified by an optician, as the selling of lenses is classed as selling a medical device. As well as the FDA-approval rating, this system ensures that customers can feel safe shopping with us online.

Not only can customers shop color contact lenses UK, but our shipping and delivery options extend as far as the United States! We offer competitive prices for speedy and efficient postage, so if you’re buying lenses for an upcoming event or simply just for October 31st, there will be a delivery option to get your prescription colored contact lenses Halloween to you in time!

If you’re feeling left out of the colored contacts craze due to having a prescription, then you’ll be delighted to hear that our colored contacts prescription lenses have both short-sighted and long-sighted customers in mind. Suitable for every occasion, duration and now prescription, we want to ensure that all situations and tastes are catered for with our contact lens ranges. With plenty of options available, we think it’ll be difficult not to find your perfect pair of lenses. 

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