Ultra Violet (UV) Contact Lenses


Ultra Violet (UV) Contact Lenses


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Our UV contact lenses are perfect for party people who love to shine! These unusual eye accessories are a great way to stand out from the crowd and are ideal for ravers who like nothing more than to party the night away under a UV black light. Not only do our ultraviolet contact lenses look great under a UV blacklight, but you can still rock the look in the daytime for a change of eye color without the glow.

Are UV contact lenses glow in the dark?

UV contact lenses are not glow in the dark lenses. This is a common misconception but UV lenses will only glow under UV blacklight. They cannot be ‘charged up’ and they will not glow in darkness or at night. Please make sure you have read all the details about UV contact lenses before purchasing as you may want to purchase a UV light in order to show off the glow of your contact lenses.

Our ultraviolet contact lenses are available in wear durations of 1 day, 30 days, and 90 days as well as a range of colors. Here are just a few of the colors we offer:

  • White UV contact lenses
  • Red UV contact lenses
  • Green UV contact lenses
  • Pink UV contact lenses

Some of these colors are available as Cat Eye lenses with a vertical pupil – perfect for enhancing any reptilian or feline cosplay.

We also offer a range of prescription UV glow contact lenses so that you can enjoy the effect of the UV glow under blacklight paired with clear vision.

It is important to note that the color of the lenses under UV blacklight may differ from the color in daylight light. For example, yellow lenses may appear to have a green tint to the glow while red lenses may have a pink or orange tone, depending on your natural eye color. However, one thing is certain; the glow effect looks super cool no matter what the color. 

How do UV contact lenses work?

UV glow contact lenses work under UV backlight. These colored contacts are easily confused with glow in the dark effects but UV contacts do need to be under a UV blacklight in order to give the glow effect. If you are a makeup artist who regularly uses this style it may be worth investing in a UV blacklight, whether that is as a torch or overhead lighting in order to take pictures of your lenses glowing. 

UV contact lenses are also a popular choice if you are heading out to a party or event that has UV lighting. Are you a scare actor at a haunted house or do you know a local club that has UV lighting on the dancefloor? A UV contact lens can be used for both scary Halloween effects and fun party outfits.  

Can contact lenses glow?

Thanks to special paint pigments that have been tested and are completely safe for use in colored contact lenses, we can produce ultraviolet contact lenses that give an eerie luminous glow when under UV blacklight. The color of the lenses will determine how vibrant the glow is. For example, UV white contact lenses give a much brighter glow than UV Violet Contact Lenses but all the lenses in our UV i-Glow range do glow under UV blacklight.

Are UV Glow contact lenses safe?

UV glow contacts have undergone the relevant standard safety checks that all our colored contacts products go through and have the same certification. They have been submitted to the same rigorous testing and quality control as every natural and costume style of contact lenses.

To make sure you safely use your Colored Contact Lenses make sure to visit our Care Guides for tips on using and maintaining your colored contacts.

Are UV contact lenses worth it?

While you may need to purchase a UV blacklight with your UV contact lens, we definitely think it is worth it to get the cool glowing effect that you will see when these ultraviolet lenses are under UV blacklight. The UV lenses can be more expensive than other costume colored contacts but if you are specifically looking for lenses that give the glow effect then they are worth the investment. If you choose any of the re-usable contact lenses you will be able to re-wear your contact lenses as long as they are stored correctly between uses – perfect for scare actors to see you through the Halloween season or cosplayers who regularly attend conventions.

Whether you opt for a classic Halloween costume with the UV white contacts or want to party the night away with the funky pink UV contacts, you are sure to enjoy the cool effects of these specialist SFX colored contact lenses. Just remember, in daylight you can enjoy a solid color to your iris and under UV blacklight only you will see the awesome glowing effect.

Want to see how our contact lenses UV look in action? Our affiliates have tested out these lenses with their incredible makeup looks under UV blacklight so head to our gallery to see the UV lenses worn by our makeup artists. These lenses look especially cool when paired with UV bodypaint or hair dye for a full glowing effect under UV blacklight.

If you aren’t going to be under UV lighting then you may prefer to try some of our equivalent costume styles such as White Halloween, Green Witch, Blue Super Sky, and Yellow Cat Eye. However, if you are planning a big event under UV blacklight then this is a super cool way to stand out from the crowd and complete your makeup.

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