Halloween SFX Makeup Ideas With Pictures

Can't decide on your next Halloween costume? Browse pictures from our awesome affiliates featuring Halloween colored contacts for inspiration and see our lenses in action. Including our most classic Halloween styles.


Halloween SFX Makeup Ideas With Pictures

One of the most popular times of year to add a pair of coloured contact lenses to your look is Halloween. Every year we see a huge range of imaginative Halloween looks from our affiliates and customers so we have put them all in one place to help you get Halloween SFX makeup ideas for your next costume.

From classic zombies and witches to creepy creatures from the underworld, there is no end to the characters you could dress up as when you try out Halloween SFX Makeup. Our talented affiliate makeup artists have created all kinds of gory monsters and horror ghouls so be sure to check out the pictures for more inspiration. We also love to see your cosplays of popular characters such as Pennywise the Clown and Valak the Nun.

Here are some of our top classic Halloween makeup looks, as featured by our affiliates:

  • Zombie
  • Demon
  • Clown
  • Monster
  • Skeleton
  • Vampire
  • Angel

We have broken down the Halloween makeup ideas into different categories so you can see your options. If you are feeling creative you could even blend several of these styles together.

Gory Special Effects Makeup

If you are squeamish then this category may not be for you! Our incredible affiliates have mastered the skills to create realistic fake injuries and gory mutations. Using prosthetics and fake blood, you will be amazed at the looks you can create. You will need the patience to blend your look together but with a little practice, you will soon be creating your own gory special effects makeup. @rubymediamakeup is sure to inspire you when it comes to gory special effects.

If you are looking for a way to quickly create a gory look then why not buy a ready-made prosthetics kit? All this easy SFX requires is some makeup glue and face paint to create your gruesome injury or mutation. Add a pair of Halloween contact lenses and you are sure to be ready for your fancy dress party.

Whether you love to trick or treat, or will be heading to a party this year, fake blood is a must when it comes to Halloween costumes. This is the easiest way to create your own zombie scary Halloween makeup. You can rely on your creepy contact lenses to help you complete your zombie transformation. Choose from zombie infection styles and classic Halloween white out designs. Our affiliates have plenty of tips on the different types of fake blood you could use.

Alternative Halloween Makeup Ideas

Not every SFX look has to be ultra-gory. It is possible to use pretty Halloween makeup ideas to create a spooky look. Why not try a skull style, or opt for your favourite pop culture character? In among all the ghouls and monsters, you could buck the trend with a supervillain costume or skeleton.

Many of our affiliates choose sugar skull inspired Day Of The Dead makeup, such as @r.m.mua. Using a brightly coloured pair of contact lenses to match your makeup colour scheme can help give you the perfect skeleton stare. Top choices for this style include favourites from our classic Halloween collection such as Black Out, White Zombie or White Manson.

Animal SFX Halloween Makeup

If you want to take your SFX Halloween makeup even further then why not consider an animal style? At Coloured Contacts we stock a range of lenses that feature a vertical pupil. These freaky cat eye contacts can help you create your own demon or help you achieve a reptilian look. Some of the animals you could try cosplaying include cats, snakes, frogs and dragons. Take a look at @itskittykel’s demon style for inspiration or @margo.horror_beauty’s cool reptile makeup.

If you want to stick with the Halloween theme then be sure to browse our werewolf lenses. This style has been used by our affiliates to create a range of cool Halloween makeup. We have seen everything from sea creatures by @fancymay_makeup to demons such as the look by @zoe_artistsharvest! These brightly coloured lenses feature black detailing around the outer ring to create the wolf-like style. These scary SFX makeup ideas are perfect for trying out at Halloween parties.

Block Colour Halloween Contact Lenses

The best scary Halloween makeup ideas often come with the simple contact lens designs. Single colour lenses such as White Halloween, Black Halloween and Red Blood are often featured by our affiliates. In particular, black contact lenses are great for completely covering the colour of your iris. Blending in with the black colour of your pupil, these contact lenses are a popular choice for Halloween fancy dress.

If you want to try out the most iconic colour for Halloween then we would recommend taking a look at red contact lenses. Our affiliates have created all kinds of creepy demons using these lenses. For the best Halloween makeup why not try pairing red makeup or fake blood with your costume?

The final style on our list, which has proved a popular choice year after year is pop art zombies. If you are looking for examples then be sure to check out @ladyparadoxx, @courtneyleighhollins and @jassilallmua. This fun style blends the bright colours of pop art with spooky zombie looks. These often feature a torn skin effect, to reveal blood and bones beneath. In fact, the torn skin makeup effect is definitely a makeup style worth trying, if you are looking for new Halloween makeup ideas.

As you can see when it comes to Halloween makeup ideas, there are so many different directions you could choose. Our affiliates keep inventing new monsters, each one more creative and terrifying than the last! Whether you want to try out your own character or have been inspired by one of our affiliates, we bet you are ready to try your own Halloween SFX makeup.


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