Our Purple Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

Purple eyes are a super fun way to switch up your everyday look, Cosplay, or costume. Check out these pictures of our affiliates using our purple colored contacts to complete all kinds of cool looks!


Our Purple Eyes Contact Lens Pictures

As you can see from our purple eye contacts gallery page, we offer a wide variety of violet eye contacts that can inspire new films, photography, cosplay costumes, Halloween costumes and a variety of other projects as well. These unique lenses offer excellent coverage of an individual’s natural eye color so that any theatrical, scary, or unique look can be created.

When photographers, producers, costume directors,Coloured Contacts affiliates and individuals like you have accessibility to our unique eye color changing contacts, anyone will be able to achieve every look they could possibly imagine! Consider the following ideas as inspiration for your next project or costume creation: 

  • Become a Jaguar of any color with piercing violet eyes using our Violet Purple Jaguar Color Contact Lenses. Piercing, unique and excellent for photoshoots or film, affiliates and artists of all genres will adore these beauties.
  • Transform your look to become Spyro, just like our affiliate @_Samanthahug. Using our Purple Lenses, Samantha took her Spyro cosplay look to the next level while celebrating the release of the new game.
  • Pull off an everyday look with our purple two tone lenses, as pictured on our Instagram. Our affiliate @lindsayh_model rocks them with purple hair and an everyday outfit and looks stunning! Perfect for the office, date night or a night out dancing, these purple lenses can go everywhere. Scroll through our Instagram photo gallery @colouredcontacts for more sweet pics!
  • Violet lenses of all shades can transform a spooky look. Think demons, vampires, wicked witches, skeletons and more; all of which can be accomplished by pairing a colorful contact with talented makeup artists and visual designers. Combined with color matching hair these contact lenses are sure to offer a jaw dropping look.
  • Butterflies, unicorns, and fairies are all beautiful creatures that can rock purple contacts. Whether you are creating these looks for film or photography, we have over 16 different purple inspired lenses that could meet your needs. Our affiliates everywhere are transforming what seems to be a simple purple contact into fantasy looks galore! Who knew so many looks could be accomplished with purple lenses?!
  • Last but not least, the goth look. It is known for being dark and dramatic. Sometimes a hint of dark purple or two tone violet and black eye color can add a little extra to an otherwise all black look. Think of the mixing and matching of eye colors that could be accomplished with our purple lens selection.

Purple Contact Lenses for All Occasions

The purple coloured contacts gallery page is one of your many sources for inspiration, but we also have tips, tricks and costume ideas provided for you on our blog as well. When it comes to utilizing colorful lenses for your next project, photoshoot, artwork, cosplay costume or event, know that we are here to support you and to inspire your greatest creations. With that being said, our affiliates and their followers are loving the following lenses as their go-to purple eye contact lenses for a variety of occasions and projects.

  • Dark Purple Contacts - One of our top dark purple eye contacts is the Venus Colored Contact Lenses. They look as if a dark purple sun is being illuminated around your iris with a bold black border surrounding it. Our affiliates love this look with some inspirational makeup and a bold hair color, it’s an excellent look for a night out on the town.
  • Violet Eye Colour -  Violet eye color is an attractive look for everyday use, which is why our Violet Rose Tri Tone Colored Contact Lenses are a hit with makeup artists and everyday contact lens users too. Violet Lens for your eyes are unique but without drawing too much attention, making it perfect for the office and unique projects too.
  • Purple Halloween Contacts - Purple Halloween contacts are a must for wicked witch costumes, vampires and several other spooky costumes. One of our top Halloween costume contacts is our Purple Violet UV I-Glow Colored Contact Lenses. They are FDA approved with an ultra violet glow that will shine with the assistance of black light. Imagine these beauties at your next Halloween or dance party.
  • Purple Prescription Contacts- Purple prescription contacts are a must for folks who want to create a colorful and dazzling costume or make-up looks but are in need of corrective enhancements! Here at Coloured Contacts, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of purple prescription contacts. Our go-to selection of violet or purple lenses with prescription includes our Violet Two Tone Colored Prescription Contact Lenses with a 90-day duration! How many affiliate inspired looks can you accomplish in that timeframe?!

Say Hello to Purple Lenses and Goodbye to Boring Looks

That’s right, you don’t have to worry about having a traditional eye look like all of your peers or competing artists or affiliates. You and your team have decided to make the jump and purchase purple contact lenses that will surely make your personal look, movie, or photoshoot, etc. stand out from the rest. 

No matter which purple style you have chosen, we know that our circle contact lenses will meet your visual needs along with your aesthetic desires. Whether you chose a 1 day lens or 1 year lens, you will surely be pleased with our high-quality products. We hope to see you come back for more after you have had time to experiment with these purple beauties, see you soon!

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