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The best colored contacts for dark brown eyes may be difficult to find on other sites. Sometimes the dark color can be seen through the contacts, but at Coloured Contacts you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our lenses for dark eyes. We will help you select the best lenses by only recommending contacts with vibrant blocks of pigmentation. When it comes to colored contacts for brown eyes you will have plenty of options. You can find the most natural colored contacts for dark eyes in a variety of colors.

If natural looking contacts aren’t your thing, we have some awesome Halloween contact lenses suitable for any fancy dress party or cosplay event. You can spend days or even weeks finding and making the perfect costume but your look will be lacking without some Halloween contacts. If you’re looking for a scary night with a stand out style then add some of our glow in the dark contacts and everyone will remember how great you looked while staring through the night. Truly terrifying!

Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

Our colored contact lenses are easy to use and come in a variety of durations so if you only want to use the opaque contact lenses for dark eyes once for an event then you can buy the 1-day options. If you’re looking at a more frequent change of color then our 90-day or 1-year options are available.

It can be shocking how much difference eye color has on how you look. Dark brown eyes are the most common color so you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to swap to something a little more interesting which is why we carefully select the best colored contacts for brown eyes.

We recommend our Tri Tone lenses as the best natural lenses for covering your dark eyes. They feature a different color to the limbal ring and inner ring to create a realistic finish and to help blend with your brown eyes. The main iris colors features a strong pigmentation to make sure your new shade is vibrant. You can compare the colored contacts for dark eyes before and after to see the results. Head to our virtual mirror, upload a selfie and start trying on as many lenses as you desire.

With such a range of options now open to you. It may be a little overwhelming to think about what non prescriptioncolored contacts for brown eyes you should use to begin. Here are a few of the great options available to you:

  • Blue eye contacts – These are the lightest of the natural looking eye colors. Possible options include the blue two tone and tri tone, and blue solar which all provide different shades. The former being the lightest and the latter the darkest. There are also aqua contacts if you wanted to add a green hue to your blue contacts.
  • Hazel Eye Contacts – If you want to make your new look more subtle in terms of color change then the best option would be the hazel contact lenses. These feature a much lighter brown color that could be likened to a dark yellow. Again they come in one tone and tri tone so you can decide how pronounced the color appears in your eyes. These are the best colored lenses for dark eyes if you are looking to enhance your natural shade.
  • Green Eye Contacts – Often natural green eyes can be dull in color but these green colored contacts are more vibrant while not being so pronounced as to look completely unnatural. The tri tone of this color features small amounts of brown to provide that natural look of an iris. You can also swap between a natural green and a bright green for parties, to really stand out.
  • UV Contacts – If you’re going to a club or rave then these contacts will be a great option for you. These contacts glow under UV lighting which is sure to be fun at parties. Whether you want to impress or just make it easier for your friends to find you in the crowd, they will all keep an eye out for your awesome look.
  • Mini Sclera Contacts – These contacts have a wider iris that covers part of your pupil and sclera, with a solid color to provide that dilated eye look. These opaque colored contacts are great for Halloween events or cosplay costumes that provide that creepy look of a hungry zombie or evil demon.

Shop Colored Contact Lenses with Colored Contacts UK

When it comes to colored contact lenses for dark eyes then the combination of low prices and great quality makes us an unbeatable source for the best colored contacts brand. You can feel comfortable knowing that these contacts are FDA-approved. If that isn’t enough comfort for you, the lightweight and breathable materials will provide you will all the comfort you need.

Whether you’re looking for natural or novelty lenses you can find the best designs. Longer duration contacts are perfect for natural eye contacts so you can change your eye color on a more permanent basis. If long term isn’t for you then daily colored contact lenses for dark eyes UK are available for most of our colors.

Coloured Contacts works hard to make sure that only the highest quality manufacturing process is used for our contact lenses. So try a new style and cover your brown eyes with our best colored contacts lenses for dark eyes. Our online store is waiting for you to explore today.