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Get a new standout look with a pair of orange contact lenses. This bright eye color is sure to look amazing in any Halloween costume and fancy dress outfit. A pair of orange colored contact lenses is a popular Cosplay accessory, as you can copy the eye color of all your favourite characters and creations. Orange is a shade that’s sure to stand out, so why not upgrade your look today?

If you’ve been browsing for ways to get orange eyes contact lenses online, then you’ve found your perfect shop. Our collection of bright orange lenses are sure to please as their intricate detailing and bold coloration can make for some awesome costume and eye color transformations. Orange is a vibrant color for a contact lens, as it can bring a unique and alternative eye style to your look.

Are you ready to impress at your next event? Experience the feeling of what it’s like to grab the attention of an entire room in an instant. Slide on a set of bright orange contact lenses for your freakiest costume yet. You’ll definitely win the award for best dressed with these cosmetic contacts! If you’re in the costume planning stage for October 31st, then now is the time to pick yourself up a brand new pair of colored contact lenses.

Buy Orange Colored Contacts Online

Our orange contact lenses are perfect for creating great Cosplays and Halloween costumes, or simply for some eye-catching everyday makeup accessorizing. The versatility of orange colored lenses means they can be worn for a variety of different fancy dress looks including vampires, werewolves and other spooky creatures! Get your very own contacts now!

Wondering what ways you can put your horror contact lenses to good use? Here are some cool costume ideas that you could make even better with a pair of orange eyes. Prepare to scare with these spooky fancy dress ideas, get creative and stand out this Halloween:

  • Twilight Werewolf Contacts – become a creature of the night with glowing orange eyes!
  • Pennywise Outfits – scary clown costumes wouldn’t be complete without the contacts to match!
  • Count Dracula Vampire – a blood-sucking monster needs orange eyes to stand out in the dark!
  • Fire Breathing Dragons – turn up the heat on your dragon costume with some fiery orange eyes!

These ideas don’t have to be spooky and will make for great orange contact lenses Cosplay inspiration. Now that we’ve got you packed to the gills with styling ideas for orange contact lenses, it’s time to check out our range and pick your perfect pair! Orange is a hugely popular Halloween eye style, and there are plenty of specific orange eye contacts that will make your glare look even fiercer.

  • Orange Werewolf Contacts – one of our most popular orange eye styles, a pair of wolf contact lenses is sure to complete any wolfish style. Whether you pay homage to Jacob from Twilight or go for something a whole lot more horrific, you can be sure that orange werewolf contact lenses will help to nail a hellacious lycanthropic look.
  • Orange Cat Eye Contacts– cat contact lenses are a hugely popular type of contact lens as they can help to recreate the unique vertical pupil look of an animal eye. This feline style is perfect for all manners of animal costumes including cat, reptile, snake, crow or lizard. There is a huge number of cat eye colors available in our store.
  • Orange UV Contacts–these colored contacts will glow orange under a blacklight. Stand out from the crowd on any dance floor or October 31st bash. Team a pair of UV reactive wolf lenses with a ragged costume, fake fangs and for the truly brave, a realistic looking set of prosthetics to transform you into a wild and terrifying beast!
  • Orange Manson Contacts – this specific style is a popular pick for Halloween as it can fit with a huge variety of costume ideas. As well as monster styles and terrifying looks, this lens could make an ideal addition to any pumpkin-inspired costume – cute or creepy! This unique style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

With all of these incredible orange lens styles, it’s never been easier to morph into a haunting shape-shifter, spooky spirit or demonic devil! Just set yourself free to transform into a creature of the night that will give everyone a fright! Let your imagination and creativity soar while you explore. There are even more colors and styles in our Halloween Contact Lenses section that you have to check out.

You can also shop orange prescription contacts with us, as there are plenty of corrective Halloween styles available in our online. We are pleased to stock these awesome styles as it means even more customers can enjoy switching up their eye color. You can accurately pick the exact corrective strength that is required for your exact prescription.

Orange Contact Lenses Features and Styles

Coloured Contacts presents the most creative and vast range of orange eye lenses to suit all tastes, styles and occasions.With a great selection of designs from lenses featuring orange flames, orange dragon eye lenses and Eye of Sauron designs, our range of cosmetic contact lenses is sure to have the right pair for you.

You’ll find that each and every product in our orange contact lens range has all the features you would want from a safe and easy to use colored contact. Made from high-quality materials such as polyhema, these contacts are lightweight and breathable. This ensures extra comfort during prolonged wear, as the surface of the eye can easily keep itself hydrated.

The most important aesthetic feature that you’ll want to know about with our orange colored contact lenses is how the coloration will look on your eyes. If you are currently sporting naturally dark brown eyes, there’s a chance you’re uncertain about whether orange lenses will work for your eye color.The great thing about our vibrant orange contact lenses is that they are pigmented enough to transform any eye color; so if you're trying to go from brown eyes to orange or blue eyes to orange.

This range of high-quality opaque contact lenses is the ideal solution to achieve those amber eyes you desire. Our cosmetic lenses were made for dark eyes as well as light ones. We provide highly pigmented coverage that will completely obscure your natural hue. This coloration not only ensures coverage but allows a wonderful canvas for intricate eye designs and bold shades alike.

The beauty of shopping with Coloured Contacts is our variation in products. With our crazy contacts designs available in 1 Day, 90 Day or even 1 Year wear durations, you can have orange eyes for one night only, or flaunt that fiery stare again and again; perfect for Halloween, parties, Cosplay or festivals. Many customers opt for the single use contacts as they make for a perfect costume option - one daily use and you can dispose of the contacts easily!

Even if you are opting for one day orange Halloween contact lenses, we suggest that you make an appointment with an optometrist for an eye exam before purchasing any contact lenses. They can make sure your eyes are completely suitable for wearing lenses and advise on any further details you may require when purchasing these contact lenses online. If you are a US customer, you must complete the required Rx optician check before any contact lens purchase. But this is quick, easy with us doing all of the legwork for you!

Get Orange Eyes Contact Lenses

Do you need an exciting Halloween costume accessory that really freaks a party out? Your search ends with us. Whether you love to shock your friends, or just have a love for the paranormal and creepy, a pair of orange colored eye contacts are guaranteed to bring on the stares. You’ll have fun spooking anyone who dares to walk past you!

If you’re toying with the idea of Red Contact Lenses but also think Yellow Contact Lenses might also be for you, then we think orange amber contact lenses will be the perfect pick for you. Go ahead and flaunt those fiery eyes with our orange contact lenses. They’re sure to add a vibrant burst of color to any outfit. If you want the full effect, then we can’t recommend our orange UV contact lenses enough. They will glow under black light for an unnerving special effect.

Now you know everything you need to know about orange lenses, you’ll want to know more about the service we offer at Coloured Contacts. With our fast and speedy US delivery options, you’ll have lenses delivered in no time. The shipping costs are cheap and competitive so you won’t have to worry about spending too much on your postage. Everything is catered for when you shop online with us. The question is: which orange colored contact lenses will you try first?