If you’re looking for Joker contact lenses to bring your Cosplay to life you’ve come to the right place. Coloured Contact lenses come in a variety of different colours and styles; especially at Coloured Contacts! But if you are out looking specifically for a pair to wear with your joker costume, your best choice has to be Green contact lenses.

Joker Contacts For Halloween

There’s no denying that the Joker is one of the most popular villains in Comic book history. As the main antagonist to the Batman, his flair for theatricality and wicked sense of humour really pays off in making him a fun and spooky character to Cosplay for a variety of events.

In recent cinema iterations of the character, we see the shift between a more everyday realised Joker as well as some extreme character designs that appear to be straight out of the comics themselves. That being said, here at Coloured Contacts we feel that if you’re going to go all out this Halloween with a Joker cosplay the same needs to be said about your accessories, and in particular, creepy contact lenses. Whether you want to tone it down with some natural style contact lenses or make it as flamboyant as the Clown Prince of Crime himself, we’ve got you covered with our crazy costume lenses.


One of the most popular Joker cosplays to date is the late Heath Ledgers portrayal in the movie The Dark Knight. This version of the joker quickly became of pop culture icon due to audience’s love of the character’s portrayal and the overall success of the movie.  The popularity of this villain as a cosplay character also comes from his array of memorable quotes, but mostly because of the almost perfect representation of what a real life joker could be. 

To recreate a Heath Ledger Joker cosplay all you’ll need are your classic white, red and black face paints as well as the iconic green and purple 3-piece suit. Although this Cosplay is almost complete, it’s the finishing touches that truly make the difference. Some may opt for a pair of gloves or even hair dye but neither will truly have the impact of what a pair of cosplay contact lenses can have.

For a Heath Ledger Joker cosplay we would recommend a pair of light green natural contact lenses. See our Green Contact Lenses section.


Joaquin Phoenix Joker Cosplay Contact Lenses

A Joaquin Phoenix Joker Cosplay is the most recent version of the Joker that has been seen on the big screen, this representation was incredibly dark and also a popular choice within the cosplay community. This new portrayal of the Joker includes another representation of what the Joker could look like within a real word setting, but with a design closer to that of a circus clown.

Like the previous Joker mentioned above, this version also created the iconic Joker look with a natural eye colour. For this character we recommend a pair of vibrant green cosplay contact lenses to help create the intense joker stare.

See our Green cosplay lenses below.

Jared Leto Joker Cosplay Contact Lenses

One of the closest Jokers to the comic books has to be Jared Leto’s performance from Suicide Squad. As well as the Joker’s quirky attitude this joker has modern tattoos, clothing and vibrant green hair to match. For this damaged Joker we recommend matching a pair of green costume lenses with a Jared Leto Joker cosplay to match this characters intense flair.

Depending on the exact look you’re going for you could either create this joker with a pair of Green Hulk Lenses or go the extra mile and use a pair of Green UV contacts that will glow under the aid of a black light.


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Not only is this version probably the most fun and underappreciated from the bunch, this cosplay character may give your uv contact lenses more convention time thanks to his additional 2021 cameo. Those who kept tabs on recent movie releases featuring DC comics characters will be well aware of a new Zak Snyders Justice League Joker which is a great cosplay choice if you’re a fan of the post-apocalyptic styled Joker and excuses to wear your green contacts.

Which costume contact lenses will you choose for your Joker cosplay? Don’t forget to head over to our Cosplay contact lenses gallery for more costume inspiration.