Rubymediamakeup: UV Contact Lenses & UV Makeup Ideas

Rubymediamakeup: UV Contact Lenses & UV Makeup Ideas

We have been working with the incredibly talented @rubymediamakeup to showcase our UV contact lenses. These funky contact lenses glow under UV blacklight so Ruby has been getting creative with her awesome SFX makeup skills to create these amazing looks.

Check out her video below to see our Red Wolf Eye UV Colored Contact Lenses, Yellow Cat UV Colored Contacts Lenses, and Purple Violet UV Colored Contact Lenses in action.


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The UV contacts are designed to give a cool glow under UV light. Most styles have UV pigment throughout the whole iris so your entire eye will be glowing when you head out to a UV party or take part in a photoshoot. Just like the purple lenses in Ruby’s fabulous fireworks design, there is a range of other colors that will give the full eye glow:

  • Blue UV Contact Lenses
  • Red UV Contact Lenses
  • Yellow UV Contact Lenses
  • Green UV Contact Lenses

Some colors will give a more vibrant glow than others due to being a naturally neon shade, for example, UV yellow contact lenses and green. The UV white contact lenses will also give an awesome glow under UV Blacklight and are perfect for creating all kinds of Halloween looks including skulls and zombies. The results also depend on your natural eye color and the color of the glow may differ from the color of the lenses.

It is important to note that UV Colored Contacts are different from Glow In The Dark Lenses. UV reactive contact lenses will only glow when under UV blacklight.

As you can see from Ruby’s devil makeup, the UV Werewolf Contact Lenses have a cool yellow ring that gives a yellow glow under UV light. Proved by Ruby’s imaginative look, they can be used for all kinds of costumes aside from werewolves.

In her third look, Ruby has used UV cat eye contact lenses to complete her stunning 3D snake design. For animal-themed SFX makeup, the cat eye contact lenses are perfect for giving you a vertical pupil style complete with UV yellow pigmentation.

As you can see there are many ways to use our collection of UV Halloween contact lenses. Be sure to head to our UV contact lens section here, for more colors and styles.

UV Makeup Ideas With Colored Contacts Affiliates


A post shared by Nikki (@nikki.paint)

@nikki.paint’s spooky scary skeleton features an eerie glow thanks to UV body paint and Green UV Colored Contacts. This awesome look features hints of pink to create a cool contrast that will glow under UV blacklight.

@body_art_by_fran welcomes you to spooky season with this fun Halloween design. Her stunning UV makeup is paired with the Green UV Colored Contact Lenses and to complete the Halloween theme, you can see ‘Trick Or Treat’ neon lights in the background.


A post shared by @khaleesiisaa

@khaleesiisaa has tried out all the colors in this Rainbow Drips UV Skull makeup. The intense effect of this glow in the dark makeup is created with the help of a UV blacklight and a pair of White UV Colored Contact Lenses.


A post shared by Brenna Mazzoni (@artbybmazz)

This UV Halloween makeup by @artbybmazz is seriously spooky! This Halloween ghost looks like it belongs in a haunted house. The cool SFX makeup gives a skeleton vibe to the face paired with White UV Colored Contact Lenses to give that terrifying glow under UV blacklight. We are half expecting this ghost’s whole head to come off when it tips its hat!


A post shared by Bry (@sfx_by_bry)

UV makeup ideas don’t just have to be for Halloween. @sfx_by_bry has incorporated the White UV Cat’s Eye Lenses into this whimsical dark fairy makeup. Scroll to see this makeup under UV blacklight.

We love the look of the UV Cat’s Eyes under UV blacklight. Just like a real cat, they stand out in the dark and add something super freaky to your makeup. @avada___kedavra has taken inspiration from Alice In Wonderland to create this glowing Cheshire Cat makeup with a wide toothy grin. 

Whether you are working in a haunted house or love to experiment with makeup, UV contact lenses can add an extra dimension to your makeup that will only be revealed under UV blacklight. From Ruby’s imaginative fireworks display to classic Halloween skeletons, choose from our range of UV Colored Contact Lenses to find the perfect color to complete your makeup idea.

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