Here details any software or scripts your data may come into contact with once you have inputted it on to our website. With each platform, we have detailed which of your information is processed, for what reasons, how it is collected and how long the data will be stored. Where possible, we have provided this information in detail with a link to third party websites privacy policies. Upon request, we are able to provide more information on these services. To find our our commitment to GDPR responsibilities, please visit our GDPR information here.

Payment Providers

When a payment is made on, we provide the following Payment providers with the following information regarding your order. 

Sage Pay: once an order has been completed successfully with an online payment, we provide Sage Pay with a customer’s:

  • billing/delivery address
  • name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • order total

At no time during this transaction is Coloured Contacts able to see or hold payment information. View the Sage Pay Security Policy here.

PayPal: once an order has been completed successfully with a PayPal payment, we provide PayPal with the specific customer delivery name and the delivery address. No payment details or information is visible to or stored by, Coloured Contacts. View the PayPal Security Policy here. This is the only information passed on to PayPal from Coloured Contacts.

  • delivery name
  • delivery address

Amazon Payments: once an order has been completed successfully with Amazon Payments. Our system sends Amazon the total order value. All the customer details and payment information is stored by Amazon. View the Amazon Payments Security Policy here. At no time does Coloured Contacts hold or see the payment information. This is the only information passed on to Amazon Payments

  • order total

Courier & Returns Companies

Couriers: When the order is dispatched from our warehouse, the following couriers are given ordered product(s) information, customer’s delivery address, name, email and phone number. This ensures the fast and speedy delivery of items dispatched from our distribution centres. Please find our listed couriers below and see their individual privacy policies for more information on data storage and retention times.

Aramex: This software holds order information so that customers can easily request a return. This software holds the order information (such as order number, delivery address, customer name, email address and phone number) for customers from the following countries: AT, BE, DK, FI, FR, DE, IE, IT, LU, NL, ES, SE and US. Read the Aramex Security Policy here.

Web Analytics Tools

To aid the continual growth of Coloured Contacts as an online web store, we have the following third party scripts running in the background. These scripts are able to record and monitor data regarding customer behaviour and how they interact with the website.

Google Analytics: This software is used to track customer behaviour as they enter and use our site. The analytics tracking code is placed on every page on our site and can record information including, but not limited to, the following dimensions:

  • User Location
  • User Gender / Age Range
  • User Device Type
  • User IP Address
  • It can also monitor the following behaviour and interactions within the site.
  • Search Terms Used To Find The Site
  • Pages Used To Enter / Exit The Website
  • Page Metrics (time on page/number of pages visited)

We send Google Analytics the following information about our products and order information to aid with ecommerce tracking: Order ID, Order Total Value, Product SKU, Product Name, Product Category and Product Price. Please see Google’s Privacy Policy for more information on your data and Analytics. See Google's Privacy Policy here.

Google AdWords: This tracking code is used to track whether or not a customer makes a purchase after clicking on a sponsored advertisement. All data remains anonymous, and metrics are solely taken from a customer’s visit to our website. This includes information including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Search Terms Used To Find The Website
  • The Specific Ad Clicked On
  • Whether Or Not The Visit Converts Into A Sale

Bing AdWords: This advertising service receives the cookies from a customer visit which can indicate whether or not a customer visiting a site has made a purchase. All information retrieved from browsing session cookies are anonymous and non-identifiable. See Bing AdWords Privacy Policy here.

Hotjar: Coloured Contacts uses this software to record a customer’s interaction with our online checkout process. Whilst visual mouse movements and clicks are displayed, data entered into forms are not collected and identifying information is redacted from the recording. Each user is assigned a unique ID which keeps the customer anonymous. This ID is saved with the recording and kept to help monitor returning customers. All captured information is stored on Hotjar’s external secure servers, which is then deleted after 365 days. For more information, please visit their Data Safety, Privacy & Security page. See Hojar's Privacy Policy here.

New Relic: This software tests performance metrics which times all of the internal functions and queries that run in the background of the Coloured Contacts website. It can also test page loading speeds. This deals with zero user information, and any results which are stored are only held for three weeks.

Our Data Processors

Our information is held on servers at Arcadant BV Limited, as the orders are processed and sent via their distribution centre.

  • CBR: The internal stock management system holds a copy of the customer billing / delivery address, customer email address and phone number. This allows them to print the postage label for the package to be sent.
  • BB Order Picker: The internal picking system stores ordered product(s) information, customer name, delivery address, email address and phone number. This acts as way of referencing that the correct products are being taken out of stock for the correct customer orders.
  • BB Dispatch: This internal software allows them to monitor the successful dispatch of orders. It also stores ordered product(s) information, customer name, delivery address, email address and phone number.

Additional Software

MaxMind: This service performs MinFraud fraud screenings on customer transactions. This information is used to screen the transaction for fraud, and to calculate a fraud score. We can use this information to avoid chargebacks or sending fraudulently purchased goods.

The following information is sent to MaxMind when a transaction is made on the website.

  • Device Information
  • IP Address
  • User Agent
  • Language
  • Session ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Unique Customer ID
  • Billing / Shipping address
  • Payment Method
  • Order Value
  • Success / Failure Status of the Transaction

With this information, the service returns to us a report that details the results of its checks. It can analyse the data to give an indication of whether or not the provided information is true or false. MaxMind can store this data to ensure the information provided by us is both valid and aligns with the details provided by other clients. Please see the MaxMind website for more information here.

Virtual Mirror

Our virtual mirror system software is a PrestaShop add-on hosted by which allows customers to place products onto their own photo. Any customer and/or images taken/uploaded on this software are stored for 24 hours on the software’s servers before being deleted. Please visit their FAQ page for more information here.


Trustpilot is a global reviews platform that we use to gather and publish our public reviews. To allow this to happen, we provide Trustpilot with customer email, name, order number as well as product ID. This allows us to both request customer reviews in relation to the service or the products they have received. Customers can opt out of Trustpilot review requests or review reminders in the footer of any Trustpilot email. Please view the Trustpilot Privacy Policy here.

Social Media Advertising

We run social media ads to further promote our products to our customers. To measure the success of these marketing efforts, we have conversion tracking code in our site from each of our social media platforms. All information collected from these trackers is non-identifiable. Here is the full list of which conversion trackers are currently active in our site:

  • Facebook Pixels Ad Tracking: this ad tracking software collects information such as IP address, browser information, referral site/link, non-identifiable information on the user (location, age demographic, gender). It also reports on navigational behaviour and the pages visited during a browsing session. Please find more information here
  • Instagram Business Ad Tracking: Instagram uses the same session tracking information as Facebook Pixels. This enables us to track the number of customer visits and conversions through advertising mediums such as Sponsored Posts and Stories. All information collected in non-identifiable. Please find more details on the Instagram Business Privacy Policy here.
  • Pinterest Ads: This tracking code is used to track when a customer shows an interest in one of the pins and then to follow the actions that are taken on our website. This event code tracks transaction, shopping cart information, page visits, and when a customer interacts with specific pages on our website. All of the information collected in non-identifiable. We also use Pinterest as a third party advertising medium to target advertisements and offers that we feel are of use to our customers. You can view the Pinterest privacy policy here
  • Twitter Ads: We use Twitter conversion tracking to monitor how our advertisements perform and how a customer interacts with pages on our website. This code can be used to calculate transactions, shopping cart information, page visits, advertisement interaction, monitor campaign performance and web page views. For more information on the Twitter conversion snippet, please view their privacy policy and conversion tracking information.


Infusionsoft is our email marketing system which we use to send e-newsletters, promotional offers and informational emails regarding the company. This marketing is only sent to customers who opt-in, who can also unsubscribe at any time. The customer data we store within Infusionsoft is as follows.

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • country of purchase

Other information that is collected is data related to the order that was placed as the product that was purchased. The information is as follows: 

  • tags related to purchase (color of lenses, prescription strength, lens duration)
  • number of products purchased
  • total order value
  • date of last purchase

Here is Infusionsoft's data protection policy and FAQs which covers everything that they are doing to be compliant with the EU's GDPR regulations.

Google Trusted Stores:

We send order information to Google Trusted Stores to help the successful sending of online store requests. It allows customers to review the company and a specific product. This helps future customers make an informed decision about their purchases. The following information is provided to this service:

  • Customer Email Address
  • Country Of Purchase
  • Order ID Number
  • Product ID
  • Product SKU
  • Product Name
  • Product Price
  • Total Order Value
  • Quantity Of Products Ordered
  • Total Discount Values
  • Total Shipping Costs
  • Date Of Shipping / Recorded Delivery

This list includes all the platforms your data could be stored when you input information into For more information about our commitment to GDPR legislation please click here to see our dedicated GDPR information page.