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Jigsaw Contact Lenses: Billy The Puppet Doll Style Colored Contacts

Jigsaw Contact Lenses: Billy The Puppet Doll Style Colored Contacts

Get yourself ready for the latest 2017 Saw movie Jigsaw with our amazing range of Jigsaw contact lenses!

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Jigsaw contact lenses are colored contacts used to recreate Billy The Puppet or the Pig Mask from the Saw horror film franchise. Played by Tobin Bell, the pig mask look can be recreated using black Halloween contact lenses, whereas Billy The Puppet costume can be made by using red fancy dress lenses.  



If you’ve been a long-time fan of the Saw series; you’ll know that Jigsaw and Halloween go hand in hand. Not only is this because of the gruesome nature of every single movie, but they have been shown to have some of the scariest characters that we personally feel are a little bit underrated.  If you are a keen trick or treater you would have definitely seen many Halloween costumes featuring either the Saw Pig mask or perhaps everyone’s favourite creepy doll; Billy The Puppet. With Jigsaw almost completing the movie franchise, we couldn’t think of a better costume for October 31st. But in order to make it truly life like, you’re going to need a pair of spooky Halloween contact lenses!

With this in mind we’ve put together a little blog so you can get yourself some of the best horror contacts to properly finish off your terrifying costume!


Get Ready To Play A Game With Jigsaw Contact Lenses

If there’s one Halloween idol that needs to come out at Halloween, it’s Billy The Puppet from Jigsaw. Luckily we’ve had two of our talented affiliates recreate this awesome character with the use of our costume contact lenses.

First up we have the amazing @fancymay_makeup. After winning our 2017 Halloween costume competition, Nancy has recreated some amazing makeup looks, and this is one of our favourites! As well as incorporating her own unique take on the character, she really shows why our red contact lenses really fit with this Jigsaw costume!

Jigsaw Billy The Puppet Costume Contact Lenses

Next up we have another Jigsaw Billy inspired makeup post from our talented Cosplay affiliate @avada_kedavra! Here we can see the amazing detail that has gone in to recreating this characters facial features in order to add depth and life into this DIY cosplay. Here Francesca has also used a pair of our red Halloween contact lenses to add the depth and definition of the iconic horror puppet!

Jigsaw Costume, Halloween Contact Lenses, Billy The Puppet Cosplay

Whether you’re looking for a pair of one off Halloween contacts or a pair of horror contact lenses you can wear for a host of different occasions, we’ve got you covered! But as we mentioned previously, some of our favourite Halloween contact lenses will fit perfectly with a Jigsaw costume. You can rest assured that this Halloween is going to be absolutely jam packed with crazy clowns, so why not switch it up with a creepy doll like Billy. At Coloured Contacts we’ve got a massive selection of lenses that fit this costume perfectly! We’ve got mini sclera lenses that cover the whites of your eyes and even UV styles; so there’ll be something Halloween fanatics and party goers!

Red Sclera Jigsaw Contacts

Check out our favourite Billy Halloween contact lenses below:

Red Halloween Jigsaw Contact Lenses Red UV Jigsaw Contacts  Red Angelic Jigsaw Contact Lenses

Get Yourself Pigface Jigsaw Contact Lenses

For Saw fans, dressing up with the black cloak and pig mask is always a must have. But allot of people cosplaying as this iconic character miss one key part of the look, his blackened out eyes. So why not check out our amazing range of black horror contact lenses and really grab yourself this spooky look!

Check out our amazing range featured within our Halloween Contact Lenses section below!

Black Pig Jigsaw Contacts   Black Jigsaw Pig Contacts   

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