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Blue Light Protection
Blue Light Protection

Reduce the effects of blue light caused by screens for longer study, work and gaming sessions.


UV Blocking
UV Blocking
Reduce levels of harmful UV from reaching your eye to take care of your long-term eye health.
Hydrophilic Coating For Hydrated Eyes
Hydrophilic Coating For Hydrated Eyes
For daily wear, these lenses will maintain a fresh and hydrated feel for lasting comfort.
Clear Lenses For Everyday Wear
Clear Lenses For Everyday Wear
Add to your daily routine to keep your eyes feeling ready for work, study and gaming.
Prescription Contact Lenses
Prescription Contact Lenses
Shop our Prescription Colored Contact Lenses and choose your exact prescription for clear vision.
Contact Lens Multipack
Contact Lens Multipack
This product is a multipack of 10 lenses (5 pairs) so you can stock up on your favourite styles.


SKU 143624
Available Sizes
Brand Chromaview
Range Eye Focus - Blue Safe
Color Clear (Colorless)
Duration 1 Day
Quantity 10 Per Pack
Prescription / Corrective Lens Yes
Type Prescription
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Made From Terpolymer


From the Chromaview range, these premium Blue Safe Contact Lenses could be your new option for day-to-day contact lenses. Unlike other lenses on our site, these contact lenses are entirely clear, but offer qualities that can prevent the entry of unnatural blue light into your eye. Blue light is produced by screens from your mobile, computer, TV or tablet and can have damaging, long-term effects on your eyes. These contacts for blue light help to prevent the rays of blue light entering your eye reducing effects such as tiredness, fatigue and eye strain.

With a variety of prescriptions available, we think you'll have no problem finding your exact prescription match. Open the 'power' dropdown above to see the range of prescription blue light contacts we have available. If you don't see your prescription above then please let us know - we are always looking to expand the range of strengths we have available. With your exact prescription to hand, you'll be able to enjoy clear vision as well as reaping the benefits of the blue light filter contacts effects. Remember to match the prescription of the lenses to your eyes exactly to take full advantage of the super-soft comfort as well as the high visual acuity. 

We offer a range of 10 pack contact lenses which include 5 pairs of contact lenses. This mean's that with your blue light blocking contacts you can be topped for 5 days wear, as each lens is suited for 1 day's single-use only. We find that daily disposables are a hugely popular option when it comes to everyday contact lenses due to the ease of disposal and the hassle-free wear. This can be said for our Blue Safe contacts which will seamlessly become part of your daily contact lens wearing routine. Although the maintenance of these lenses is considerably lower, we always recommend good hygiene and proper use when it comes to blue light contacts.

There are so many features to talk about when it comes to these incredible contacts. The high water content for the blue light block contact lenses ensures high comfort and breathability during wear. Chromaview contact lenses always offer a premium material and lens manufacture for a high-comfort experience. As well as shielding from the prolonged effects caused by screen time, these UV filter contact lenses provide preventative protections and offer an enhanced safeguard against harmful UV light.

Contact Lens Essential Info

  • Contact Lenses Are Clear (No Pigmentation)
  • Doesn't Impair Visibility
  • Sold As Packs Of 10 Individual Lenses
  • Suitable For Daily Wear / Single Use Only
  • Made From 55% Water / Methafilcon A
  • Stored In Sterile Buffered Saline Solution


Find The Right Fit

Having a good experience with colored contact lenses is partly down to ensuring you have chosen a pair with the correct fit for you! When choosing lenses, check the lens measurements provided to ensure that they match your most recent contact lens prescription.

Need help finding the correct lenses? Check out our How To Read A Contact Lens Prescription blog.

Tap for Quick Definitions
Diameter: the width of the contact lens (measured in mm)
Expiry Date: the date at which the product expires and should no longer be used.
Power/Sphere: the correction strength of the contact lens (measured in dioptres +/-)
Base Curve: the curvature of the contact lens (measured in mm)
Duration: how long the lenses can be used once the packaging has been opened.


Blue Safe Lenses for Light Block Protection

Protect your eyes and help mitigate the effects of eye strain with the Chromaview Blue Safe Contact Lenses. Designed specifically for modern lifestyles, these lenses provide additional protections for those in need of blue light blocking contact lenses for eye strain developed by digital screens.

For Study 📘

The one thing we need when studying is time. Time spent reading papers and typing essays inevitably ends with more screen exposure. Eyes can tire quickly leading to drops in concentration and lost trains of thought. By preventing the effects of blue light fatigue on your eyes, you can then put your energies into productivity and creating high-quality assignments. Anti-blue light contact lenses are here to help you avoid stumbling blocks and increase your eye endurance.

For Work 💻

Office work is now almost entirely based on a screen. Whether it's through a computer, tablet or phone there's no question that the digital working world is more taxing on your eyes. We deal with enough stress and pressures within work so why not alleviate one of the main pressures on your eyes? Make longer days in front of the screen less challenging and less arduous for your vision with the technology included in these contacts.

For Gaming 🎮

Gamers and streamers can never get enough screen time. However, as with working, tiredness and fatigue can lead to poorer performance and less high-quality gameplay. Longer sessions can be ended by eye strain or too much face-to-face time with a screen. Light blocking lenses could help to increase the time spent in front of the screen without the effects of long-time viewing. More time playing, of course, equals more practice and we all know that practice makes perfect.

Find out more about the effects of blue light and how Blue Safe Light Blocking Contact Lenses can help, here.




Choose Chromaview Coloured Contact Lenses as your next cosmetic lens brand for a premium experience in terms of both colour and comfort.  A high-comfort experience is ensured through lenses with high water content and super soft materials. Even longer duration contact lenses are said to feel as thin and as comfortable as single, daily-use disposable contacts.

The range of Chromaview products we stock span from a selection of gorgeous natural colours to a collection of crazy Halloween styles. You can opt for either non-prescription or prescription strengths while you shop for this exciting range of products. No matter what the occasion, you should be able to find a perfect pair of Chromaview Contact Lenses to match.

This premium contact lens supplier provides its users with the very best in contact lens quality. Shop from a variety of durations, prescription strengths and pack sizes as you view our full Chromaview catalogue.