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Sapphire Blue Contact Lenses | Before & After On Brown Eyes
Sapphire Blue Coloured Contact Lenses Try On | Natural Lenses For Dark Eyes


CE Marked
CE Marked
Product complies with European health, safety and environmental legislation.
FDA Approved
FDA Approved
These lenses are FDA Approved. Ensuring safety, effectiveness, quality and security.
Prescription Contact Lenses
Prescription Contact Lenses
Shop our Prescription Colored Contact Lenses and choose your exact prescription for clear vision.
Chromaview Soft Comfort Contact Lenses
Chromaview Soft Comfort Contact Lenses

The ideal trio of hydrating properties, a thin surface, and breathable material offer optimum comfort from Chromaview soft contact lenses.

Chromaview Lightweight Material
Chromaview Lightweight Material

The ultra-thin material gives lasting daily freshness from the Chromaview lenses, designed to feel comfortable and unnoticeable during wear.

Chromaview Breathability
Chromaview Breathability
Thin contact lens materials allow oxygen to reach the eye during wear, reducing the likelihood of dry eyes and offering long-lasting freshness.
Chromaview High Pigmentation
Chromaview High Pigmentation

Chromaview lenses are made using high-quality pigments to ensure designs are true to their color whether they are vibrant natural or striking FX lenses.

Chromaview Detailed Design
Chromaview Detailed Design

Chromaview’s detailed lens designs allow for realistic natural irises as well as intricate cosplay and costume lenses. Bring your characters to life or try out a new natural eye color.


SKU 150998
Available Sizes
Brand Chromaview
Range Chromaview For Dark Eyes
Color Blue
Style Natural
Duration 30 Day
Quantity 2 Per Pack (Pair)
Prescription / Corrective Lens Yes
Type Prescription
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Made From Polymacon


Embrace something a little blue with the Sapphire Blue Prescription Contact Lenses. These transformative contact lenses take their name from their inspiration; the shimmering look of the sapphire jewel is mimicked within the Sapphire Blue contact lenses and provides a unique and mesmerizing twist on the natural blue eye. The vibrant blue tone of this lens creates a prominent hue over the natural eye color providing the ease to alter and change one’s look making them a great choice of light blue contacts for brown eyes.

Transforming your look should be an option readily available to all, that’s why you’ll find the Sapphire Blue contact lenses available in both prescription and non-prescription. These prescription blue contact lenses are available in a range of powers and provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy this subtle feature change. These prescription lenses are consistent with the comfort and durability types that can be seen in all of our lenses; curated using a lightweight and breathable material, the Sapphire Blue Prescription lenses leave your eyes feeling moist and without discomfort.

Once you have found the perfect true sapphire contact lens for your looks, it isn’t something that you want to part ways with too quickly. The Colored Contacts Sapphire Blue Prescription lens comes with a 30-day range allowing you to enjoy a month of this glistening blue eye color! Wearing monthly contact lenses allows a longer amount of time to enjoy your new lenses, however, they should be correctly cared for to ensure they do not become damaged or harm the eye. Your contact lenses 30 day should be cleaned every day and removed each evening before bed to be soaked in contact lens solution overnight.


Brand Base Curve Diameter Power/Sphere Cylinder Axis
Chromaview 8.6 14.2 Select N/A N/A

Find The Right Fit

Having a good experience with colored contact lenses is partly down to ensuring you have chosen a pair with the correct fit for you! When choosing lenses, check the lens measurements provided to ensure that they match your most recent contact lens prescription.

Need help finding the correct lenses? Check out our How To Read A Contact Lens Prescription blog.

Tap for Quick Definitions
Diameter: the width of the contact lens (measured in mm)
Expiry Date: the date at which the product expires and should no longer be used.
Power/Sphere: the correction strength of the contact lens (measured in dioptres +/-)
Base Curve: the curvature of the contact lens (measured in mm)
Duration: how long the lenses can be used once the packaging has been opened.


The Chromaview Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes range offers improved coverage and bold pigments to enhance darker natural eye colors. These innovative styles provide additional coverage due to their premium multi-layered design that creates new color pigments while allowing some of your natural eye color to remain visible. As well as creating an increasingly more realistic finish this range is manufactured using to enhance comfort for everyday wear. The Chromaview best colored contacts for dark eyes range consist of:

  • Green Contacts For Brown Eyes – Leaf Green & Jade Green
  • Gray Contacts For Dark Eyes – Misty Grey & Pearl Grey
  • Blue Contacts For Dark Eyes – Sky Blue & Sapphire Blue

As well as being available as some of the best colored contacts for dark eyes for users with no correction needs; this natural contact lens range is also available as Prescription colored contact lenses. Shop Chromaview Prescription Colored Contacts from the Jewel or Nature ranges below for outstanding comfort and coverage:





Choose Chromaview Coloured Contact Lenses as your next cosmetic lens brand for a premium experience in terms of both colour and comfort. The range of Chromaview products we stock span from a selection of gorgeous natural colours to a collection of crazy Halloween styles. You can opt for either non prescription or prescription strengths while you shop this exciting range of products.