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  • Aqua

    Searching for a pair of aqua contact lenses? Want some lenses that are high quality and affordable? Look no further! We've got one of the biggest ranges of colored contact lenses online, making us your one-stop shop for non-prescription and prescription colored contact lenses.

    With everything from natural looking everyday lenses to striking cat’s eye contacts and intricately detailed designs, there’s a little something for every taste in our range of aqua colored contacts. So whether you’re dolling yourself up for a night on the tiles, finishing off a freaky Halloween costume or looking for lenses to kick your Cosplay ensemble up a notch, we’ve got everything you could ever need, all under one roof.

    Buy Aqua Colored Contacts Online

    Unlike the vivid, almost turquoise shades of aqua seen in nature, our aqua colored lenses come in a cool light blue tone, and are surreally exquisite, with a lustrous jewel-like quality. So bring some glamour into your life, and make your friends envious when you show off your striking elegantly pretty peepers.

    If costumes don’t float your boat and you’re looking for more everyday ways to work aqua colored contact lenses into your look, check out some of our favorite ideas for size:

    • Mermaid Effect: To create a stunning mermaid costume team a pair of our aqua contact lenses with an iridescent yet subtle fish scale inspired eye makeup look, clothing in an assortment of seaside shades and a messy fishtail braid.
    • Get The Blues: Pair some dimensional tri-tone lenses with a dusting of shimmering light blue eyeshadow, a sweep of frosty highlighter and a flick of electric blue eyeliner for a terrifically tonal look.
    • Barbie Girl: This bold look isn’t for the faint of heart! Team a pair of sparkling aqua lenses with some fluttering false lashes, a strongly contoured countenance and lashings of sparkly pink lip gloss. Great for anyone looking to break out of a style rut, this jaw-dropping look is guaranteed to attract plenty of attention.

    If you were bored with your hair color, you’d dye it, right? If you fancied switching up your outfit, you wouldn’t think twice about it, would you? Then why not experiment with your eye color too? Colored contact lenses are an affordable, simple and effective way of completely changing how you look, without committing to something as permanent as a new hair color. It can be great fun to change your eye color and try out a new look. After all, not many people are graced with piercing aqua colored eyes, so there’s no shame in grabbing a pair of aqua contacts to help you on your way to having this stunning look!
    Can’t decide which look you want to rock? Need some assistance in choosing your costume? Then we’ve got your back! Some of our top favorite ideas include:

    • Disney Characters
    • Creepy Monsters
    • Dolls
    • Anime & Manga Characters

    Perhaps you’ve found your ideal costume, but just can’t decide which style of lenses to sport? Some of the most popular styles in our aqua contact lens range are:

    • Natural Effect Lenses: These aqua blue contacts will help you to achieve an everyday look that’s sure to attract plenty of captivated glances. Available in light blue straight through to a rich, oceanic aqua tone, these lenses are great for completely changing your natural eye color, or simply bringing a brighter hue to your baby blues. Whether you opt for a bright one-tone style, a dimensional two-tone design or a realistic looking three-tone pair, you can be sure to rock a subtly stylish and convincingly natural look.
    • Cat’s Eye Contacts: Think that you can’t rock a freakishly feline gaze in a bold and bright color? Think again! Arguably every bit as creepy as their yellow, red or green counterparts, our selection of aqua cat eye lenses are sure to astound and delight whenever you wear them! A great finishing touch to cute kitty costumes or ferocious big cat themed ensembles, these lenses are guaranteed to get you noticed.

    Each pair of contact lenses we sell comes in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your aqua lens in tip-top condition until you decide to use them.

    We have all kinds of natural color lenses available, from different shades of blue, to green, to brown. And if that’s not dramatic enough, we can go a whole lot further. UV lenses give you a bright iris under UV lighting, mesh for a textured spooky effect, full sclera for the perfect possessed Halloween style are all available at the click of a button. Why not get browsing and find a style to suit you now! We have selected the best contact lenses designs so you can be confident you will find exactly what you are looking for when you shop with us.

    With several different use durations available, you can be sure to find a pair of aqua color contact lenses to suit your needs when you shop with us. If you’ll only need your lenses as a one-off accessory or you’re looking to test the waters before ordering something with longer use duration, then you’re sure to love our single use lenses.

    These disposable contacts last for 1 day, making each aqua contact lens a commitment-free way to experiment with a new look. Found your perfect style? Want to ensure you always have a bold style right at your fingertips? Then our range of reusable contacts is just what you need! With 90 day or 1 year use durations available, you can keep your stylish stare on lock for longer!

    With a daily use lens one of the most appealing factors is that you can wear once then simply throw away. That means you don’t have to worry about maintaining your lenses or cleaning them after each use. It is important to remember you will still need to prepare your lenses properly, just like any other duration. Soak your lenses for at least 2 hours before use. One of the other benefits of these daily lenses is the price. This is our cheapest range of contact lenses so if you aren’t sure how often you are going to use your cheap aqua contact lenses or this is your first time using cosmetic lenses then these could be the perfect choice.

    The 90 Day and 1 Year lenses last for multiple uses but it is vital you take the time to keep your lenses clean. These lenses are fully reusable as long as you store them in a sterile container. The duration begins from the first time you use your aqua blue contact lenses.

    Need a little help looking after your new colored contact lenses? Check out our range of contact lens cases and kits for all the essential tools you will need for your lenses. Insert your lenses using a lens wand applicator and keep them clean by storing them in our screw top containers. With plenty of funky designs to choose from you are sure to find a cool case you will be happy to carry around in your bag or leave on your nightstand.

    You have heard about our non prescription aqua contact lenses, but did you know we also stock prescription blue contact lenses? If you have had enough of your glasses not fitting with your cosplay then this could be your opportunity to both match the eyes of your character and enjoy clear vision. This is also a perfect choice for those who already wear contact lenses but would like to try a new color. With this range of prescription colored contact lenses you can enjoy fashion lenses as much as your friends.

    Remember if you are going to try prescription aqua eyes contact lenses or any other of our styles it is important to check with your optometrist or eye doctor about the closest match to your prescription. With our lenses you can select the power for each eye, ensuring you get the closest match possible.

    Whichever pair of lenses you intend to try you should always check with your optometrist or eye doctor before using them, even if you have worn other types of contact lens before. Not all eye types are suited to contact lenses and while you are there you can ask any questions you have to put your mind at rest. It is also essential to visit a healthcare professional if you experience any problems while wearing contact lenses.

    Have you explored all our shipping options? Whether you are searching for contact lenses US or want delivery to another country we have plenty of delivery options to help cater to your needs. Looking for the fastest or the cheapest shipping? At our checkout, you will automatically be given the delivery options available to you so you can choose the perfect one.

    If you’re searching for a pair of icy hued aqua lenses, then why not check out our eye-catching designs and choose from our exceptional display of colors, styles, and special effects lenses? With everything from realistic, natural look contacts through to freakishly feline Cat Eye lenses, no matter what style you choose, you can be sure to be the center of attention. Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions like Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or Cosplay conventions, our lenses will kick your look up a notch and bewitch everyone you lock eyes with.Start shopping in our aqua contact lenses section today for a fabulous selection of designs.

  • Black

    If you’re looking for awesome colored contact lenses in spooky Halloween colors, check out our range of black contact lenses! Here at Coloured Contacts, we offer a great variety of cosmetic black eye contact lenses, ready to transform your look in seconds. We have mini sclera contact lenses to cover and black out the eye or patterned designs to give you a spooky style in time for Halloween. Whether it is for Cosplay, party or casual wear, these black contact lenses are a great finishing touch to your look.

    When you buy black colored contact lenses, you can explore some super cool looks, whether you want to become a demon, a character from your favourite sci-fi show or film, a doll, or anything else you can dream up that requires black spooky eyes. If you’re a Gothic fashion fan, maybe you just want all black eyes to match your black as midnight wardrobe?

    You may be wondering, "So I can get a whole new look, just by using black contact lenses?" and you'd be absolutely right! There's no limit to the costumes you can pair with these fashionable contacts, so grab a pair and get inspired!

    Choosing the Best Black Colored Contacts

    Get those pair of cool black eye contacts you’ve been envisioning in time for special occasions such as Halloween, New Year's Eve, costume parties and Cosplay. They are also great simply for a night or day out. They will be sure to cause a stir and frenzy wherever you go!

    Searching for a way to bring a freaky edge to your Halloween look? Craving something dark, mysterious and oh-so-spooky? Then look no further than our incredible selection of black lenses! Perfect for transforming your stare in the blink of an eye, these fashionable contacts will take your look from normal to nightmarish in an instant.

    Explore your creativity with our black colored contacts. Always wanted to be a doll? Our dolly black lenses will take you there. Are you in the mood for something a little more sensual? Then team some of our black color contact lenses with some smoky eye makeup. With our new Virtual Mirror, you can try out the lenses before you buy. Simply add a selfie and select the lenses you would like to try. You can try on as many as you like and can add your chosen product straight to your basket once you have found the perfect lens.

    One of the most popular designs we stock are the blackout contact lenses which are so creepy that you’ll be too frightened to even look at your own reflection (that’s if you still have one - yikes!). These fun lenses completely cover your iris and pupil in a solid black contacts color for that soulless freaky effect. Pair with some creative Halloween makeup and your friends are sure to be seriously freaked out.

    The blackout contacts that we stock are part of our blind effect range so be sure to check out other colors too! These aren’t only handy for completing your frightening Halloween style. They also can help you bring your favourite anime and cartoon characters to life.

    As you can guess, the most popular use of this color is as black contact lenses Halloween. With every kind of zombie and witch costume, these lenses will take you from trick or treat to a full horror film. If you are looking for some inspiration be sure to head to our Instagram page for plenty of pictures of people using our lenses. Our talented Instagram affiliates are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

    We have several varieties of full eye black contact lenses to suit your needs. The differing durations and color coverage are designed to help you find the lens that is perfect for you. Please note these lenses can obscure vision. These full black contact lenses are perfect for photo shoots and are incredibly popular with our Instagram affiliates.

    Another favourite design is our mini sclera black contact lenses. These lenses cover a larger proportion of the pupil and part of the sclera in a spooky black cloak. The effect of these lenses is to give the iris a fuller look; this, in turn, will create an even more frightening final finish. This wide-eyed style is sure to make you look like a mystical creature from another planet.

    Another popular combination is a white and black contact lens. The stark contrast is sure to help your eyes stand out from the crowd. This winning combination comes in a variety of designs from vampire styles to novelty prints.

    Are you glasses cramping your scare factor? We have some good news for you. Our range of prescription black contact lenses will help you see clearly while enjoying a funky cosmetic lens. You can select the power of each eye in order to get the exact match to your own prescription.

    We know that if you are looking for costume contact lenses you don’t want to spend a fortune. Costumes are meant to be fun, right? So you don’t have to worry about the pennies we have a range of cheap black contact lenses to help you find awesome designs at the best price.

    Jet Black Contact Lenses: Everything You Need To Know!

    Before wearing prescription or non prescription black lenses it is important to check your eye suitability. Not everyone is suited to wearing cosmetic contact lenses, which is why it is important to check with your optometrist or eye doctor. Be sure to ask any questions you may have to a professional for the best advice on whether or not colored contact lenses are for you.

    Our colored contact lenses are available in various wear durations including 1 day wear, 90 day wear and even 1 year wear; so whether you’re looking for a single night with bold black eyes or you want to rock the look more regularly, we have the perfect cosmetic black contact lenses for you.

    If you only want to wear your lenses once or don’t want the hassle of cleaning and storing your black colored contact lenses then the daily option is the one for you. These disposable lenses have exactly the same awesome designs as the longer durations so you can enjoy one night of color changing fun.

    If you are a regular Cosplayer or love to go to costume parties frequently then we definitely recommend our 90 day or 1 year styles. The duration begins from the first time you use your lenses so be sure to note down the date as you should never wear lenses longer than specified on the box. With the longer duration black eye contacts, make sure to store them in a clean case with some lens solution.

    Need somewhere to store your new lenses? Check out our lens cases and kits range. These cost-effective storage containers will provide a sealed container for your lenses. The kits also include hand tools to help you care for and insert your black contacts.

    Customers often ask us; ‘will this color completely cover my natural eye color?’ All our lenses are made with the best quality pigmentation so you can be sure you will get the top vivid color. If you want to know more about which of our lenses will cover naturally dark eye colors then head over to our section dedicated to contact lenses for dark eyes. With completely black contacts you can be confident that these lenses will fully cover your natural eye color, no matter what the shade.

    If you're concerned about compromising on comfort in order to achieve your spook-tacular look, then you needn't worry! Every single pair of lenses we sell is made from soft, lightweight materials for ease of wear and long-lasting comfort. With full FDA approval on shipping these products to the USA, when you shop with us you can be sure that you're getting a legitimate, safe product that won't compromise your vision.

    With Coloured Contacts you can shop black contact lenses UK and beyond. With a range of shipping options to choose from, you enjoy black eye lens all around the world. If we don’t currently ship to your country then be sure to check back in the future as we are always expanding our postage options. In the meantime why not head to our Facebook or Twitter for all the latest news on Cosplay, makeup and more.

    You may have started reading this thinking surely there can’t be much choice when it comes to black contact lenses. We hope we have shown you how many styles there are to try. From novelty designs to seriously scary styles, whatever your fancy dress style we can help you find your dream lenses. We often try out new styles so make sure to take come back and browse our black lens section next time you are shopping at Coloured Contacts. 

  • Blue

    Check out our extensive range of blue contact lenses and you’re sure to find a brand new eye color that you’ll love. This selection of blue contacts is perfect for anyone in search of a temporary new eye color. A brand new natural eye color could lead to a whole new look for yours truly. Trust us when we say that our blue eye contacts could totally change the way you look and style yourself!

    Each pair of lenses in our range of blue colored contact lenses is perfect for Cosplay, fancy dress or just for adding some subtle sparkle to your everyday outfit. If you’ve been trying to find different ways to get a baby blue hue into your eyes, then make sure to browse all of our light blue contacts. We have a dedicated Aqua Contact Lenses section for those searching for pale sky blue contacts.

    If you’re in need of something a little darker, we have deeper sapphire and royal blue tones which cater for the dark blue contact lenses look. These styles keep it natural whilst offering a deep, bold and more emphasised finish to your eye color. Some styles offer hints of other shades, such as green, grey and even white, for ice blue crystal effects. It’s fair to say that the possibilities are endless with blue colored contacts.

    Buy Blue Colored Contact Lenses Online

    If you are looking for natural blue contact lenses, then look no further! We have an expansive collection of cosmetic contact lenses which include plenty of bold blue shades and styles. If you’re looking to keep it natural, then there are plenty of designs which can replicate the look of a natural iris. This means you can give the look of having a totally natural blue eye color with everyone else being none the wiser.

    These fashion contact lenses are becoming a hugely popular option with plenty of celebrities and stars choosing to switch up their eye colors for something completely new. Inspiring plenty of trends and new fashions, we’re glad to now offer our customers the chance to enjoy a brand new blue hue in their eyes! As well as plenty of vibrant and exciting styles, if you’re looking for a completely natural look, many of our blue cosmetic contact lenses come in subtle shades and simplistic designs. Check out our most popular natural blue styles below:

    • Blue One Tone – our One Tone range includes designs with slight blue coloration to the limbal ring. These enhancing lenses include blue flecks of color designed to add more depth and interest to your gaze. By adding this hint of color, you can see how these blue tinted contact lenses can have a strong yet smooth effect.
    • Blue Mystic Two Tone – the mystical style of these contacts give a more noticeable effect than the One Tone lenses. These blue lenses are a hugely popular choice as they offer plenty of coverage over darker eye colors. Go ahead and mystify onlookers with this unique contact lens style.
    • Blue Tri Tone - these multi-tonal colored contact lenses are sure to add more oomph to your eye color, whilst offering more coverage through the multiple shades included in the design. These contacts featuring a darker limbal ring, giving both your natural eye color and the contact lens shade more definition and power. 

    If you are searching for prescription colored contact lenses, you can browse through our corrective styles in our dedicated Prescription Blue section. You’ll find plenty of familiar styles where you can pick the exact strength of lens you require. Natural styled prescription colored contact lenses are another perfect way to truly transform your look. If you are short sighted or long sighted, rest easy in knowing that you too can change the color of your eyes. We are pleased to stock blue prescription contact lenses as it means that even more customers can enjoy a huge eye color transformation.

    High Quality, Cheap Blue Contact Lenses

    Whilst our lenses are listed at affordable, purse-friendly prices they are by no means lacking in quality. You can be assured of the high-quality and safety of each and every blue lens. All of our lenses are durable and are all FDA-approved, so you can be assured that you will be receiving a safe and effective product that really works.

    It is essential that you understand and follow all the steps and guidance provided on handling and cleaning your colored contacts. Proper use and tip-top hygiene are essential parts of contact lens care, so make sure that safety always comes first by reading up on your contact lens knowledge. Make sure to read our guides before use, and follow any instructions included on the products that you purchase.

    Our cheapest options include our range of blue colored contacts with single use duration. Our one day contact lens options are a popular choice amongst colored contacts users as they can enjoy a single use and then dispose of easily. This is perfect for those incorporating blue colored lenses into their daily beauty regime, as it means less hassle when it comes to contact lens aftercare. Often available as multipacks, you can stock up on these lenses for a fresh pair of contacts every day.

    If you want your blue contacts to last that little bit longer, our contacts can also be purchased with 90 day to 1 year durations. Whilst the eye lens blue color price is a little higher, you are purchasing extended wear lenses which can be used again and again, as often as you please. Simply ensure that you are properly cleaning the lenses in solution between uses.

    Blue Color Eye Lenses for Halloween

    One of the other many great factors in our blue contact lens range is its huge variation. We can never forget Halloween! As well as our natural contact lens styles, you can pick a whole host of contacts that are perfect for costumes and Cosplay. If you really want your new look or costume to stand out, then a pair of bright blue contacts is sure to do the trick!

    Blue can be a great costume color as you can replicate the look of many famous characters and celebrities with a pair of colored eye lenses. There are plenty are famous horrifying characters who have a pair of beady blue eyes! Give your monstrous look an icy edge, or a nautical feel with lenses that look like a drop of oceanic awesomeness.

    If you’re feeling inspired by the blue contact lenses Halloween on offer, you can discover even more horror and UV styles in our dedicated Halloween Contact Lenses section. We think you’ll love scary styles such as all blue contacts from our opaque blind contacts range.

    Shopping Blue Lenses Online

    Not only do we offer great colored contact lenses at affordable prices, but we have plenty of knowledge and know-how when it comes to your lenses. With everything from purchasing, styling, use and aftercare in mind, you’ll have all the knowledge you need when it comes to the time to order blue contacts.

    blue eye color is one of the most sought-after shades in our collection, but can also be one of the hardest looks to achieve. If you have a darker natural brown eye color, you need not worry about not getting that bright blue eye color that you’ve been dreaming of. There are plenty of blue contacts for dark eyes you can find in our selection. Check out our ‘For Dark Eyes’ blog posts for more guidance on which are the best blue lenses for brown eyes.

    Make sure to head over to our contact lens dedicated blog for more ideas for blue contacts. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate blue color contact lenses into your everyday look. We’ve filled our blog with plenty of makeup and beauty inspiration alongside plenty of suggestions for using blue colored contacts in your next Cosplay outfit or spooky fancy dress costumes.

    Blue eyes are often said to be the best match for those that have fair skin, lighter or blonde hair. Whilst it is always beneficial to match your eye color to your complexion, there’s no reason why you can’t throw out the rule book and pick up the new color you’ve always wanted to try out!

    Want to see how the contacts could look in your eyes? You can try a blue eye lens online with our Virtual Mirror, where you can upload your own pictures and see the lenses in your eyes! With all these extra resources and neat features, it’s never been easier to learn everything you can about blue contact lenses and picking the pair which is absolutely perfect for you.

    With competitive and speedy shipping prices available for all US & Canada customers, your lenses will arrive to you within the blink of an eye! Perfect if you’re shopping for last-minute costumes and/or spontaneous glamour nights out. We are able to ship lenses from our US fulfilment centre which can arrive to our US customers a whole lot quicker!

  • Brown

    For natural looking and enhancing cosmetic brown contact lenses in deep chocolatey shades, check out our range of fabulous brown color contacts. Whether you’re seeking that finishing touch to your fancy dress outfit or that special something to complete your everyday look, then our vast range of natural colored brown lenses are perfect for you, ensuring that your intense gaze draws attention.

    Here at Coloured Contacts, we stock a fantastic variety of cosmetic brown colored contact lenses that allow you to temporarily change the appearance of your eyes and their natural color, so you can go from blue or green to brown in an instant. You could even change your natural brown eyes to a lighter shade using brown contact lenses for brown eyes or a funky design such as a party style.

    Brown contacts are purposefully designed to bring a very natural yet beautiful brown color to your stare and give your eyes an enhanced finish. So, whether you’re looking for an accessory for Halloween, or simply for a pair of lenses to spice up your daily life and complement your outfits, there is a wide array of inexpensive options to choose from.

    For a quick and easy eye color change, these brown eye contact lenses are the perfect accessory. They take just a moment to put in and offer just the look you want with no fuss. If you want some extra help inserting your lenses and maintaining them be sure to check out our lens cases and kits, featuring a lens wand applicator to help you use your lenses with ease.

    From a single day of use to up to a whole 90 days or perhaps even a year, there are fashion contact lenses brown of varying durations for all different occasions, whether that’s for fancy dress and Cosplay or just for casual wear. All provide an immediate and dramatic temporary change of color for your eyes - great for when you need to make a bold impression.

    It can be hard to decide which duration of brown eye contacts to choose from. Think about how often you are going to use your lenses and whether you want to clean and maintain them or simply throw them away. The benefit of a one day lens is that you can just use it once and throw away. No need to clean and store your lenses after. This could be especially helpful for those who are out and about at an event such as a Cosplay convention.

    If you have plans to create multiple characters or to wear your lenses as an everyday change then take a look at the 90 day and 1 year lenses. These options last for multiple uses as long as they are properly cared for in between use. Be sure to always have clean hands when taking out or inserting your lenses and store them in lens solution. The duration begins from the first use of your lenses.

    Style Choices for Brown Lenses

    Our range of single tone brown colored contacts is ideal for those seeking that natural and realistic look. Wishing that you were born with brown eyes? Then these are the lenses for you! With their earthy, warming tones you can transform your eyes into gorgeous chocolatey brown pools.

    These lenses give a fairly solid single color but do have some color variation in order to emulate the look of a natural iris. After all, every eye features more than one shade if you look closely. Masking the natural color of your iris, these lenses will be sure to trick people into thinking that your eyes have always been brown!

    Fancy taking it one step further? Then why not take a look at our range of Two and Tri Tone lenses. 

    The Two Tone Lenses feature a dark limbal ring to the iris. This is the outer ring of the eye. The contrast between the iris and the outer color of the eye is sure to give an even more natural style and will help to give the illusion of a natural shade. It also gives an added depth to the lens that can help achieve an innocent, wide eyed style.

    In contrast, the Tri Tone Lenses have the most color variation. In order to bring out all the colors in a natural iris, these lenses feature shading towards the pupil as well as the darker limbal ring. This effect is bound to have people staring deep into your eyes. This hypnotising style is perfect for those looking to completely change their eye color as well as those wanting to enhance their natural brown eyes with brown contact lenses non prescription.

    However, the choices don't end there! If you're feeling a little more daring, then make sure you check out our complete range of brown colored contact lens. From light brown contact lenses to chocolate shades, make sure to browse our brown contact lens section for more inspiration. If you fancy an even lighter honey style then pop over to our hazel contact lenses section for a browse.

    Some of our most popular styles are dark brown contact lenses. There is something spectacular about a pair of deep brown eyes. This color is the perfect choice if you want your eyes to appear larger. This rich color can add warmth to your eyes and is sure to give you that cute puppy dog gaze.

    Although plenty of people naturally have a brown eye color, you can always enjoy slightly changing your look to see if your friends notice. It may help you to bring out a lighter shade in your wardrobe or makeup. You could even use lenses to match your favourite anime or movie character for an accurate Cosplay. This is one of the most common eye colors in the world but that is no reason not to celebrate and enjoy it!

    Transform Your Eye Color With Brown Contact Lenses

    Search no more for cosmetic contact lenses in brown, as you’ll find all the fabulous hazel toned contacts you could ever need or want in amongst our collection of colored contact lenses. Simple to use and easy to care for, if you’ve ever dreamed of switching up the shade of your eyes for something more exciting then make sure not to miss out on our brown contact lens collection.

    It is the strong pigmentation in our colored contacts that make it possible for every shade of colored contact to cover nearly every shade of eye color. So if you are looking for brown contact lenses for black eyes then you can shop with confidence here at Coloured Contacts.

    There is one more choice to make when you are thinking about buying brown contact lenses. With our range of brown contact lenses prescription you can now leave the glasses at home and enjoy a totally new vision experience. Whether you decide to buy prescription or non-prescription lenses we know your lenses will be comfortable thanks to the FDA approval for these contact lenses to be shipped to the US. These lightweight lenses are breathable and lightweight, which will help the eye to stay hydrated while you are using your colored contacts.

    If you do opt for the prescription variety then you can select the power for each eye, ensuring you have an exact match to your prescription and clear vision during your use of our fashion lenses.

    Worried our contact lenses won’t cover your natural eye color? While we can assure you our lenses are all made with high quality pigmentation we can also direct you to our blog section specifically dedicated to finding you the best contact lenses for your color. It is important to consider that some of our lenses do have transparent sections as they are designed to enhance your natural eye color rather than completely change it. Head over to this section to find out about the best contact lenses for dark eyes for full color coverage and tips and tricks.

    With plenty to choose from we think you are ready to start your shopping experience for brown contact lenses cheap with Coloured Contacts. If you are a first time contact lens user and need a little help and direction then head to our blog or explore our website for handy hints on how to use and wear your new lenses. If you are ever worried or have any questions make sure to ask your optometrist or eye doctor as your eye health is of utmost importance. Some eye types are not suited to wearing fashion lenses so always check your eye suitability before purchasing a pair of contact lenses.

    You can shop brown contact lenses US and beyond with plenty of shipping options to choose from. We like to cater to a wide range of countries so you can enjoy swapping your eye color wherever you are from. Can’t find your country on our list? We are always adding new postage options so be sure to check back again soon.

    Once you are confident that your eyes are suitable for wearing colored contacts you can get back to the fun part of choosing your perfect design. Another favourite event for wearing colored contacts is to a party. If you are looking to add something special to your look, this could be the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Have fun matching your makeup to your new lenses and experiment with new wardrobe options. When you change your eye color it can open up a new color palette.

    Don’t settle for any eye color; enhance them with a pair of beautiful brown contact lenses, available here at Coloured Contacts in a wide variety of different natural and enhanced shades, tones, styles and durations.

  • Gold

    Are you on the hunt for a pair of bold and beautiful new contact lenses? Want something that’ll help you to make a real style statement? Then look no further than our unbeatable range of gold contact lenses, the easy way to add some metallic majesty to your gaze!

    If having beautifully colorful eyes is your desire, gold eye contacts should be your first choice. Your eyes are not only the window to your soul but are also the most important part of your overall appearance because people tend to notice your eyes before anything else. With the growth of the cosmetic lenses market, you get to enjoy the availability of a myriad of new, exciting and unique colored lenses, leaving you with an ample number of choices for different occasions, including Halloween.

    Gold Contact Lenses: Creative Costume Ideas

    Whether you’re searching for that perfect finishing touch to your Halloween costume or a staple to stash in your Cosplay bag, our gold contact lens range is absolutely crammed with products to inspire the hottest character costumes around!

    Are you a die-hard Twilight fan? If so, prove your dedication to Team Jacob by flaunting a pair of our perfectly wild gold werewolf contact lenses! You can change up your vampire look by aspiring to be Bella or Edward from the Twilight series. Our lovely gold contacts can help you achieve that look in seconds. Ideal for livening up your gaze in a matter of minutes, be sure to rock the party with these stunning lenses. Get gold contact lenses Twilight to copy your favorite characters and you are sure to be the talk of the party.

    Everyone is talking about the Twilight Saga movies and The Vampire Diaries. Imagine how cool you will look rocking a pair of amber contacts to transform you into a vampire or a werewolf! Movies like Avatar and remakes of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and Aliens, have all seen a huge increase in interest in fictional heroes, heroines and cartoon characters in our modern culture and society so why not level up your cosplay with a pair of our honey gold contact lenses. Enjoy creating your own Naruto characters and movie villains with our fashion lenses.

    If ferocious beasts aren’t your bag, you can use our gold contact lenses cosplay range to finish off any number of anime inspired cartoon outfits. Regular Cosplayers know that Avatar inspired costumes are always a hit, so transform yourself into one of the Na’vi in some authentic looking gold peepers!

    Even if you’re not a movie buff, you can bring a touch of animalistic creepy style to any costume by using some of our gold cat’s eye contact lenses. These special effects contacts come with a printed cat eye pupil that sits directly over your natural pupil, giving the illusion that you have claws on those paws! These animal contacts are fantastic when paired with a black bodysuit and a tail, so why not try out this purr-fect costume idea for Halloween? MEOW! Cat Contact Lenses can also be used to create creepy reptilian inspired looks, fantasy creatures, and other scary Halloween beasts.

    If you are ready to take the plunge and try out gold colored contact lenses, then browse through the enormous range of options available at Colored Contacts. Whether you are preparing for Halloween or any other costume party, our gold contact lenses for dark eyes will give you an opportunity to create a stunning look!

    Colored contact lenses are the easiest way to completely transform your image. Forget expensive accessories, all you need is our selection of colored lenses to maximize your outfit. Depending on the style, colored lenses can create a costume on their own without any need for special clothing. Whether you plan to wear your lenses as part of a costume or you just fancy adding a bit of mystery to your everyday look, our gold lenses are guaranteed to make you turn heads wherever you go.

    Versatile and adaptable, yellow/gold lenses are the perfect finish for a wide range of costumes. Some of our favorite costume ideas for gold contact lenses include:

    • Catwoman
    • Werewolf
    • Mad Hatter
    • Avatar
    • Twilight
    • Lion
    • Tiger
    • Lizard
    • Cheshire Cat
    • Alien
    • Wolf
    • Zombie
    • Vampire

    Gold Contacts: Choosing Your Perfect Pair

    Ideal for parties, our range of gold color contact lenses are sure to do all the talking. Paired with some glamorous makeup, you can rest assured that your style will shine brightly into the early hours which is especially great if you are heading out to a New Year’s party or a wild night out.

    For a one-time event, try 1 Day lenses. You just pop them in for fancy dress time and don’t have to worry about taking care of them. Daily gold contact lenses non prescription are also great when you want to try out different colors and styles before deciding on a more regular look or the perfect effect for your costume.

    Planning to attend many fancy dress parties or spend several days at festivals? The 90 Day gold contact lens options may be just right for letting you get plenty of use out of one pair of contact lenses for all of your partying needs.

    Cosplayers and people enhancing their everyday wardrobe will enjoy 1 Year contact lenses so they only have to buy gold contact lenses one pair to last for a whole year.

    There are a few things to consider before deciding which duration you would like. Firstly, do you have the time and equipment to properly maintain your glimmer gold contact lenses in between uses? If this sounds like too much hassle or hard-work then stick to daily lenses. All you need to do is throw them away after one use. It is important to note no matter which lenses you choose you will need to properly prepare them by soaking them in solution for at least two hours before use.

    If you want to save money in the long run and are preparing for several costumes or photoshoots then we would definitely recommend a longer duration. The 90 day or 1 year lenses do require more maintenance but many of our customers think it is worth the effort. Our 90 day range is particularly popular due to the vast number of style options. With these lenses, the duration begins from the first use of your lenses so be sure to make a note of the date as it is very important not to use your lenses for longer than specified.

    In between uses you will need to store your gold circle lenses in a sterile container and some lens solution. We stock a number of designs of lens case, from novelty to travel options. These cases all feature a secure screw top to keep your lenses clean. Our lens case & kits also include extra tools and gadgets to help you care for your lenses and to aid in inserting them. From mini tweezers to a lens wand applicator, this is sure to make your day run smoothly. If you are a first time contact lens wearer the lens wand may be particularly handy as you get to grips with inserting your lenses.

    If you are shopping for gold contact lenses US or from another country you can choose from a variety of postage options to find the quickest or cheapest option for you. One of the things we pride ourselves in is our shipping options. We are always adding new countries to our delivery list so more people can enjoy funky colored contact lenses.

    Did you know we now stock gold contact lenses prescription? If you have had enough of your glasses cramping your style when you cosplay then this is your opportunity to experience clear vision as well as show off an awesome design. Our gold prescription contacts give you the option to select the power for each eye so you can be sure to have a close match to your everyday lenses. Your friends are sure to notice your transformation!

    Just remember that before you order, you must visit your optician or optometrist to assess the health of your eyes and determine that you’re a suitable candidate to wear gold colored contacts, prescription or not. It is also best to ask the professionals any questions you have before using our gold eye contact lenses. This will help dispel your worries and leave you to enjoy your new look. Remember, if you ever have any concern about your eye health always visit your optician or eye specialist.

    For extra hints and tips or style advice visit our social media pages and Blog. We are always posting new costume ideas and love to help you make the most of your new contacts.

    Want to tone down the glimmer effect of gold contact lenses. If you prefer something a little less metallic then be sure to check out our Yellow Contact Lenses section for even more designs. Decided to try a completely different costume? Then make sure to explore our range of other styles and colors. We are confident you will find something to suit your costume. You can even explore our natural lenses for a subtle everyday change.

  • Green

    Don’t be green with envy of those with naturally green eyes; transform your iris in an instant with our incredible collection of green contact lenses, available here at Coloured Contacts! We have an absolutely fabulous collection of non prescription green colored contact lenses that range from natural green shades all the way to vivid, enhanced tones that truly make your eyes stand out and are appropriate for all kinds of occasions.

    We stock one of the biggest and best collections of green contact lenses online. Here at Coloured Contacts, we have dozens of green colored contacts that are sure to instantly remix the shade of your eyes. Whether you’re simply bored of your current color or are looking to enhance the natural vibrancy of your green peepers, these green contacts will undoubtedly make a bold impression.

    Perfect for changing the tone of your eyes, especially if you’re bored or unsatisfied with your natural eye color, our natural green contact lenses allow you to switch up in an instant the shade of your iris to something fresh and new that compliments your style and personality. Or, if you feel your eyes need only a little spicing up, you can also enhance the natural color of your eyes. From high-quality and safe to use brands, you’ll discover all come in a variety of different tones and have variable lengths of use, from a single day, to 30 days, 90 days and even a full year of multiple uses.

    If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All of our contact lenses are produced adhering to strict guidelines and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear. As well as this, you’ll also be happy to know that these are FDA Approved, which means that you can settle for a gorgeous new green contact and know that they’re incredibly safe and comfortable for every day usage.

    Which Green Contact Lenses Will You Choose?

    Suitable for all different occasions, such as going out, parties, fancy dress for Halloween or cosplay, and also for casual every day wear as a fashion accessory; there’s no need to settle for your dull natural shade with our amazing looking green eye contact lenses! You’ll also find unique styles such as those based on cats, reptiles and even fantasy creatures such as dragons, goblins and witches. But let’s all be honest with ourselves, if you’re looking at upgrading your style with some new green colored contacts, it’s all about owning the absolute best natural style; and at Coloured Contacts, it’s incredibly easy to do so.

    As we’ve mentioned previously, getting a pair of light green contacts really can level up your costume. Not only can they be made use of for some of the spookiest costumes, such as witches, wolves and anime cosplay; they double up as your everyday green eye lens. The reason we feel that everyone should own a pair of green lenses isn’t just because of their fantastic versatility, it’s also because of the incredible amount of color and style options that we have available to you. For a bright and vibrant style, we can offer you a gorgeous pair of colored contact lenses that will look absolutely mesmerising! Or are you looking for something that’s incredibly realistic? We have a wide variety of light green contact lenses with cosmetic iris styles and colorful limbal rings to reinvent your look.

    One of our favourite uses for soft green contact lenses is straight up glamour! With natural lenses available in single, two tone, or tri tone, we’re adamant that we’ll have the perfect shade and style to suit you! Plus, if totally natural isn’t quite daring enough to release your inner diva, we also have a glimmer, enhanced and sparkly lenses available, perfect for stepping up your evening look. Whether you want to dazzle your friends or simply want emerald green contacts to change things up, Coloured Contacts has got you covered. Our bright green lenses are the ultimate part of your look that can provide an edge to your outfit, or act as a way to add a dash of surprise and envy to the lives of those around you!

    Our ultra-glam green contact lenses are perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s New Year's Eve, Halloween, your birthday or a cosplay or roleplay event, they’re certain to give you that little bit extra. They can even help you develop a new persona – a new you! Whether you’re on the front row at fashion week or propping up the bar at your local, there’s no reason not to change with the seasons, with a natural look that works for dark eyes and light eyes. Need some help on picking a pair of green contacts for dark eyes? Click here to find out more information and which styles will best suit your look!

    But that’s not all, as well as a variety, of daily, 90 day and yearly lenses we can also offer you a green contact lenses prescription. This means that if you’re suffering from short sighted vision and feel that you’d love to show off your new green eyes without the use of your glasses; you can. Visit our prescription contact lenses section and find yourself the ultimate pair! If you’ve been looking for a pair of reusable green contact lenses with prescription, we’ll be able to suit you up with a pair of green colored contact lenses that will give your eyes unparalleled eye definition and clarity. Luckily for everyone, this doesn’t just apply for our natural green colored contact lenses. For more information on how to get your green contact lenses prescription or another pair of our RX lenses, be sure to check out the Coloured Contacts website for further information. After you’ve chosen your perfect pair of lenses and ordered, we can contact your personal optician and perform an RX check to make sure you are 100% suitable to wear a pair of our colorful contact lenses.

    For anyone out there that’s more goth than glam, don’t worry we’ve also got something for you! If bright green eyes really aren’t for you, then why not try some of our horror inspired lenses instead! We have green lenses inspired by horror creatures, like goblins, witches, creepy dolls, and animals like lizards and cats. There are also some generally spooky green contacts on our website, like the UV lenses that light up under a specially made black light, as well as our range ofmesh and blind effect lenses. There really is a pair of green Halloween contacts for everyone.

    While lime green contacts are great in their own right for costumes like Poison Ivy, there are specific fantasy creature contacts available – like goblin lenses, witch lenses and even dolly lenses. These styles can be a step up from natural and will make sure your eyes match your dolly style porcelain face paint as you bring this inanimate yet terrifying object to life on the one truly magical night of the year! There are also green lizard eyes and cat’s eyes if anyone is looking to let their spirit animal out. But if you want a style that is going to draw someone in from first glance, you’ll need to go with one of the natural styles from our green contacts lenses range.

    Why Choose Our Green Contact Lenses?

    As we’re sure you’re already aware, buying yourself a new pair of colored contacts can be a very big deal. It’s hard enough trying to work out whether the new eye color you’ve chosen will be perfect for you, but you also need to make sure that you choose a pair of natural contact lenses that will be comfortable and safe for the whole duration that you intend to use them for! Here at Coloured Contacts not only do we bring you some of the brightest and boldest colors around, we also make sure that you have a safe and comfortable experience every time.

    Every single pair of our prescription and non-prescription colored contact lenses go through an intense manufacturing process which makes sure that they are made of high quality premium materials, they are incredibly durable and comfortable enough to be used for their full intended duration. This gives all our lenses their prestigious FDA approval! So rest assured that if you buy a pair of our green colored lenses, as well as having a fantastic experience you’ll be able to show off an entirely new you.

    Another reason to use Coloured Contacts is because of our outstanding knowledge. If you’re the sort of person who knows the exact new style that you’re aiming for, but needs some help to work out the kinks; we have you covered with our host of content. Whether you need help with a specific costume, or just new and exciting ideas for green tinted contact lenses, we always have something to shout about. As well as posting regularly on our social media about new and exciting trends that are emerging within the eye makeup fashion world, beauty and costume community, we also regularly create blog posts for a range of different topics. Don’t believe us? Check out our massive blog section here! As well as style information and latest trends, there’s plenty more to see. From how to put in your colored contact lenses to even ‘What are the best green eyes contact lenses’, we know that you’ll be incredibly happy with all the aftercare advice that we can provide you!

    Easy and safe to use as a fashion accessory only, those looking to reinvent their gaze need to look no further than this awesome range of green contact lenses, complete with both natural and enhanced eye shades that’ll make friends and family green with jealousy.

  • Gray

    Searching for some gray contact lenses for that big night out? Want high quality but low prices? Look no further than our huge range of gray colored contact lenses. With designs you won't find elsewhere, you're sure to find your perfect pair here at Colored Contacts!

    Ideal for transforming your look in the blink of an eye, these gray eye contacts can change the color of most natural eye tones. From soft, natural gray contact lenses to steely, dark gray shades, we've got a little something for every taste. So whether you're making the move from brown eyes to gray or blue to gray eyes, you can be sure to achieve a flawless result.

    There are plenty of occasions you might want gray eyes for, and our range reflects that. Maybe you’re looking for a ghoulish effect for a horrifying Halloween party, or perhaps you want to go gray permanently? Whatever it is, Colored Contacts has got your back.

    Wondering how many different styles of gray style lenses there are? You can browse a huge range of different silvery styles which could be worked into your everyday outfit, or even into a totally terrifying costume.

    • Misty Gray Contact Lenses – add a mysterious edge to your look with something a little more alluring. A misty look is sure to add depth and a sense of enticement to your stare. Perhaps an enchanting sorcerer look or a magnificent witch or wizard would make great costume ideas.
    • Realistic Gray Contacts – you can buy gray natural effect lenses whose designs replicate the effect of a natural iris. If you want an alternative to the usual natural colors, then gray is the perfect way to step up your style.
    • Pure Gray Contact Lenses – a gray Zombie or even ghoulish costume could be complemented and completed by a pair of solid gray contacts. The colder and more vacant gray coloration will add some true terror to your Halloween outfit.

    Perfect for adding a touch of personality to all manner of everyday looks as well as Halloween, cosplay and fancy dress occasions, our range of cheap colored contact lenses will ensure that all eyes are on you. Don’t be fooled by our competitive prices. The quality of our lenses has not been compromised.

    All our lenses are approved for shipping in the US by FDA regulations, so you are guaranteed to get a pair of contact lenses that is both high-quality and safe to use. For extra advice on using cosmetic contact lenses, we recommend visiting you opticians or eye doctors. We are also here to give some assistance, with our handy guides and blog posts on Coloured Contacts.

    Choosing Your Gray Colored Contacts

    Colored contact lenses are quickly becoming a popular way to perfect your look for any occasion. Whether you’re dressing to impress or just want to stand out from the crowd, these lenses will make your eyes the center of attention in any situation.

    Offering not only opaque contact lenses, Coloured Contacts also offers a vast range of patterned lenses to ensure your outfit looks as unique and stylish as possible! Ensuring that you stand out from the crowd, why not complete your outfit in style?

    With male cosplay becoming extremely popular, having a good selection of cosmetic contact lenses at your fingertips can mean the difference between an average man’s costume and an epic one. From infamous movie character to comic book villain, our gray colored contacts are the perfect accessory to pull your whole outfit together. If you’re wondering how to incorporate gray lenses into your outfit, just take a look at some of our favorite gray-eyed boys costume ideas:

    • Christian Gray
    • Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
    • Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
    • Gladiator
    • Ninja
    • Robot
    • Final Fantasy

    Non prescription grey contact lenses are the perfect way to create a new look if you don’t need prescription lenses. Our costume styles can help you to transform into your favorite anime character or movie star. Only a handful of people have this rare eye color so in order to closely match your character for a cosplay you are going to need a little help. Fashion lenses are the easy, hassle free way to achieve this!

    Here at Coloured Contacts, you can find everything you need to use your dark gray contact lenses. From lens solution to a lens case or kit, with tools to help you insert your lens on the go, you can be sure to keep your lenses clean and ready to use. Are you ready to take your lenses out for the day? Carry your lens kit around with you and you can discreetly place your lenses back in the case and clean them with lens solution.

    Our Natural Gray Contact Lenses

    We have several variations in natural gray contact lens so you can get the exact shade you have always dreamed about. If you are going for something very bright that will completely intensify your gaze, try our one-day range of light gray contact lenses. These include our single tone, tri tone, and mystic grey colors.While there are many other options, our most popular styles fall into three categories.

    The Gray Tri Tone Color Lenses are without a doubt one of our most realistic styles. These lenses come in both daily and 90 day variants so you can choose the duration to suit your needs. The tri tone grey contact lenses feature a fairly dark grey iris. The key is in the details with this style. The inner ring of the iris is a subtle shade of brown for a natural glow. This has the effect of adding depth to your lens. The single gray colored lenses can lack the depth compared to those made with extra color flecks. If you have looked at a natural iris you will notice it is composed of many different colors which is exactly why our tri tone lenses look so realistic. The outer ring or limbal ring is very dark which also enhances this 3D effect.

    In comparison our two tonenatural grey contacts feature a similarly dark limbal ring but do not have the brown color towards the centre. These lenses are perfect for those wanting to achieve pure grey eyes. If you are looking to create a flawless makeup style then these could be the lenses to pair with your look. The smoky gray contact lenses shade is sure to draw everyone’s attention towards your eyes so make sure your eye shadow is looking the best.

    Our third style is the one tone lenses. These feature one solid light gray contact lenses shade with small dark color flecks for realism. The entire iris is the same even tone so is sure to result in a bright eyed effect. These single tone lenses are so light in shade they can look like silver grey contact lenses under certain lights. If you are creating a fantasy costume or just want to add a mystical style to your everyday look then you won’t be able to help falling in love with these light gray contacts.

    If you like our selection of gray cosmetic contact lenses, then you should check out our full range of contact lenses! With a huge variety of different colors, patterns and finishes available in 1 day, 30 day, 90 day or 1 year options, you can experiment with your look for less.

    When selecting your gray color lens it is important to consider which duration you would like to try. If you opt for a 90 day or 1 year option you will need to read up on maintaining and caring for your lenses as eye safety is of the utmost importance. In order to do this you will need extra lens solution handy to keep your lenses fresh and sterile. If you love gadgets and tools then be sure to pick up one of our lens kits. The handy tweezers and sealable case will help you to maintain your new lenses. The duration period starts from the first time you use your lenses so be sure to take note of the date as it is important to only use lenses for as long as stated on the packaging.

    If you want to skip the hassle of cleaning your lenses after every use then take a look at our daily lenses. These one use lenses can be worn once then thrown away. Even though they are single use lenses it is important to prepare them properly in lens solution. These hassle free lenses are perfect if you are looking to try out your first pair of contact lenses.

    Gray Contact Lenses: Extra Information

    There are certain things that we value when it comes to sterling gray contacts at Colored Contacts. One of these is the quality of our lenses.The high-quality manufacture of our products means that the pigmentation used to color the lenses looks bold and impressive, without becoming too unrealistic.

    A question we are frequently asked is what will gray contact lenses on brown eyes look like? Head over to our section dedicated to showing you the best lenses for brown eyes to find the brightest colors. Results can vary for gray contacts on dark brown eyes however you should see some variation in color with all our lenses. The difference is some of our lenses are designed to completely change the color of your iris while others are patterned to add color flecks to your natural tone.

    Now we have talked about the styles and durations of lenses it is time for you to choose which to try first. Remember you can always come back for more! Make sure to always follow safety advice and listen to your optometrist or eye doctor.

    Once you are confident in using gray contact lenses you will be trying out an array of other shades so enjoy exploring our natural and costume styles for your next fancy dress, Halloween or New Year’s party. You can even switch up your color as part of your normal casual style, we frequently change other parts of our appearance so why not our natural eye color too?

  • Hazel

    If you are looking for hazel contact lenses, our wide range of hazel fashion contact lenses is sure to have something for you. Colored contact lenses are a great way to change your eye color and transform your whole look. If you’re looking to transform your look with a new color iris, hazel colored contacts can make switching up your style an easy task.

    A shade of hazel offers an eye color that is lighter and brighter than your normal shade of brown. If you feel your style is in need of brightening up, then some light brown contacts are sure to do the trick. A new shade could completely change your lifestyle and how you look. Introducing a new color into your ensemble could mean a new hair color and wardrobe. Whatever your fashion plans Colored Contacts has you and your gaze equipped for every possibility!

    Our hazel colored contact lens range includes both non prescription and prescription options available. This means even customers with corrective eye requirements can enjoy a brand new eye color. You can pick the exact prescription for each eye when you purchase. Just because hazel contacts no prescription are such a popular choice, it doesn’t mean that those who require corrective lenses shouldn’t be able to get in on the fun! Make sure to check out the hazel contacts prescription available.

    Buy Hazel Colored Contact Lenses Online

    Looking for a sophisticated look to complement either your daily outfit or even your party wear? Then look no further than Coloured Contact's range of hazel lenses! Even amongst such a specific shade, you can find so many options of shades and styles. Transform your eyes with our captivating natural hazel contacts. Check out some of the popular types below:

    • Pure Hazel Contacts – a shade of pure hazel is always sought after when it comes to colored contact lenses that look real. The simpler one tone shades of this style can give awesome transformations, where subtly is most certainly key. This pure look is sure to keep your style feeling fresh and fabulous.
    • Hazel Green Contacts – natural lighter brown eye colors are often seen containing flecks of green, which is why you may discover some green undertones in our detailed designs. This finish will add to the overall effect making your new eye color look more realistic whilst giving your stare more depth.
    • Honey Hazel Contact Lenses – for a sweeter touch to your stare, a warmer honey brown color is sure to attract all kinds of attention. Perhaps a multi tonal effect or even a style of own Glimmer lenses will add an even lighter shade of brown to your already standout ensemble.
    • Dark Hazel Contact Lenses – if you are seeking a darker shade of hazel lens then it may be better to have a look through our Brown Contact Lenses section. However, there are dark hazels available, some with the green tones specified above to add a touch more contrast.

    There are various styles you can choose when shopping our collection of hazel colored contact lenses. Our One Tone hazelcoloredd lens is ideal for those seeking to reinvent their look. With subtle hazel tones, these lenses are super realistic and natural looking, rounding off any look you're going for - as part of your daily outfit or evening wear! If you're seeking something with a little more intensity then rest assured, our range of Two and Three Tone lenses are sure to quench your thirst! Slightly more complex looking than the Single Tone lenses, these intricate looking hazel lenses will be sure to captivate all that catch your eye!

    Not one for subtlety we hear you say? Then fear not, the range of available light brown contacts doesn't end there! If you're seeking a pair of lenses that ensures your look stands out from the crowd, then why not check out our range of Big Eye Lenses we have available. Providing your stare with that little extra dramatic definition, these lenses will ensure your gaze isn't missed!

    With a huge range of hazel colored lenses available, we boast one of the largest brown contact lenses selections online, with natural looking lenses available in unique designs. Worried that those hazel contact lenses might not suit you? You might be surprised! Because of the natural shades used, these hazel contact lenses look great on anyone with darker skin or even those with a paler complexion.

    Picking The Perfect Hazel Contact Lens

    We are constantly asked whether hazel contact lenses on brown eyes is a possibility, which is why we have created specialized blog posts to answer just that! With specific, more opaque, styles it is possible to cover up your darker brown eyes. Because our lenses are rich in color, you can ever wear hazel contacts for dark eyes and light hazel contacts on previously brown eyes to create that perfect tawny shade of hazel. These highly pigmented colored contact lenses will ensure that you get the best color coverage to create a convincing new look.

    All of our hazel shades are invented with such rich pigment that they have the same effect on brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, and every other color you can think of! Anything can be possible for brown eyed customers when they get hazel colored contact lenses. Check out our For Dark Eyes blog posts for more information.

    Some styles in our range offer a color enhancement, rather than full coverage. If you’re craving a few splashes of color in your eyes, then some of our light hazel contacts might be more to your taste. They can add a few more tones of color to your iris which allows for a subtle transformation. This can add more depth to your stare with additional tones and colors. You can get even more from a hazel eye lens when you know what the style entails and what effect it’ll have on your current eye color.

    With our Virtual Mirror try onfeature, you can see what each hazel lens might look like before they make it into your eyes. As well as this, we have plenty of blogs and ideas for when it comes to eye makeup and styling your new lenses. There are plenty of neat features you can use to help decide which contacts are the best for you. So, there really is no reason you can't flaunt those pure hazel eyes you've always longed for.

    You can choose your lenses based on how long you would like them to last. We stock different types of contact lenses that are available in various durations of wear, giving you the option to change your eyes for 1 day, 90 days or even 1 year; perfect for people who want a no-strings fling with a new color, or for anyone who wants to have a hazel hue time and time again. So, you have the option of a no-strings attached, once-off wear and everything in between!

    Our multipacks of hazel brown lenses are perfect for those who want a new eye color for longer, but don’t want the hassle of day-to-day maintenance. Whilst preparing and caring for the lenses before use is still an essential factor, daily disposables mean that you can dispose of them after one use.

    Hazel Contacts for All Eye Colors

    If you're wondering what hazel contact lenses on brown eyes would look like, or maybe you're keen to try hazel contacts on blue eyes, our highly pigmented colored contact lenses will ensure that you get the best color coverage to create a convincing new look.

    Whether you're seeking a pair of hazel lenses to fulfil your lengthy dream of having hazel or light brown colored eyes, or whether you're seeking the finishing touch to your impromptu party ensemble - Coloured Contacts has you covered!

    The natural look of hazel contact lenses means they also coordinate with any outfit for any occasion! So you can even play it subtle by wearing a new eye color to work every day, or flirt with a new look at the weekends. So, if you've been dreaming of having pair of warming, copper autumnal eyes - then hazel lenses are most definitely for you! Don't delay; get your hands on a pair of these stunning, cost effective lenses to complete your dream look!

    So, what are you waiting for? Don't delay... Check out the vast range of light brown hazel contacts available here at Coloured Contacts! We've got all your needs covered, whether it's fancy dress accessories that you seek, or that finishing touch to your daily ensemble, we're confident we've got what you're searching for. We offer fast and efficient delivery to the UK with plenty of options on how you can get your lenses to you.

  • Orange

    Get a new standout look with a pair of orange contact lenses. This bright eye color is sure to look amazing in any Halloween costume and fancy dress outfit. A pair of orange colored contact lenses is a popular Cosplay accessory, as you can copy the eye color of all your favourite characters and creations. Orange is a shade that’s sure to stand out, so why not upgrade your look today?

    If you’ve been browsing for ways to get orange eyes contact lenses online, then you’ve found your perfect shop. Our collection of bright orange lenses are sure to please as their intricate detailing and bold coloration can make for some awesome costume and eye color transformations. Orange is a vibrant color for a contact lens, as it can bring a unique and alternative eye style to your look.

    Are you ready to impress at your next event? Experience the feeling of what it’s like to grab the attention of an entire room in an instant. Slide on a set of bright orange contact lenses for your freakiest costume yet. You’ll definitely win the award for best dressed with these cosmetic contacts! If you’re in the costume planning stage for October 31st, then now is the time to pick yourself up a brand new pair of colored contact lenses.

    Buy Orange Colored Contacts Online

    Our orange contact lenses are perfect for creating great Cosplays and Halloween costumes, or simply for some eye-catching everyday makeup accessorizing. The versatility of orange colored lenses means they can be worn for a variety of different fancy dress looks including vampires, werewolves and other spooky creatures! Get your very own contacts now!

    Wondering what ways you can put your horror contact lenses to good use? Here are some cool costume ideas that you could make even better with a pair of orange eyes. Prepare to scare with these spooky fancy dress ideas, get creative and stand out this Halloween:

    • Twilight Werewolf Contacts – become a creature of the night with glowing orange eyes!
    • Pennywise Outfits – scary clown costumes wouldn’t be complete without the contacts to match!
    • Count Dracula Vampire – a blood-sucking monster needs orange eyes to stand out in the dark!
    • Fire Breathing Dragons – turn up the heat on your dragon costume with some fiery orange eyes!

    These ideas don’t have to be spooky and will make for great orange contact lenses Cosplay inspiration. Now that we’ve got you packed to the gills with styling ideas for orange contact lenses, it’s time to check out our range and pick your perfect pair! Orange is a hugely popular Halloween eye style, and there are plenty of specific orange eye contacts that will make your glare look even fiercer.

    • Orange Werewolf Contacts – one of our most popular orange eye styles, a pair of wolf contact lenses is sure to complete any wolfish style. Whether you pay homage to Jacob from Twilight or go for something a whole lot more horrific, you can be sure that orange werewolf contact lenses will help to nail a hellacious lycanthropic look.
    • Orange Cat Eye Contacts– cat contact lenses are a hugely popular type of contact lens as they can help to recreate the unique vertical pupil look of an animal eye. This feline style is perfect for all manners of animal costumes including cat, reptile, snake, crow or lizard. There is a huge number of cat eye colors available in our store.
    • Orange UV Contacts–these colored contacts will glow orange under a blacklight. Stand out from the crowd on any dance floor or October 31st bash. Team a pair of UV reactive wolf lenses with a ragged costume, fake fangs and for the truly brave, a realistic looking set of prosthetics to transform you into a wild and terrifying beast!
    • Orange Manson Contacts – this specific style is a popular pick for Halloween as it can fit with a huge variety of costume ideas. As well as monster styles and terrifying looks, this lens could make an ideal addition to any pumpkin-inspired costume – cute or creepy! This unique style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

    With all of these incredible orange lens styles, it’s never been easier to morph into a haunting shape-shifter, spooky spirit or demonic devil! Just set yourself free to transform into a creature of the night that will give everyone a fright! Let your imagination and creativity soar while you explore. There are even more colors and styles in our Halloween Contact Lenses section that you have to check out.

    You can also shop orange prescription contacts with us, as there are plenty of corrective Halloween styles available in our online. We are pleased to stock these awesome styles as it means even more customers can enjoy switching up their eye color. You can accurately pick the exact corrective strength that is required for your exact prescription.

    Orange Contact Lenses Features and Styles

    Coloured Contacts presents the most creative and vast range of orange eye lenses to suit all tastes, styles and occasions.With a great selection of designs from lenses featuring orange flames, orange dragon eye lenses and Eye of Sauron designs, our range of cosmetic contact lenses is sure to have the right pair for you.

    You’ll find that each and every product in our orange contact lens range has all the features you would want from a safe and easy to use colored contact. Made from high-quality materials such as polyhema, these contacts are lightweight and breathable. This ensures extra comfort during prolonged wear, as the surface of the eye can easily keep itself hydrated.

    The most important aesthetic feature that you’ll want to know about with our orange colored contact lenses is how the coloration will look on your eyes. If you are currently sporting naturally dark brown eyes, there’s a chance you’re uncertain about whether orange lenses will work for your eye color.The great thing about our vibrant orange contact lenses is that they are pigmented enough to transform any eye color; so if you're trying to go from brown eyes to orange or blue eyes to orange.

    This range of high-quality opaque contact lenses is the ideal solution to achieve those amber eyes you desire. Our cosmetic lenses were made for dark eyes as well as light ones. We provide highly pigmented coverage that will completely obscure your natural hue. This coloration not only ensures coverage but allows a wonderful canvas for intricate eye designs and bold shades alike.

    The beauty of shopping with Coloured Contacts is our variation in products. With our crazy contacts designs available in 1 Day, 90 Day or even 1 Year wear durations, you can have orange eyes for one night only, or flaunt that fiery stare again and again; perfect for Halloween, parties, Cosplay or festivals. Many customers opt for the single use contacts as they make for a perfect costume option - one daily use and you can dispose of the contacts easily!

    Even if you are opting for one day orange Halloween contact lenses, we suggest that you make an appointment with an optometrist for an eye exam before purchasing any contact lenses. They can make sure your eyes are completely suitable for wearing lenses and advise on any further details you may require when purchasing these contact lenses online. If you are a US customer, you must complete the required Rx optician check before any contact lens purchase. But this is quick, easy with us doing all of the legwork for you!

    Get Orange Eyes Contact Lenses

    Do you need an exciting Halloween costume accessory that really freaks a party out? Your search ends with us. Whether you love to shock your friends, or just have a love for the paranormal and creepy, a pair of orange colored eye contacts are guaranteed to bring on the stares. You’ll have fun spooking anyone who dares to walk past you!

    If you’re toying with the idea of Red Contact Lenses but also think Yellow Contact Lenses might also be for you, then we think orange amber contact lenses will be the perfect pick for you. Go ahead and flaunt those fiery eyes with our orange contact lenses. They’re sure to add a vibrant burst of color to any outfit. If you want the full effect, then we can’t recommend our orange UV contact lenses enough. They will glow under black light for an unnerving special effect.

    Now you know everything you need to know about orange lenses, you’ll want to know more about the service we offer at Coloured Contacts. With our fast and speedy US delivery options, you’ll have lenses delivered in no time. The shipping costs are cheap and competitive so you won’t have to worry about spending too much on your postage. Everything is catered for when you shop online with us. The question is: which orange colored contact lenses will you try first?

  • Pink

    Unlock awesome style potential with your very own pair of gorgeous pink contact lenses! At Colored Contacts we offer a selection of cosmetic pink contact lenses, great for finishing off fancy dress or Cosplay outfits including princesses, Barbie, fairies, unicorns, cartoon characters, anime and so much more! So if you are looking for a way to lift your fancy dress to a new level, try our pink colored contact lenses today.

    Whether you’re looking for kawaii-tastic circle lenses, UV reactive rave contacts or delicately patterned pink lenses, you can be sure to find your ideal look here at Coloured Contacts. From rose to cotton candy and magenta to fuchsia, there are dozens of different shades of pink contacts to choose from. The hardest choice you’ll face is deciding which pair to order first!

    Pretty In Pink with Colored Contact Lenses

    Our pink contact lenses come in a range of wear durations, so you can select 1 day wear, 90 day wear or even 1 year wear. Can’t decide which option to pick? Let us help you out!

    • 1 Day Contact Lenses: Great for anyone experimenting with their look, these single use lenses provide a temporary new look. If you’re going to be using your lenses infrequently or want to try plenty of different styles, these are the best lenses for your needs! They are also completely hassle free as far as care and maintenance are concerned. Simply wear once and throw away. It is still important to prepare your lenses properly in solution before use.
    • 90 Day & 1 Year Contact Lenses: These lenses are the ultimate in flexible, transformative power! Great for everyday wear or frequent Cosplayers, these lenses are perfect for instant transformations. You can be sure to always have your new look at your fingertips when you purchase these little beauties. With these lenses, it is important to note you will need to keep them sterile in between uses.

    Need some help keeping your lenses fresh? Or maybe you are always losing things? With a lens kit and case, you can be sure to keep track of your contact lenses. The handy tools in the kits will help you keep your lenses clean and can aid in inserting your contacts. The bright colors and novelty designs mean you will have a hard time losing these fun Contact Lens Cases! Place in your bag or on your bedside table to conveniently place your lenses in whenever you need to take them out. The sealable cases will keep your lenses secure until the next time you want to use them.

    Pink Colored Contacts: Choosing Your Style

    Is your inner pink princess just dying to shine? These colorful pink cosmetic lenses really are a great way to make your eyes stand out and attract attention for all the right reasons, so don’t delay in getting your hands on some today. From hot pink contact lenses to light pastel tones, you are sure to find your favorite shade of pink in our collection. These unusual contact lenses are also great for taking a seriously cool selfie, no filter or Photoshop needed! Here are some of the styles you can choose from.

    • Pink UV Contacts: Ideal for nights out, ‘80s parties or raves, these lenses are sure to get you noticed! With a gorgeous glow-in-the-dark finish when under a UV light, you’re guaranteed to attract plenty of attention.What’s more, these lenses look stunning under normal lighting conditions, giving off a solid, block color look.
    • Patterned Lenses: Ever fancied trying out floral printed lenses? Perhaps delicate butterfly style contacts are more your bag? With our selection of printed pink eye contacts, the world is your oyster! Choose from a range of patterns to create your dream character or funky party look.
    • Solid Color Contacts: From pink circle lenses to mini sclera styles, we’ve got a wide array of block color lenses to switch up your gaze. These styles will cover your natural iris to give you a fabulous new shade.
    • Animal Contact Lenses: Take a walk on the wild side and unleash your inner beast with our animal inspired lenses! Whether you’re looking for cat eye contacts to finish off a fantastic feline costume or searching for lenses to accessorize a lizard style ensemble, you can get your freak on in style!

    Remember we are always adding new styles to our online store so make sure to visit again soon for a chance to buy an awesome new design!

    Coordinate these bright pink contacts with some pink glittery eye makeup for a princess worthy look that is great for nights out or fancy dress. If you like the look of these pink colored contacts, check out our full range of colored contact lenses for tons of designs and colors.

    Looking to punk it up? Take 80’s rock chic to a new level of ferocity by adding pink lenses. Team with a little black dress, leather jacket, a spiky collar and biker boots. Backcomb your hair and go heavy on the eyeliner.

    Natural effect pink contacts can make a fun everyday change to your look. Spice up your outfit with a splash of pink and use a makeup color palette to match or complement your new eye tone. You may be wondering how pink eyes contacts lenses can look natural. They are designed to emulate the same natural color variation you would find in a real iris. These color flecks add depth to the lens and many feature a dark limbal ring too, just like a real eye. As you can see, though the color may not be realistic the style certainly is so you are sure to look awesome in your new pink lenses.

    Looking for a pink contact lenses cosplay? If Anime is more your thing, then find yourself a long pastel pink wig to match your eyes. Wear with a cute kawaii outfit and over the knee white socks.Plenty of characters in anime have shining pink eyes. The pastel shades work best for this effect. Many of our cosplay styles feature areas of black color to contrast with the baby pink. This gives the style of large innocent cartoon eyes that could be straight for the pages of a manga book.

    Draw inspiration from the Japanese Lolita subculture and create an elegantly eccentric look! For a sweet Lolita look, team light pink lenses with a ruffled frock, a parasol and a lace trimmed bonnet in subtle, pastel shades. If you fancy bringing a dash of color to your Gothic Lolita look, then pair some dark pink contacts with lashings of black lace, ruffles and bows to achieve a look that’ll certainly attract attention!

    Colored Contacts Lenses Information

    Did you know we now stock prescription lenses too? If you have been feeling left out of the fashion contact lens fun then you are about to be in for a treat. Our lenses come in a variety of prescriptions so you can enjoy clear vision as well as a funky style. Check out our pink contact lenses prescription, for example, you can choose the power for each eye to get a match to your own prescription! You can leave your glasses behind and wow your friends with your new prescription contact lenses. These lenses, just like our non-prescription styles, come in various styles for both natural and costume looks.

    Not only is our pink contact lens range simply unbeatable in terms of variety, but we also have some of the cheapest colored contacts on the market! Think low prices mean poor quality? Think again! We only stock lenses that the FDA approve for shipping in the US, so you can be confident in the knowledge that you will be receiving a pair of high-quality and safe contact lenses.

    All of our cosmetic contact lenses come in a sealed package containing eye-safe solution, which will keep them safe until you are ready to wear. To prepare your pink colored lenses be sure to soak them in some fresh lens solution for a further two hours before use.

    Here at Colored Contacts, we love to send our funky contact lenses around the world which is why you can shop with us for pink contacts lenses US and beyond. Our list of shipping options is growing so be sure to keep updated on our list of delivery destinations.

    Whether you are preparing for Halloween or any other party, wear our pink Halloween contact lenses to have the opportunity of being in the limelight. Browse through the range of options available at Colored Contacts and step into the world of colored and funky contact lenses for the cutest and the sweetest princess look. Stun the people around you with our range of creative pink contacts on brown eyes that match your style. Want to know more about which lenses are best for dark eyes? See our dedicated section here.

    Now you know all about the styles and features of our pink colored lenses you can enjoy browsing and coming up with ideas for your next costume. We are always sharing new ideas so be sure to browse the additional sections of our website such as the blog for handy hints on which styles to try and character inspiration for your next fancy dress. Our pink contact lenses are perfect for all your anime, fantasy and princess cosplays.

  • Purple

    On the hunt for some purple contact lenses? Want high quality at low prices? Then look no further! With a huge array of colors, patterns and styles you won't find on the high street, you'll find purple lenses from big brands, all at purse friendly prices.

    With a huge range of designs available, lightning fast delivery and simple ordering process, you can get your perfect pair of fashion contact lenses in the blink of an eye!

    Perfect for any occasion, our range of powerful purple eye contacts will take your look from middling to magical in the blink of an eye. From soft and pretty shades to bright and beautiful colors, we've got a little something for every taste. Plus, the color pigments are so bold and vivid that even the darkest of eyes can take on a whole new hue! Pretty awesome, right?

    There's no limit to the looks you can create, simply by using purple colored contact lenses! Whether you 're looking to make a subtle style statement or a loud and proud color change, then our purple contacts will be an ideal addition to your accessories collection.

    Perfect for fair skin and darker skin tones alike, this is a shade that really complements any complexion! Whether you want lenses for an upcoming Cosplay convention, Halloween party or any other fancy dress competition, these violet contact lenses are sure to turn the heads of all the party-goers. Wanna know what sets purple and violet contacts apart from other colored lenses?

    Purple Contacts: Enhance Your Eye Color

    Unlike red, bright green or black lenses, purple color contacts are a relatively uncommon choice for most fashion lens fans, meaning you're unlikely to see anyone sporting the same style as you! Pretty awesome right? After all, who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd and make sure all eyes are on them? If you have been searching for high-quality, yet affordable colored contact lenses that give you a confident and distinctive look, then your search ends at Coloured Contacts.

    The best attribute to this kind of colored contacts is that they are incredibly versatile. Although these lenses are primarily used for costumes, shades such as our violet coloured contact lenses prescription are on the boundaries between costume and natural. On one hand you may be looking for a bright pair of light purple contacts to finish off a particular fantasy costume or cosplay, but on the other hand, it’s also incredibly practical to double them up and also use them as your everyday pair.

    Having Coloured Contacts is all about one thing; looking great and giving everyone a mesmerising sight to be envious of. Particularly with natural colored contacts, it is incredibly important to choose a design that looks realistic and fits with your natural eye shade. On the Coloured Contacts website, we stock a wide variety of these fantastic lenses that feature all manner of designs, and you’ll be able to pick the exact iris design to complete your look. 

    As well as being able to provide you with a range of light and dark purple contact lenses you’ll also be able to choose between cosmetic or costume styles. Enhance your peepers with our range of one, two tone and tri tone lenses. Add extra definition and color and give off a beautiful new eye hue. Fancy something a little spookier for your next costume? Not to worry, we also have a massive range of quirky styles of violet contacts to accommodate any of your alternative Halloween costumes. 

    If you’ve shopped with Coloured Contacts before or you’re completely new to prescription and non prescription colored lenses, let us run you through some of the finer details. Our range of dark and light purple contacts are made completely for your pleasure. At Coloured Contacts we work hard on bringing you some of the most sought after and popular styles from around the world. Whether that’s a classic Halloween style for your once a year friendly get together or a new trending anime or television character which you must show off at the latest comic convention; you can probably guarantee that we will have the perfect lenses to match.

    As well as your regular plano styles, you can also pick up purple prescription contacts from our website. We understand too well how frustrating it can be not to be able to join and perfect your costume with a pair of crazy lenses, but needing corrective vision lenses shouldn’t be an extra problem; and at Coloured Contacts, it isn’t. Within this Prescription section, you’ll be able to browse a range of purple contacts and choose a pair that gives you the look of your dreams. 

    Not only this, but on our website you’ll find that the majority of our contacts, whether they are prescription or not, are available in a variety of different durations. That means that if you like toget kitted up for once a year at Halloween you can pick up your favourite dailies.Is your costume too good to only parade once? Then our 90 day lenses will give you 3 months of wear. But if you’re truly serious about maintaining your purple eyes contacts for a full 365 days a year, you must check out our yearly contacts!

    Keep reading to find out more about why you should be treating yourself to purple Halloween contacts and why Coloured Contacts is the best place for them!

    Purple Contact Lenses For Enchanting Looks

    Perfect for cosplay, Halloween or simply wearing every day, purple color contact lenses are a speedy way to create a look that's simply bewitching. Whether you're dressing up as an anime character, a fairy, a witch, a unicorn or a magical creature, you can be sure to enhance your look with a pair of these fun contact lenses.

    Now you’ve got to the contact lenses purple section, we’re sure you’re pretty overwhelmed. There’s so much to choose from and when being offered this much choice it’s incredibly easy to forget what costume you’re looking to complete and begin planning 20 more. Luckily there are always offers available for you to take advantage of that will allow you to pick up colored contact lenses at a fraction of other companies that are around. But if you’re still wondering about “Which Coloured Contacts are best for me?” let us give you some information that may help inform your decision.

    This range of cheap purple contacts features some incredible styles that can be used for a host of different occasions. As we mentioned previously, if you’re looking for a purple contact lens that is incredibly versatile, you’ve come to the right place. The majority of the styles within this section feature gorgeous tones and pigmentation that can be for the most extravagant stylish divas or for those who are looking for just a subtle glow added to their everyday style. Although ourrange of contact lenses feature some fantastic contacts with natural iris designs, we think we can all agree that a deep violet hue is far from natural. But even so, that doesn’t stop them looking great on your night out!

    Primarily we would recommend our purple lenses for people who need to take their fashion to new heights or people who are trying to perfect an incredibly life-like cosplay. Within the world of anime, manga and gaming there are hundreds of characters with the brightest hair styles and eyes. In the past, it would have been possible to show a bright new character with a wig, but now we’ve made it easy for you to truly bring them to life with a pair of violet contacts.

    But why should you get your new pair of purple contact lenses from us? Well, let us tell you. At Coloured Contacts we also guarantee to make sure that you receive the perfect pair of lenses every time. Not only do we bring you some of the best styles and colors available, but we also make it our mission to supply you with contact lenses that are incredibly safe and comfortable. You’ll be happy to hear that every single pair of contact lenses on our website goes through the same intense manufacturing process which allows them to receive their prestigious FDA Approval. This means that any purple lens that you buy directly from Coloured Contacts will be comfortable and ready for whatever event you are wearing them for.

    After all, if violet eyes are good enough for Daenerys Targaryen, then they're certainly a look worthy of recreating! We've got one of the biggest ranges of purple contact lenses online, so why not check out our selection and find your perfect pair?

  • Red

    Are you looking for that perfect accessory to finish off your vampire look? Our fashionable red contact lenses are a great way to vamp up your style no matter what the occasion!

    At Coloured Contacts we offer a great variety of cosmetic red color contact lenses, ready to transform your look in seconds. Whether it is for Cosplay, Halloween or casual wear, these red contacts lenses are a great eye accessory, allowing you to switch up your eye color with ease.

    Our range of red colored contact lenses is cheap and easy to use, giving you the freedom to vamp up your look and create chilling spooky outfits like witches, superheroes, werewolves and of course, VAMPIRES! A popular choice for Halloween, Cosplay and fancy dress parties, red lenses allow for an easy transformation into a Vampire, an assassin, a devilish demon or any number of Anime characters in one simple step!

    Whether you're planning to sport red peepers throughout the party season or just for one night, you can get your hands on the perfect pair of red contact cosplay lenses for all of your needs with Coloured Contacts! With everything from 1 day, disposable lenses to reusable contacts that can last for anything from 30 days to 1 year, your fearsome new look is bound to get you noticed.

    Red Contacts: For Monstrous Vampire Looks!

    We know that our customers are looking for quality contact lenses that are cheap and easy to use, which is why all of our lenses are made with the high quality materials and manufacturing processes. We make sure that every single pair of our red colored contacts will work perfectly with our customer’s desires.

    Not only do we stock cosmetic red colored contact lenses, but we also offer a selection of products that are perfect for novelty costume contacts styles red such as the mesh styles and our theatrical range. Not only are these incredible cosmetic lenses perfect for fans of Twilight and other vampire pop culture, they can double as your Halloween contacts in a flash! So why not treat your vampy friend to a gift that they will not forget?

    Our red contact lenses are available in various wear durations including 1 day wear, 30 day (monthly) wear; 90 day wear and even 1 year wear; giving you the option for a one-night-only wear with red lenses or the chance to wear them again and again. But you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Which type is best for me?” Well, that depends on an entirely your costume schedule! We’re sure you’ve noticed that on the Coloured Contacts website, all of the red eyes contact lenses are pretty reasonable priced. Even some of our more popular styles and lenses with whopping 1 year usage duration are incredibly reasonable with very little price difference.

    However, the main decision it comes down to is the lifestyle you live. If you’re the sort of person who just loves popping in a pair of Halloween contact lenses once a year to bring some extra life to your costume, then our first recommendation would definitely be a pair from our daily range! Are you someone that likes to get some colored contacts red and show them off for multiple different events over the next few months? Then 90 day is definitely your best option! But for the professional cosplayer and fancy dress lover, the best and most cost effective way to maintain an incredible costume is with a pair of 1 year red contacts cheap.

    This can be quite a lot to take in, but hopefully, it will help you one step further towards picking a pair of our red circle lenses. But with the first stage out of the way now you’ve received some idea of what duration you are looking for, let’s break down all of the different styles we can offer you to complete your next fancy dress look.

    Our Best Red Cosmetic Contact Lenses

    When it comes to picking up a pair of red eye lenses, one common misconception is that they can only be used for costumes, which isn’t always the case! Yes, due to some of the bright red and white contact lenses that are available, their primary use would be for your pair of Halloween Contacts, but on our website you will be able to find a massive variety of colored contacts to fit your every need.

    With the rise of alternative styles, our full red contact lenses have evolved from predominately Halloween audiences. With gothic fashion trends such as vampiric styles, red colored eye contacts can become a staple part of anyone’s every day look. We’ve seen more and more of a customer’s reach out for a pair of our lenses that they can incorporate into their different styles and we’re proud to accommodate this!

    Some of our cheap red eye contacts feature a variety of different shades and tones so that you can choose depending on your color preference. Browse shades and hues such as scarlet, crimson, maroon or even blood red coloration to add some real oomph to your costume. If the theme you’re after is purely Halloween, then the color of blood is sure to add some ultimate terror into your ensemble – just think about how much you can freak out your friends with some bright red eyes!

    Are you here for a pair of red contacts lenses for your next costume? If that’s the case then it’s no problem at all! Let us talk you through some of the different types of lenses we offer and help you make a choice into which pair best fits you. Cosplayers are sure to find plenty of inspiration here, as there are simply too many characters to name who have an impressive pair of red eyes. Keep reading and let us break down the key categories so you can buy red contacts with ease.

    • Costume: Costume and cheap Halloween contact lenses are some of the most popular styles for red. We feel that the contact lenses that fit into this category are those with more generic designs that make them applicable to a wide variety of different costumes. Particularly styles such as our blind & mesh, demon and red vampire contacts where the generic styles can be used for all three. This makes them a great choice for someone who likes to make a casual costume or just create the perfect costume to go with one of the styles we’ve mentioned above.
    • Cosplay: As well as some of the cheap red eye contact lenses that we’ve mentioned above our red cosplay lenses are for those who are looking to recreate a specific character with precise detail. Depending on the character then may require a generic vampire style or something incredibly intricate. An example of this could be how a pair of our dark red contacts can fit perfectly with a Twilight Bella costume, or how a stylish Sharingan lenses can perfect your Naruto costume! Have a specific character in mind for your next cosplay? Don’t forget to check the whole red eye color contacts section; we’re positive you’ll find something to fit!
    • Novelty: This is exactly what it sounds like! Although it may seem like cheap red contacts are only for people looking for the scariest styles, that’s not the case. We also offer a wide variety of novelty contact lenses that feature cute comic designs of characters or stylish designs. Check out the full range of red cosmetic contact lenses, and make your spooky costume that little more stylish and little less threatening!

    So there you have a little guide on how to pick yourself a new pair of red contact lenses. There’s something for almost any style and costume you have planned, you just need to find them on the Coloured Contacts website! Wondering why you should choose us over other companies? When you buy from us you can rest assured that all of the lenses will have an FDA Approval rating. This means that no matter which pair of gorgeous colored contacts you choose, or whichever duration or style; they will always be made of high-quality premium material and safe, comfortable and durable to be worn for long periods of time!

    And, what’s more, we even offer a wide variety of guides and information! Whether you’re looking for some detailed tips on how to put in and remove your new red eye contacts, or you’re looking for some style information for how to pick a pair of costume colored contact lenses, we have a massive selection of blogs that we’re sure you’ll love!

    All of our contacts come in a sealed package containing an eye-safe solution to keep your contact lenses safe and ready to party whenever you are. Don’t forget that these lenses are available in 1 day wear, 90 day wear or even 1 year wear, so you can choose how many times to show off those new bright red contacts.

  • Silver

    Are you searching for a pair of colored contact lenses that really enhance that cool, icy stare? Look no further! We have something for everyone in our selection of silver contact lenses. At Coloured Contacts we stock one of the largest ranges of cosmetic colored contact lenses online and with so many designs to choose from.

    With silver color being such a popular fashion color, why not coordinate your eyes with your silvery locks and try some of our silver contacts? With designs like the silver glimmer contact lenses, you can give your eyes a glitzy sparkle that's just perfect for party season or bringing glamour to your everyday look. If you don't fancy flaunting metallic eyes day-to-day, you can use silver cosmetic lenses to take your look at an entirely new level.

    Are you in desperate need to find out more information on a silver contact? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to make incorporating this beautiful shade into your look.

    Silver Contact Lenses: Accessorise Your Steely Stare

    The great thing about our selection of silver colored contacts is that they come in a variety of different wear durations, giving you the freedom to rock those silver eyes for up to 1 day, 90 days or even 1 year; making them the obvious choice for regular fancy dress fans or committed Cosplayers alike!

    Although the majority of our lenses styles come in 90 days due to their outstanding versatility and comfort, as we mentioned previously, there are many variations to try. This means that if you are particularly fond of the daily contact lenses that you can easily throw away after each use, you’ll still be able to get them!

    But if you’re invested in getting a long lasting pair of silver eye contacts then you’ll be able to show off some of our high quality 90 day and yearly lenses. As well as this, you’ll also be able to stock up on contact lens solution and cases too!

    When it comes to fancy dress, many anticipate Halloween as the biggest chance to show off their gothic and alternative looks. Everyone always loves a good excuse to play dress up and we think that Halloween is a perfect an opportunity to dress up and live out all of your fantasies. When it comes to costumes, our silver lenses are a perfect addition to any futuristic looking sci-fi costume and is a perfect choice you want to become a robot or alien for the evening.

    Silver eyes can also create that vacant glazed-over stare associated with a flesh-eating zombie; pair a torn shirt with fake blood to give your colored contacts the ultimate undead look! These contacts are even versatile enough to be used for a ghoulish or witchy effect, so have fun getting creative with your costume. You can experiment and take your costume in whichever direction, the possibilities are endless!

    By why stop at Halloween? The fun doesn’t have to end after one night, these glittering contact lenses last for a full 90 days after opening, so our silver eye contacts lenses are perfect for a whole roster of parties, all the way up to Christmas! These silver contacts could be the perfect addition to many Christmas-themed outfits, such as Jack Frost or a Christmas angel. With a set of sparkly angel wings, a halo and a white glistening dress, a pair of metallic contacts from our silver lens range will complete an overall ethereal look.

    But that’s not their only use. The best thing about a silver contact lens is that they give both the gorgeous cosmetic shimmer of a natural enhancing pair contact lenses but the fantastic style that can allow them to be doubled up for more extravagant affairs. Have you considered wearing contacts to this year’s New Year’s Eve party? Everyone knows New Year’s Eve is always a glamorous occasion, with metallic gold and silver contacts always being the popular shade to see in the New Year. With everyone wearing their best shiny and glittery ensembles it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

    However, our shimmering silver shades of silver mirror contact lenses are the best way to make your look shine. Why not get ahead of the trend than with a glamorous accessory that no one else will be wearing? By sliding on a pair of our silver blue contacts before you head out, you can be sure to have a glamorous metallic look to take you all the way up to the midnight toast.

    By when considering New Year, it’s also time to consider a new you! What better way to ring in the new year than with a completely new look? The metallic silver shade of our lenses is a perfect way to nail a new glam fashion look. Give your eyes a complete makeover that can be shown off during work, rest or play. Switching up your silver eye color is also a fun way to experiment with your beauty or clothing routine. With our contact lenses being at an affordable price, it is easy to experiment with different shades and styles until you find the look that works best for you!

    Looking for some fancy dress ideas? Metallic eye contacts are perfect for Ice Queen, Witch, Vampire and many other outfits, not to mention some of our favourite anime and film characters, so give you the edge at the next Halloween or NYE party with some of these non-prescription lenses.

    Are Silver Lenses For Everyone?

    Yes! As all of the lenses in our silver contact lens range are both high-quality and safe, everyone and anyone will be able to wear our lenses. You may need a prescription in order to purchase our contact lenses or approval from your optician; however, we do recommend a quick visit to the opticians, or eye care professional before using contacts.

    This simply to ensure that you’re a good candidate for contact lenses and double checking that your eyes are healthy and ready to rock a new silver look. All of our silver and grey contact lenses feature a unique CE or FDA approval rating. This means that they are of very high quality, with all the correct manufacturing procedures in place. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, the lenses should keep your eyes feeling fresh, hydrated and comfortable for all the costumes and everyday events you throw at them.

    Just remember that if you’re in need of a silver contact lenses prescription you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of lenses to fit your unique style on the Coloured Contact lenses website. As well as featuring a wide variety of styles for plano/ non-corrective vision, we also make it our mission to supply our coloured contact lenses to those in need of prescription strengths. Whether you’re in need of a new pair of zombie white contact lenses or a pair of glistening glimmer silver lenses, the Prescription section at Coloured Contacts is bound to deliver.

    Are you still a little unsure of whether our lenses are right for you? Another common question about colored contact lenses is the suitability for dark eyes. Even if you have a dark natural eye color, our silver grey contact lenses will be sure to work for you. The perfect reflective mirror effect is possible for everyone with the lens pigment ensuring your darker eye remains hidden beneath the lens. These lenses are suited for fair skin complexion, yet our range of silver lenses provide a strong solid color to suit every shade of skin, light or dark.

    High-Quality Silver Coloured Contacts

    If you're looking for quality colored contact lenses without eye-watering prices, our selection of cheap colored lenses is the first place to look; with a massive variety of styles and designs, three different durations of wear and guaranteed quality and safety, there really is nowhere better. Ordering from us is quick, easy and safe. If you’re a sort of person that likes to try before you buy, we may have something for you. As we’re sure you’re aware, contact lenses are extremely delicate and should not be shared.

    Once you’ve found a pair of our silver mirrored contact lenses you would like to try you can upload an image to our Virtual Mirror and see an illustration on how they could look once you’ve purchased them! All you’ll need to do then is take your favourite pairs to the checkout, depending on your country choose from the drop down so we can contact your optician, make a purchase and then wait for them to arrive!

    So there you have it! Getting silver and grey contact lenses from Coloured Contacts is easy, trustworthy and reliable! Why not treat your look or next costume to that little added extra sparkle. You’re sure to receive all kinds of compliments and attention wherever you go!

  • Violet

    Transform your look in the blink of an eye with our selection of violet contact lenses from big brands, perfect for cosplay or Halloween!

    Are you a drama queen at heart? Channel your inner goddess and turn heads simply by using violet colored lenses! Our range of non-prescription violet contact lenses are perfect for Halloween, Cosplay and Fantasy role-play and pack a serious color punch. Embrace the ferocious warrior trapped inside you with our vivid violet contact lenses. Inject some passion into your everyday style with a smoldering stare. These lenses take your eyes from average to amethyst in seconds, giving you the power to enchant and enthrall anyone who dares to challenge you.

    With a huge range of styles, our lightning fast delivery, and simple ordering process you can get cheap contact lenses in the blink of an eye.

    Create A Spellbinding Look With A Pair of Violet Contact Lenses

    From UV reactive lenses to creepy creatures and subtle flashes of color, we've got a pair of violet contact lenses for every occasion. What's more, these lenses have super vivid color pigments, meaning they can be used as violet contact lenses for dark eyes and your eyes can take on a bright and vibrant new hue. So whether you're switching from hazel to a pale violet or green to a deep violet tone, you can guarantee all eyes will be on you.

    As well as this, a purple eye lens can make a brilliant all round contact lens choice. The problem with many lens colors can be that they are locked to a particular occasion such as Halloween or everyday. If you choose to get yourself a violet eye color however, you can use this colored contact lenses in any way you see fit. They’re bright and bold enough to be worn with some of the quirkiest costumes and enhancing beyond your general pair of contacts to replace your everyday styles.

    There’s a massive selection of enhancing lenses to give you the brightest of eyes. By enhancing we mean new and gorgeous natural eye designs that are used to show off and add more depth to your current beautiful shade. If you’re specifically looking for this style we stock a wide variety of one tone, two tone and tri tone lavender contact lenses that can help upgrade your look depending on what specific style you are looking for and how natural you want it to be. 

    Add some cute color to your stare with a pair of violet colored contact lenses, perfect for bringing a splash of ethereal style to any look! Unlike some of our other dark purple contacts these are brighter and bolder than regular purple, yet deeper and more dimensional than pink, violet is the perfect hue for accessorizing all manner of costumes. But they’re not just for costumes, although you may be able to find and pick up a pair of purple cat eye contacts to perfectly represent your love for ferocious leopards.

    Would you like more help on what costumes and styles are perfect for purple prescription contacts? Then keep reading below and we’ll give you new insight into how to use your new lenses to their best!

    Bold. Beautiful. Bewitching.

    Great for Halloween, Cosplay events and everyday wear, our selection of vampish violet lenses are guaranteed to turn heads and make sure all eyes are on you! Stuck for costume ideas? Check out our favorites:

    • Witch: Take a leaf out of the Halliwell sister's book (Of shadows, naturally) and don butt-kicking ankle boots, autumnal toned makeup and some '90s inspired fashion choices! We can't all be as cool as Phoebe, Piper, Prue, and Paige, but you can certainly pay homage to the Charmed ones for a night! If classic looks are more your bag, team some contact lens violet with lashings of green face paint, a prosthetic nose and a straggly wig for an Elphaba inspired ensemble!
    • Old Skool Raver: We adore our UV lenses, especially when paired with a full on, rave-tastic ensemble! For an authentic '90s ensemble, team with all white clothing, furry leg warmers, and an outlandish Jay Kay style hat. If an electric punk look is more your thing, then team your ultraviolet contacts with lashings of UV face paint, plenty of edgy jewelry and the most over the top outfit you can muster! All you’ll need is a black light and your new eyes will be able to show off a subtle glow on top of their usual color. 
    • The Natural Diva: As we mentioned previously, a violet color lens can be used for all manner of looks. We’ve spoken about how you can easily incorporate them into your next costume or vivid party night with friends, but we’re yet to inform you of how to add them to your everyday look. For those who love to look their best and aim for a finished look that is totally jaw dropping, a pair of violet contacts for brown eyes may be your best and ultimate choice.

    The reason we think our purple eye contacts work so well as a pair of bright cosmetic contacts isn’t just because of their fantastic realistic iris designs. As well as this their bright and slightly unnatural color designs perfectly work in their favor by giving you a style that is both enticing and powerful. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? As well as being one of the only providers of these fantastic lenses, we also have a wide range of purple contact lenses so you’ll be able to choose the perfect shade and style to match!

    So there you have it, a little idea of how to use your violet colored contacts! Contact lenses look fabulous worn all year round, so don't ditch them just because Halloween's over! We've got a huge range of realistic looking contacts, so you really can rock a vampish violet gaze all year round. Want to achieve a mesmerizing and captivating look? Why not team a pair of our natural look violet lenses with a subtle purple toned smokey eye and a swipe of iridescent highlighter on the brow bone to create an elegant look that's sure to bewitch and astound! Fancy something a little more 'out there'? Then go loud and proud with tri tone dark purple lenses, metallic liner, glitter and feathery false lashes for a style that screams 'look at me'!

    Violet Contact Lenses: A Vivid Look For Any Occasion

    Ideal for completing any fancy dress or cosplay look, our selection of violet eyes contact lenses are available in 1 Day, 90 Day or 1 Year styles. So whether you're looking for a temporary switch or a long-term color change, you're sure to find your perfect pair here at Colored Contacts! As well as being able to offer you a range of durations though, we also make it possible for you to shop for purple prescription contacts. If you are in need of corrective vision lenses, you will be able to stock up on colored contacts in prescription varieties -1.00 to -5.00 in a variety of different durations.

    But why should you specifically buy a pair of purple lenses from Colored Contacts? Well, let us make that crystal clear. Compared to some other manufacturers of violet eye contacts, when you buy from us you will always receive a pair of Colored Contacts of some of the highest quality available. Not only this, but you’ll also realise that all of our lenses have either an FDA Approval rating or CE mark. This means that if you’re buying a pair of purple cat eye contacts or a bright pair of violet circle lenses that they will be of the highest standard. If you wanted to look at this in detail it means that all our lenses must go through an intense manufacturing process to ensure that they are made of the highest quality materials, are durable, safe and comfortable to be worn for their full intended duration.

  • White

    For a ghostly gaze or undead stare, check out our quality collection of white contact lenses, with a wide variety of different styles which are perfectly suited for Halloween and horrifying fancy dress. You can easily add a horrifying touch to your look with a pair of white eye contacts! These scary Halloween eye lenses are a hugely popular inclusion in plenty of zombie costumes and monstrous Cosplay outfits.

    In our opinion, there's no better way to stylishly complete your Halloween or Cosplay look than by using white colored lenses. These versatile lenses work with a variety of different costumes and themes, so unlike other colors, you can be assured that some new white contacts will complement a whole host of looks. The only limit here is your imagination – what creepy costumes can you conjure up?

    You simply won’t believe how much difference a single white lens can make a difference to your look. It can be super unnerving to appear as not having a colored iris! The blanked out look will appear all kinds of eerie in your ensemble and we think it’s sure to get you noticed wherever you go. A pair of completely white contacts is an absolute must-buy if you want the scariest costume this year. You’re sure to have everyone impressed if you show up with your new white colored contact lenses.

    Buy White Colored Contact Lenses Online

    Within our white contact lens range, you will find plenty of freaky and alternative lens styles. There are plenty of famous horror film creatures which we think could easily be replicated with a pair of white out eye contacts. Possess your look with white eyes like Regan from the Exorcist, or improve your glare like many undead characters from classics like Night of the Living Dead horrors. They are a must for undead zombie costumes like the undead from 28 Days Later films or walkers from AMC’s The Walking Dead!

    There are plenty of spectral and skeletal beings that would suit having a pair of white eyes contact lenses on the look! Replicate the same spiritual style in all your spooky outfit ideas. Ghosts and ghouls will certainly steer clear of your scary stare if you bag yourself a brand new pair of colored lenses! If you really want to take your look to the next level, you can also pick up white UV lenses which glow under black light! They’re an ideal way of standing out on the dance floor, or during the midnight hour of a Halloween party.

    Now the cogs of costume inspiration are starting to turn, it’s time to match your ideas for white colored contacts with the lenses themselves. Take a look at the most popular products available in white - we think there’s something for everyone; no matter what fancy dress you have in mind.

    • All White Contacts – As well as contact lenses featuring intricate designs and spooky detailing, you can also shop pure white contacts which can visually transform the look of the iris. The bold white pigmentation used in our lenses makes them perfectly suitable for brown eyes, as they feature richly pigmented colors and styles that offer great coverage.
    • White Zombie Contact Lenses– These are ideal especially for achieving an undead or possessed look which makes them popular amongst fans of zombie TV shows like The Walking Dead. No matter what costume you have already, some scary face paint and a pair of our lenses are sure to transform your look in an instant!
    • White Contacts No Pupil - Our range of Blind Contact Lenses are a seriously scary pick for any costume. The design covers both the iris and the pupil giving a full white out effect. They are an awesome choice of lens, but be aware that they will greatly obscure your vision when worn – so plan your look accordingly.
    • Full White Eye Contacts – Styles like our white mini sclera lenses give a visually widened look on the iris, which, with your sclera naturally being white will give an almost fully blanked out effect. The style also partially covers the pupil, narrowing the black of your eye for an equally spooky finish. Complete your full-on effect with your own white eye lenses.

    Are you in need of a pair of corrective contact lenses? As well as our most popular non prescription styles, you can also purchase white prescription contact lenses in our Prescription White. White is a hugely popular color lens to go for in the October season, which is why we’ve made sure we have plenty of all white options in our prescription Halloween contact lenses section. It’s easy to find your exact corrective strength, even if you have a different prescription for each eye. Go ahead and find your next new pair of perfect lenses with the exact prescription to match.

    As well as single color lens styles, there are plenty of mixed color lenses which are equally as popular picks. Our customers love black and white contacts as they give an often hypnotic finish to their looks. Of course, it’s always popular to mix in some red colors into the lens designs. This easily unlocks the potential for more Vampire, Demon and Devil styles in your costume ensemble. And don’t forget blue! For added emphasis, white blue contact lenses or even white grey contact lenses can ensure you add some icy and steely stares to your looks.

    Picking the Best White Contact Lenses for You

    As well as the style and design of your contact lenses, there are plenty of features and specifications you can consider when choosing your new white costume contacts. We certainly know a thing or two about colored contacts, so we can provide plenty of guidance on the features included in each and every white lens. The duration of a pair of lenses is always a top consideration for our contact lens customers. Whether you need white lenses for the short term or long term, there’s bound to be the perfect pair for you.

    As this color of lens is mostly popular for costumes and one-time events, it is common to simply search for single use contact lenses. This means one day, or, one night’s use out of the lenses before you must dispose of them. So, if you’re simply shopping for October 31st, then a pair of daily contact lenses is the best option. Halloween comes but once a year, so make sure you have the lenses ready to go. With these one day contacts, we think you’ll find that they’re the most hassle-free option and are definitely the most purse-friendly!

    You can also find a range of white pupil contacts with a more varied length of wear. If you have a busy calendar of conventions and events ahead, then one of our 90 day or 1 year options would perhaps be a more suitable purchase. These lenses do require more care and upkeep, but once you’ve seen the results, you’ll certainly be eager to try out the same awesome looks again and again! Aftercare is an essential part of the contact lens process, so make sure you are well-read and up-to-date on all the how-to guides available on white out colored contacts.

    Another great thing about Coloured Contacts is that our lenses are perfectly suitable for brown eyes; as they feature richly pigmented colors give great coverage. Our colored fashion contacts are great for people who have trouble finding vibrant lenses which will cover darker eyes. In particular, our white contacts are generally opaque contact lenses. This simply means they are a block color design and will cover all kinds of natural eye color shades.

    Buy White Contact Lenses with Colored Contacts

    When you shop online with us, you can be assured that you are shopping with a trusted online contact lens retailer. Our products are approved for shipping in the United States and are built within European trading standard regulations. So, instead of stalking through the high street looking for fancy dress accessories, simply buy white contacts online from Coloured Contacts this season.

    Even if you’re new to colored contact lenses, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect pair for you. We recommend that first-time buyers visit their optician in order to check the suitability of your eyes to wear colored contact lenses. Your optometrist or eye care specialist can inform you on how to look after your lenses. We strongly advise customers to get as much advice on contact lens care as possible, as eye health should always come first.

    Our shipping and postage options are sure to please our customers. US customers can shop white contact lenses next day delivery amongst their courier options. This ensures that you can get your lenses in time for any last minute parties or occasions. There’s nothing worse than not being prepared for your next fancy dress party. If you have your heart set on having white contact lenses Halloween then Coloured Contacts is the place to be!

  • Yellow

    On the hunt for some bold yellow contact lenses? Want something with quirky style and high impact? Look no further than our huge range of yellow non prescription contact lenses! You'll be spoiled for choice!

    Whether you're looking for single use lenses for a trial with funky colors or a pair of monthly or 90 day use lenses for a longer term costume or everyday style, we've got the perfect pair of yellow colored contact lenses for you! Ideal for transforming your look in the blink of an eye, these yellow contacts can completely change the color of even the darkest eyes. Regardless of whether you're changing from blue to yellow or brown to yellow, you can be sure to achieve a bright and bold result!

    With everything from UV reactive lenses, funky patterns and animal style lenses, there are plenty of stunning styles on offer that you won't find on the high street. So whether you want to unleash your inner feline, reptile or spooky creature, we've got the lenses for you. Ideal for taking a walk on the wild side, these eye-catching lenses are just what any cosplayer or fancy dress enthusiast needs to ensure a show-stopping result!

    If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All our golden yellow contact lenses are produced and made from high-quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Yellow Contacts: Turn Halloween Up A Notch

    Perfect for Halloween, our range of yellow green contact lenses are brilliant for adding a touch of je ne sais quoi to your creeptastic costumes! Whether you're donning your best werewolf garb, dressing as a wicked witch or an otherworldly spectre, a pair of yellow lenses will take your look from fine to fearsome in an instant.

    Within our section of beautiful yellow lenses, there really is something for everyone. From a slight and subtle color change to something that can intimidate even the most professional cosplayers; our lenses really are for everyone! As we mentioned previously you’ll be able to choose between a variety of different lenses to give you the perfect and most suited experience for you. Within our yellow eye contact lenses range we stock a wide variety of daily, 90 day and yearly styles.

    Primarily, we stock the widest amount of lenses in our 90-day variety. This is because whether you’ve tried colored contacts before or you’re a total newcomer, we’re sure that as soon as you’ve received them you’re going to want to show them off for as much as possible. That being said, however, many of our customers prefer our amazing selection of daily yellow contact because of their slightly lower price point and their extra layer of convenience to be able to remove and dispose of them straight away! However, if you are someone who feels that their new yellow eye costume will be maintained for a long time yet to come, we wholeheartedly recommend a yearly pair! All you need to do is stock up on enough solution and be fully prepped in how to clean your contact lenses yellow and you’ll be ready to cosplay for up to 12 whole months!

    But that’s not the only variety of yellow contact lens available at Coloured Contacts. No matter what your costume preference is, we’re sure there’s a perfect pair waiting here for you. The most popular type of costumes that are associated with these type of lenses is Halloween contact lenses styles. With the popularity of the film and book franchise, ‘Twilight’ more and more people have sought after getting themselves the gold contact lenses look that lead character Edward Cullen can be seen to show off throughout the various films. As well as vicious vampires though, these type of lenses also lean themselves in the favour of some of the best werewolf costumes available. With bright colors available that feature contrasting iris and limbal ring designs; the yellow and black contact lenses in this section are sure to cause a fright. But that’s not the end of our realistic lenses! If you’re someone who really wants to push your scare factor to the next level or just wants to truly feel like the scary animal that you’re trying to dress up as; we would recommend a pair of our incredibly realistic cat eye contact lenses. Not only do these lenses feature some of the scariest and sought after styles of all the colored contact lenses on the market, but they are also strong, comfortable and available in a whole range of durations.

    But what makes our cat eye lenses better than everyone else’s? These colored contacts yellow can also be bought in a variety of different colors; but more importantly, we can also offer them in ultraviolet varieties. But what does this mean? This means that if you can get the best UV yellow color contacts available, all you’ll need is a black light, or to turn up to a massive UV party and you’ll be able to show off a pair of glowing peepers that are exactly the same as a viscous prowling street cat!

    Our Yellow Contact Lens Range: Perfect Halloween Accessories

    Enough about animals, maybe you’ve come to our yellow contact lens range looking for an edgy accessory to transform your everyday outfits? If you love alternative fashion and style, there’s nothing cooler or simpler to give an outfit that extra push into awesomeness than a pair of yellow contacts. With a huge variety of styles to choose from including printed designs and more understated(ish!) yellow finishes, our yellow lens range deserves pride of place in your accessories collection.

    Those aren’t the only costumes that you can use yellow colored contacts for though. If you visit the Coloured Contacts website in more detail you will realise that it is an absolute gold mine for resourceful costume information. We regularly post articles on topics such as ‘How To Clean Your Colored Contacts’ or ‘How To Put In & Remove Colored Contacts’.But if you’re someone who is always in need of a costume idea or two we will always show you what are the best fancy dress options for yellow contact lenses!

    One problem that some people have when it comes to wanting to use a pair of golden colored contacts is that they are in need of corrective lenses. Here at Coloured Contacts, however, as pioneers of all things contact lenses, we have them readily available for you. Some of our most popular styles, including our yellow cat eye contacts, are available in a variety of prescription strengths so you can choose the exact pair of wild eye contacts to fit your needs. Need to grab a pair of lenses for a prescription with different eye strengths? Not to worry, our incredibly competitive and cheap prices make it easy to select both the pairs you need!

    But that’s not the only reason to stay and shop with us. Compared to most other lenses available on the market, we give you all the information you need to inform your purchase of a pair of our yellow contact. Whether you want to know the exact material composition or base curve before you make your purchase; you’ll be able to find it all on the product features tab. As well as this we also make sure that if you buy from us that you only receive a pair of yellow lenses that are made of the highest quality with premium materials. All of the lenses at Coloured Contacts will always feature an FDA Approval or CE rating which means that they will be safe, durable for long usage and incredibly comfortable for day to day usage.

    A must-have item for anyone seeking a glimmering, golden gaze, our range of yellow contact lenses are available at purse friendly prices, with lightning fast delivery to boot! So why not check out our awesome selection?

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If you're looking for a sophisticated way to change up your look or the perfect finishing touch to a fancy dress costume, our colored contact lenses are a must-see! With a wealth of styles, designs and colors to choose from we have a pair of colored contacts for everyone. Whether you're searching for some creepy Halloween contact lenses or something a little more natural, our colored contact lenses are high quality with a cheap price tag!

The great thing about our colored contact lenses is that we offer a hugely diverse range including classic red contact lensesblack contact lenses and white contact lenses that are just perfect for Halloween or Cosplay. For fans of spook, we also stock plenty of unique designs like blood splatter contacts, bat contact lenses and cat eye contacts; so ditch that boring old Halloween mask and bring some subtle sophistication to your scariest outfits.

Light Up The Night In The Blink Of An Eye With UV Colored Contacts

For party animals, we have a rainbow of UV contact lenses featuring glow-in-the-dark versions of blue contact lensesgreen contact lenses and even yellow contact lenses. So if you want to create a striking look for the evening, you can light up the night in a pair of our UV contacts.

No matter what your style, one thing you can always rely on at Coloured Contacts is the assurance that you are purchasing high quality colored contact lenses that are safe to wear and easy to use. We only stock colored contact lenses from leading brands, all of which have pioneered contact lenses that are safe, easy to insert/remove and comfortable to wear.

Another thing that makes colored contact lenses so appealing is that they aren't just limited to out-there, colorful designs for Halloween and costume contact lenses, why not go for something a little more natural with a pair of our everyday contact lenses? These cosmetic contact lenses feature a whole range of hues including green, blue, hazel and brown. So if you've always wondered what it might be like to sport baby blues or you can see yourself as a brown-eyed girl, then why not experiment with some of our natural colored contact lenses? If you'd love to switch up your eye color but don't think that they'll work on your natural eye color, you'd be surprised! Our lenses are rich with highly pigmented color, making them the perfect colored contact lenses for dark eyes, so try a pair for yourself and check out the awesome coverage.

Natural Colored Contact Lenses: Blue, Green, Brown & More!

Natural colored contact lenses are great for everyday use and are a simple way to completely transform  your look daily for work or school; you can even switch up the color every day of the week by selecting several different shades!

Colored contact lenses can be used for many occasions from simply enhancing your day-to-day look with a subtle change to creating a shocking stand-out stare at Halloween or a fancy dress party. Depending on what occasion you're intending to wear your colored contact lenses for, we offer various durations of wear to suit each customer. So if you simply want some red contact lenseswhite contacts, or black contact lenses to finish off your spooky Halloween costume, you can benefit from our daily colored contact lenses that are completely disposable; meaning you can simply throw them away once you're done trick-or-treating! Whereas if you are a regular Cosplayer, you may want to invest in a pair of monthly90 day or even 1 year contact lenses, giving you the freedom to rock a different eye color again and again. 

If natural colored contact lenses are what you fancy, our blue contact lensesgreen contacts and brown contact lenses all come in either dailymonthly or 90 day options, so you can make switching up your look a regular thing. Why not spend your working week as a brown-eyed beauty but party the weekend away with some pretty green peepers? There are so many styles, colors and durations of wear available that, with our selection of colored contact lenses, the possibilities are endless!

Another reason to buy colored contact lenses online with Coloured Contacts is that we offer cheap colored contact lenses that are high quality and can be delivered straight to your door. So take out the hassle of hitting  looking for fancy dress accessories, just browse our extensive collection at home!