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If you’re currently sporting the darkest shade of brown eyes possible, the dream of having the best blue lenses for brown eyes can seem an impossibly difficult task. With some types of colored contact lenses, it can be hard to tame such a strong brown tone, especially when you’re after a more delicate color of contact lens such as blue.

Light blue lenses are sometimes unable to provide full coverage of a darker eye color, which means your brown eyes may start to accidentally peep through, and we don’t want that now do we? Luckily for you though we have a large range of non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes in a various shades of blue to help you out. We are passionate that your new look won’t be ruined by a pair of inadequate contacts that aren’t up to the job! If you shop with Coloured Contacts, you can be assured that we’ve got all shades of blue so that your eye color can shine bright with an exotic new shade!

Bright Blue for All!

If you have been trawling through all the online retailers with no guarantee of premium colored lenses for brown eyes with strong dark eye coverage, you’ve reached a safe haven with us at Coloured Contacts. By shopping with us you can be sure that you can purchase your dream pair of bright blue colored contacts in the knowledge that even the darkest shade of brown eyes has been catered for; whether you’re looking for natural blue or a brash statement; they’ll be something here that will work for you!

The secret to all-shades-catered-for approach hides within the quality of all of the colored contact products we sell. We only offer the best blue contacts lenses for brown eyes when stocking our lenses, so it would be accurate to say that you’ll receive a fantastic product with service to compliment! When offering you our range of contact lenses we make sure to only stock those given strong color pigmentation during their manufacturing process, meaning that every pair of contact lenses has high-quality bold colors. The variety of lenses here means that you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of natural or costume lenses to complete your look. Keep reading to find out which are the best blue contacts for brown eyes for you.

Which Blue Is Best For You?

We can recommend our entire range of blue contact lenses to all of our brown-eyed customers out there! This is because of their premium finish giving them their prestigious FDA Approval and CE ratings. So many customers who are online shopping for colored contacts for dark eyes are after a natural shade of eye colour rather than a more novelty shade. That’s what makes shopping for natural blue colored contacts so easy with Coloured Contacts! Here’s a small selection of our natural blue cosmetic color contacts that we consider to be the best blue contact lenses for brown eyes:

  • Blue One Tone – perhaps the simplist shade of colored contacts, these blue beauties can be worn on a daily basis without worry of your natural eye color slipping through! They offer a single color enhancement with a single color designed to add a speck of color with your own natural shade.
  • Blue Glimmer – this shade offers a deeper shade of blue while still being a more natural shade of blue coloured contact lens. Your brown-eyed days will become a thing of the past!
  • Blue Mystic – this is a more faded shade of blue that would perhaps be susceptible to brown eyes peeping through if it wasn’t for the high-quality blue pigmentation that we offer! As well as a strong colour detail they also offer a darker limbal for a more pronounced and defined natural shade.
  • Blue Blind – a shade of blue that not only covers your coloured iris, but the entire pupil as well! Consider your brown eyes well and truly hidden with this pair of coloured contacts!

Would you like to find out more detailed information on how our blue contact lenses for brown eyes can transform your natural look? Check out our detailed blog post here!

There may only be a handful of lenses here, but there are plenty more blue contacts before and after transformations that you can’t afford to miss out on. Even though that’s a lot to take in, you can always rest assured that we have only scraped the top of the iceberg! We still have a large selection of blue colored contacts to look through including more alternative styles such as Blue UV i-Glow, Blue Dolly and Blue Manson. Whether these styles are for a one-off event, or for daily use you can now shop with the comforting knowledge that you don’t need to gravitate towards certain styles in order to hide your natural eye color; you can shop freely here with us knowing every pair of colored contact lenses are suitable for everyone’s individual needs!