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Why do you keep your colored contact lenses in a boring case when at Coloured Contacts we have a range of Cool Contact Lens Cases? With range of different designs and colors at immensely low prices, there is no reason to keep your boring old contact case that simply does the job. You can find the design that best suits your style and get it in your contact lense case holder so if you share a bathroom with a partner or family member who also uses contacts, you can tell them apart. With these low prices, you could also buy several to distinguish which contact lenses are in each case because variety is the spice of life.

Buy Cool Contact Cases at Coloured Contacts

If you want to show the love, the Heart Contact Lens Case has the heart shaped caps that you will love waking up to in the mornings. Store some fabulous colored contacts inside and the translucent hearts will let you know which ones are inside. For an adorable way to keep your lenses clean and ready to go, these are one of the cheapest options available in our selection of contact lens cases.

A few other delicious ideas are the Cupcake Lens Cases which come in a variety of flavors. Each has a different base color from strawberry pink to chocolate brown. The best part about these cases is that each cap is a different cupcake. Some features swirls of icing or fruit and other toppings so you’ll always know which case holds a specific lens. Because they’re all the same size as well, you can mix and match your cupcakes in whatever way you prefer. Pair your favorite cupcakes with your favorite lenses. So if you love the idea of a cute contact lens case to hold your lenses while they’re being cleaned, these are a really great option for you.

If you are really looking for a wider variety of contact lense cases that all share the same theme then you can get your hands of our animal contact lens cases. Making an adorable animal face out of the case, you can choose from a chick, bear, monkey, frog, dog or owl and each comes in three different colors. This means you have the option of keeping up to twenty-four pairs of lenses and knowing the difference between each case so you don’t have to keep opening and closing the wrong cases. These cute little animals also look really cool. The caps are the eyes and they have little mouths, beaks and ears so you’re guaranteed to love these cute contact cases.

Travel With Your Contact Lens Case

Some people will want more practicality with their cool contact lens cases so we have a range of contact lens travel cases that combine novelty with a little extra. Each of these sets has a pair of tweezers and an insert wand to make sure you never have to risk making the lens dirty with your fingers and potentially damaging your eye. They also come with a contact lense case holder so you can keep your case, tweezers and wand all in the same contact lens box for when you’re travelling. A great example of these is the Green Lashes lens case which features a simple decal of lashes on the caps for a simple yet stylish look.

Another case with the travel kit is fish contact lens case which features a small plastic model of a fish and starfish on the lid. If you love the ocean or have a sea themed bathroom then you can choose the color that best suits your style for a perfect themed addition to your sink. So if you want to feel the motion of the ocean then you should check at look at our contact lens travel case uk.

Last but not least, there are the Teddy Bear Contact Lens Case collections that come in multiple colors and feature a teddy bear on each cap. The teddys are missing a face though, so you can draw any face that you prefer. We think evil teddy faces look the best. These also come with the tweezers, wand and outer box so you can use these as a daily disposable contact lens travel case and keep your contacts clean no matter what events come up during your day.

If you love the stylish contact lenses that we sell at Coloured Contacts then you will soon be looking to get another pair of our high quality lenses. When you go to buy contact lenses online you should add one of our cool contact lens cases as well as some contact lens cleaner so you can properly take care of your chosen lenses for the period of 1 day, 90 days, or 1 year that you are entitled. You are guaranteed to be happy with these quality yet cheap cases.