Colored Contacts For Astigmatism

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Colored Contacts For Astigmatism

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Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Horizon Gray Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Horizon Gray Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Emerald Green Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Emerald Green Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Seabreeze Blue Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Seabreeze Blue Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Golden Amber Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Golden Amber Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)

Colored Contacts for astigmatism, otherwise referred to as toric contact lenses, are contacts that feature a torus shape, rather than spherical in order to correct the effects of astigmatism.

When it comes to searching for a pair of colored contacts there are many things that you must take into account. The first thought of many users may be the style and color of the lenses; however in all instances the lens compatibility with your eyes should always come first. The majority of colored contact lenses are available in popular Plano (non-prescription) and prescription styles; however these lenses will not correctly fit for contact lens users with astigmatism.

At Coloured Contacts we have a range of colored toric contact lenses in a variety of styles and durations for everyday wear. If you’ve had a contact lenses fitting and have been advised to try toric contact lenses you’ll be able to find a pair of toric contacts from our store that match your power, sphere, axis and cylinder requirements.

What are Toric Colored Contact Lenses?

Due to the abnormal shape of the eye being an incorrect fit for normal contact lenses, wearers with astigmatism can be hindered by movement of the lens during wear. This affects comfort and the lenses ability to correct the wearer’s vision.

Toric colored contact lenses are contact lenses that have been designed in a particular way in order to aid users with astigmatism. Unlike normal spherical lenses, toric colored contact lenses for astigmatism feature a torus-shaped design that aids the positioning of the contact lens during wear.

For astigmatism sufferers colored toric contacts are prescribed in order to maintain the correct lens position which can be hindered by the irregular shape of the eye caused from different shaped cornea or lens. The shape of toric contact lenses can give the wearer a variety of refractive, focus and powers on both the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the lens to correct the astigmatism.

Prescription Colored Contacts For Astigmatism

As described above, the variation between regular contact lenses and toric colored contacts is primarily their shape; however there are a few extra details to consider when buying colored toric contact lenses with your prescription. Like regular colored contacts you should match the following values from your prescription to your next pair of lenses: Power/Sphere, Diameter and Base Curve. For astigmatism prescriptions however, you will be required to choose a lens that matches the dioptres for the following values:

  • Cylinder (CYL): This cylinder value on a prescription is measured in values of 0.25 and is always displayed as a negative value depending on the severity of the astigmatism.
  • Axis (AX): The level of astigmatism denoted on a prescription is caused by the irregular curvature of the eyes cornea or lens. This axis measurement on a contact lens prescription is displayed in a figure between 0 to 180 degrees depending on the level of correction needed to correct the wearer’s vision.

Depending on the level of astigmatism, the curvature of the eye can cause blurry vision, trouble seeing small details or even cause vertical lines to obscure. Toric colored lenses fix these issues with their adjusted shape and specifications by mitigating the difference in light refraction between the vertical and horizontal planes within the eye.

Natural Colored Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

One of the most popular styles of cosmetic contact lenses is natural contacts. This is because of their variety of styles to fit various color and duration requirements, as well as being available in prescription/corrective styles. Not only are natural contact lenses a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a pair of comfortable colored contact lenses to enhance their look on a daily basis, but they are also available as colored contacts for astigmatism.

If you’ve ever wondered “Can You Get Colored Contact Lenses for Astigmatism?” you’ll be pleased to know that the answer is: Yes. On the Coloured Contacts website we have a wide variety of toric prescription colored contacts that can be worn for vast variety of occasions and styles. Just like our colored contacts range, we stock a variety of cosmetic styles that can be worn in order to enhance or change your existing eye color. These styles can be found a variety of colors that can work with both light and dark eye colors to transform your everyday look while offering corrective enhancements for crystal clear vision.

If you’re looking for the best colored contacts for astigmatism be sure to stay with Coloured Contacts. As well as our variety of styles and durations, we can provide you with a range of some of the best brands available to ensure the increased level of quality and comfort your eyes deserve. As well as providing our customers with these reputable brands, we also ensure that all of our toric colored contact lenses are FDA Approved.

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