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Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Horizon Gray Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Horizon Gray Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Emerald Green Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Emerald Green Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Golden Amber Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Golden Amber Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Lenses For Astigmatism
Toricolors Seabreeze Blue Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Toricolors Seabreeze Blue Toric Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)

Toricolors is a brand of colored contact lens that can correct your astigmatism. The TORIColors brand currently provides the only FDA approved toric lens on the US market. ToriColors is designed for regular use in place of your usual prescription contact lenses and delivers added color as well as optimum comfort.

When it comes to Coloured Contacts, we like to make sure all our customers can enjoy dramatic eye color changes. TORIColors features advanced color printing technology which means each lens is printed with a detailed highly pigmented iris design. This means the lenses can usually successfully cover all eye colors including darker eye shades.

Toricolors contact lenses are available from Coloured Contacts as single lenses so you can choose the exact match for your prescription. Choose your lens prescription separately for your right and left eye to ensure you can enjoy the clearest vision possible. If you aren’t sure about your prescription then it is always best to talk to your optometrist. When reading your prescription you are likely to see the Base Curve, Diameter, Power, Cylinder, and Axis. The format is usually Cylinder x Axis and Power, with the Base Curve and Diameter listed separately.

If you have been prescribed Toricolors sphere shape then you do not have astigmatism. Astigmatism refers to eyes being rugby ball/American football-shaped as opposed to spherical. The toric contact lenses work to correct this shape by using the cylinder and axis adjustments.

The Toric colors are available in four shades to meet the requests for the most popular natural eye tones. Shop ToriColors in the following shades:

  • Toricolors Golden Amber: Experience gorgeous honey tones with this toric colors lens. This shade is perfect for lightening dark brown eyes.
  • Toricolors Seabreeze Blue: This vibrant shade will give you realistic blue eyes with rich pigmentation. These Toricolors toric lenses are a fun way to switch up your look with a fresh new color.
  • Toricolors Emerald Green: This jewel-colored shade of green is sure to give you dazzling eyes while also correcting your vision for an easy everyday wearing experience.
  • Toricolors Horizon Grey: The gorgeous silver-grey tones of this lens are sure to enhance your look as well as your vision thanks to the toric technology.

Toric Contact Lenses By TORIColors

Often you will find if you are looking for toric colored contacts you will have to wait for long periods of time after ordering for the lenses to be custom made. Alternatively, you may be looking at unlicensed colored contact sellers who may not be keeping the same high standards in health and safety compared to brands such as Tori Colors and Coloured Contacts.

When you shop Toricolors online from Coloured Contacts you will be purchasing prescription contact lenses that are packaged and ready to be shipped so you can enjoy your new colored contacts within a week. The long wait times for other companies can be frustrating, especially when compared to non-prescription lens orders which are likely to arrive much faster. Coloured Contacts recognises this need and has chosen to supply Toricolors lenses for a number of reasons. As well as fast shipping times, here are some of the other vital reasons that ToriColor has a reputation as a premium brand:

  • Extreme H20: Unique material with hydration properties to ensure your eyes stay feeling moisturised and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Visual Acuity: clear vision due to accurate sizing and prism ballast technology meaning the axis and cylinder measurement will sit in the correct position.
  • FDA Approved: The Food & Drug Administration of America has certified the lens production and materials as fit for purpose and effective for use. In fact. ToriColors is currently the only FDA Approved toric lens on the US market.

In order to ensure your Toricolors contacts stay comfortable and clear for daily use, prism ballast technology is used to help stabilise the lenses. Without this technology, the lenses have a tendency to move a small amount every time you blink due to pressure caused by the eyelids closing. The prism ballast technology means that part of the lens surface is thicker to allow it to keep the correct orientation and resist the pressure from the eyelids closing. This smart feature is essential for lenses for astigmatism which have been measured to have a specific axis in order to give you clear vision.

Toricolors colors haven’t just provided you with this great comfort feature but have also added Back Surface technology which helps the lens conform to the shape of the cornea in order to give optimum comfort.

The ToriColors range of colored contacts for astigmatism is monthly duration lenses, designed for daily wear. This means they are suited to wearing all day thanks to the hydrating qualities mentioned above and also due to the oxygen permeable rating of DK 21 which puts it in the Medium class.

ToriColors is supplied by Polydev who have gained extensive knowledge in inks for biomedical applications which allows them to print premium lenses in a variety of designs. Polydev colors use this technology to give the best coverage and most detailed designs of colored contact lenses as well as complying with FDA regulations for the safest lens experience.

Coloured Contacts offer a competitive Toricolors price so you don’t have to pay crazy custom prices for your lenses for astigmatism. See our delivery methods when you buy toricolors online from Coloured Contacts. We want to minimise the frustrating wait for lenses that perfectly suit your prescription which is why we are always ready with a range of axis, cylinder, and power variants. Simply choose the strengths you need and you will soon be benefiting from the visual acuity and intense coloration of Toricolors toric contact lenses. It is sure to feel great to ditch the glasses frames whether for regular contact lens use or special occasion wear, with the added bonus of vibrant new eye color to help you completely switch up your look.

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