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Do you love all things ghoulish and freaky? Then why not buy creepy colored contact lenses and take your scare factor up a notch! This range of lenses is perfect for creating macabre creatures and Halloween monsters. From creepy circus clowns to spooky fairytale creatures, there are so many special effects for you to try out.

Are you an amateur makeup artist? Or just love to experiment with costumes? Then our creepy contact lenses are the perfect accessory for adding detail to your fancy dress outfits. Be the centre of attention at your next party or be the best trick or treater for Halloween. Whatever the occasion Colored Contacts can help you find the perfect pair of lenses.

Cheap Halloween Contacts

Our range of contact lenses is kind on your pocket without compromising on quality so you can buy yourself a little payday treat! We are always adding new products to our range of Halloween contact lenses non prescription so you can keep up with costumes from the latest films and television series. Check out these movie inspired Bionic Eye Terminator Colored Contact Lenses. These special effects contacts will give the impression that you have a robotic eye. This is sure to look creepy for a Halloween competition or party. The Bionic Eye pair of contact lenses is perfect for creating a sci-fi cosplay.

Do you enjoy a horror movie? With so many movies featuring creepy dolls that come to life why not take a look at our big eye and dolly lenses. The Black Dolly Halloween Colored Contact Lenses are sure to petrify your friends making them the perfect Halloween lenses. The innocent eyed look is a classic way of creating a spooktacular effect. We have all seen enough scary films to know not to trust the innocent looking girl or boy.

If you are looking to buy white out contact lenses UK from our creepy lenses range then why not consider our pair of White Blind Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses. These lenses are blind effect which means you will still have full vision while wearing them. Please note vision may be slightly obscured. This pair of lenses is so diverse for pairing with costumes. From zombies to creepy angels we are certain you will come up with some awesome ideas for these lenses. Blind Effect contact lenses can put a big dent on your wallet but you will find these Halloween contact lenses cheap, compared with other online retailers.

You asked us for prescription Halloween contact lenses and we delivered! We now stock a range of prescription contact lenses so you can complete your costume and ditch the frames for the perfect spooky look. Glasses no longer need to ruin your scare effect so get shopping for Halloween contact lenses prescription. Petrify your mates with the White Angelic Colored Prescription Contact Lenses. These pure white lenses feature a black limbal ring for a super creepy out-of-this-world style! Select the prescription for each eye and closely match your prescription.

Halloween Contact Lenses UK

One thing Colored Contacts is proud of is that we are a safe Halloween contact lenses UK stockist. All our lenses are FDA-approved so you can be sure that every pair you purchase is made using lightweight materials and are of the highest quality. Our lenses are soft and breathable so you can enjoy your evening or event without worrying about your eyes.

Before using colored contact lenses it is best to check your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optometrist. Make sure to ask any questions to the professionals. Next, you can check out our blogs and guides for tips on how to insert your lenses and what costumes to wear with them. With so many people already enjoying our creepy lenses why not join the craze and spice up your next costume.

We like to give you plenty of choice which is why our lenses are available in a variety of durations. Choose from 1 day to 90 day to 1 year lenses to suit your fancy dress needs. Our daily lenses couldn’t be easier to use. All you need to do is wear them once and throw away. Always makes sure to keep everything clean when inserting your lenses to avoid introducing infection and unwanted bacteria. If you would like lenses which last longer then check out our 90 day and 1 year options. The time durations start from the first time you wear your lenses and as long as they are kept sanitary, they are reusable. To keep your lenses clean then make sure to get some eye care solution and a lens case. Our lens cases are perfect for securely storing your fashion lenses. Made from plastic, the containers are easy to keep clean and provide a sturdy, safe storage area.

Our lenses are sorted into categories such as Creepy Colored Contacts Lenses making it much easier to find exactly what you are looking for so there is no need to trawl through pages of Halloween contact lenses eBay to find a specific pair. We know you will find just as much choice as Halloween contact lenses Amazon but what makes us stand out is that our site is dedicated to colored contact lenses.

Not from the UK? You can still shop with Colored Contacts! We ship to lots of countries so there is no need to feel left out. Browse and buy creepy colored contact lenses from our online store and enjoy our speedy delivery.