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Are you searching for a pair of colored contact lenses that really enhance that cool, icy stare? Look no further! We have something for everyone in our selection of silver contact lenses. At Coloured Contacts we stock one of the largest ranges of cosmetic colored contact lenses online and with so many designs to choose from.

With silver color being such a popular fashion color, why not coordinate your eyes with your silvery locks and try some of our silver contacts? With designs like the silver glimmer contact lenses, you can give your eyes a glitzy sparkle that's just perfect for party season or bringing glamour to your everyday look. If you don't fancy flaunting metallic eyes day-to-day, you can use silver cosmetic lenses to take your look at an entirely new level.

Are you in desperate need to find out more information on a silver contact? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to make incorporating this beautiful shade into your look.

Silver Contact Lenses: Accessorise Your Steely Stare

The great thing about our selection of silver colored contacts is that they come in a variety of different wear durations, giving you the freedom to rock those silver eyes for up to 1 day, 90 days or even 1 year; making them the obvious choice for regular fancy dress fans or committed Cosplayers alike!

Although the majority of our lenses styles come in 90 days due to their outstanding versatility and comfort, as we mentioned previously, there are many variations to try. This means that if you are particularly fond of the daily contact lenses that you can easily throw away after each use, you’ll still be able to get them!

But if you’re invested in getting a long lasting pair of silver eye contacts then you’ll be able to show off some of our high quality 90 day and yearly lenses. As well as this, you’ll also be able to stock up on contact lens solution and cases too!

When it comes to fancy dress, many anticipate Halloween as the biggest chance to show off their gothic and alternative looks. Everyone always loves a good excuse to play dress up and we think that Halloween is a perfect an opportunity to dress up and live out all of your fantasies. When it comes to costumes, our silver lenses are a perfect addition to any futuristic looking sci-fi costume and is a perfect choice you want to become a robot or alien for the evening.

Silver eyes can also create that vacant glazed-over stare associated with a flesh-eating zombie; pair a torn shirt with fake blood to give your colored contacts the ultimate undead look! These contacts are even versatile enough to be used for a ghoulish or witchy effect, so have fun getting creative with your costume. You can experiment and take your costume in whichever direction, the possibilities are endless!

By why stop at Halloween? The fun doesn’t have to end after one night, these glittering contact lenses last for a full 90 days after opening, so our silver eye contacts lenses are perfect for a whole roster of parties, all the way up to Christmas! These silver contacts could be the perfect addition to many Christmas-themed outfits, such as Jack Frost or a Christmas angel. With a set of sparkly angel wings, a halo and a white glistening dress, a pair of metallic contacts from our silver lens range will complete an overall ethereal look.

But that’s not their only use. The best thing about a silver contact lens is that they give both the gorgeous cosmetic shimmer of a natural enhancing pair contact lenses but the fantastic style that can allow them to be doubled up for more extravagant affairs. Have you considered wearing contacts to this year’s New Year’s Eve party? Everyone knows New Year’s Eve is always a glamorous occasion, with metallic gold and silver contacts always being the popular shade to see in the New Year. With everyone wearing their best shiny and glittery ensembles it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

However, our shimmering silver shades of silver mirror contact lenses are the best way to make your look shine. Why not get ahead of the trend than with a glamorous accessory that no one else will be wearing? By sliding on a pair of our silver blue contacts before you head out, you can be sure to have a glamorous metallic look to take you all the way up to the midnight toast.

By when considering New Year, it’s also time to consider a new you! What better way to ring in the new year than with a completely new look? The metallic silver shade of our lenses is a perfect way to nail a new glam fashion look. Give your eyes a complete makeover that can be shown off during work, rest or play. Switching up your silver eye color is also a fun way to experiment with your beauty or clothing routine. With our contact lenses being at an affordable price, it is easy to experiment with different shades and styles until you find the look that works best for you!

Looking for some fancy dress ideas? Metallic eye contacts are perfect for Ice Queen, Witch, Vampire and many other outfits, not to mention some of our favourite anime and film characters, so give you the edge at the next Halloween or NYE party with some of these non-prescription lenses.

Are Silver Lenses For Everyone?

Yes! As all of the lenses in our silver contact lens range are both high-quality and safe, everyone and anyone will be able to wear our lenses. You may need a prescription in order to purchase our contact lenses or approval from your optician; however, we do recommend a quick visit to the opticians, or eye care professional before using contacts.

This simply to ensure that you’re a good candidate for contact lenses and double checking that your eyes are healthy and ready to rock a new silver look. All of our silver and grey contact lenses feature a unique CE or FDA approval rating. This means that they are of very high quality, with all the correct manufacturing procedures in place. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, the lenses should keep your eyes feeling fresh, hydrated and comfortable for all the costumes and everyday events you throw at them.

Just remember that if you’re in need of a silver contact lenses prescription you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of lenses to fit your unique style on the Coloured Contact lenses website. As well as featuring a wide variety of styles for plano/ non-corrective vision, we also make it our mission to supply our coloured contact lenses to those in need of prescription strengths. Whether you’re in need of a new pair of zombie white contact lenses or a pair of glistening glimmer silver lenses, the Prescription section at Coloured Contacts is bound to deliver.

Are you still a little unsure of whether our lenses are right for you? Another common question about colored contact lenses is the suitability for dark eyes. Even if you have a dark natural eye color, our silver grey contact lenses will be sure to work for you. The perfect reflective mirror effect is possible for everyone with the lens pigment ensuring your darker eye remains hidden beneath the lens. These lenses are suited for fair skin complexion, yet our range of silver lenses provide a strong solid color to suit every shade of skin, light or dark.

High-Quality Silver Coloured Contacts

If you're looking for quality colored contact lenses without eye-watering prices, our selection of cheap colored lenses is the first place to look; with a massive variety of styles and designs, three different durations of wear and guaranteed quality and safety, there really is nowhere better. Ordering from us is quick, easy and safe. If you’re a sort of person that likes to try before you buy, we may have something for you. As we’re sure you’re aware, contact lenses are extremely delicate and should not be shared.

Once you’ve found a pair of our silver mirrored contact lenses you would like to try you can upload an image to our Virtual Mirror and see an illustration on how they could look once you’ve purchased them! All you’ll need to do then is take your favourite pairs to the checkout, depending on your country choose from the drop down so we can contact your optician, make a purchase and then wait for them to arrive!

So there you have it! Getting silver and grey contact lenses from Coloured Contacts is easy, trustworthy and reliable! Why not treat your look or next costume to that little added extra sparkle. You’re sure to receive all kinds of compliments and attention wherever you go!